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"Look, I'm not saying this again...We. Did. Not. Come. Here. To. Watch. Movies."

I laughed, pulling out the rest of the alcohol from the boxes that the guys had brought in from the car. Vodka went into the small freezer, beers in the fridge along with mixers, the tequila and whiskey on the counter. Jessica and Mike had been arguing since we got here and Mike announced that he'd brought along his collection of horror movies. This weekend had been planned for months, the seven of us here for a weekend of nothing but drinking and fuckery. A weekend goodbye to high school and hello to college.

Of course, our parents didn't exactly know about the alcohol, my dad had even checked and then double checked the trunks of the guys cars before he let me go. Of course, I knew my dad very well and knew that would be the exact thing that he would do, and so all the booze had been hidden away in Angela's car. Whom my dad would never think to check, even if she wasn't due to meet us there, at my house like the others.

"Jessica, babe, come on. We can set it up as a drinking game...saaaay, 'Dog Soldiers'...a shot for every howl or bite or something."

Next were the glasses, all lined up and shiny looking in their short or tall glory. The food was already away, the cupboards and counters filled with various different snacks and quick eats. I'd made sure to pack away some breakfast stuff, knowing that I'd be cooking each morning. There was no way that I'd be taking part in any drinking games if I wanted to be awake for long. I was never a big drinker, and liked to pace myself, it always worked out better for me if I didn't guzzle down as much alcohol as humanly possible in the shortest time span possible.

Glancing over my shoulder, I shouted, "Jess, let him have one film. Then we can put the music on and he can't complain at the choice."

I shared a grin with Jess before turning back to my task, stowing the boxes away in my bedroom before coming back into the lounge. It seemed as though my idea had been taken onboard, as Mike was already at the DVD player and Jess was at the makeshift bar, with Angela and Lauren, pouring drinks.

"You want your usual, Bells, or are you being boring and starting off easy?" Jess teased me, knowing full well what my tolerance for alcohol is.

I laughed, "Slow, I think, it's only five in the afternoon, if I start on the Jack now, I'll be on my ass by seven."

"Such a lightweight, gonna have to practice your drinking before we're in college, Bells. I'm not taking you to any parties if you can't hold your liquor," she said, smiling as she handed me a cherry coke a la Jessica. In other words, it had a little cherry liqueur in it. Alcoholic, yes, but a good slow burn. Jessica had made one for herself, Angela, and Lauren, only theirs had vodka added in as well.

"Girls, get your asses over here so we can start the movie...and bring over a six pack, will you?" At our collective glare, Mike went all puppy dog eyes. "Please?"

"Gets me every damn time," Jessica grumbled, opening the fridge to grab what her long time boyfriend had asked for.

"Yup, isn't that what got you to lose your v-card to him outside his mom and dad's house?" Lauren snickered, squealing and jumping out of the way as Jessica tried to hit her arm in retaliation.

Laughing, Jess strolled over to Mike, throwing a 'bitch' over her shoulder towards Lauren. We joined the guys, sitting down on the large sofas and chairs as Mike kissed Jessica thank you and handed around the beers before turning the lights off.

"Do we have to have the lights off for this?" Lauren asked, pulling the throw off the back of the sofa as she did. She wasn't the biggest fan of horror movies at the best of times.

"Don't you worry, Laur, I'll make sure to keep you safe," Connor said, winking and putting his arm behind her.

I chuckled into my glass as Lauren readily gave in and leaned into him. Those two had been circling each other for a while now, and it seemed as though Lauren was finally giving Connor a chance. Time would only tell once the film was over. Tyler was on the floor in front of me, Angela next to me and I raised my eyebrows as he leant his head back to look at me.

"You just let me know if you need someone to keep you distracted," his wink made me giggle and roll my eyes.

"No worries, Ty, werewolves don't scare me. Besides, I have Angela to protect me," I laughed out.

"Oh, now that's something I'd like to see." Tyler grinned and turned back to the screen.

"Boys," Angela and I said at the same time, getting understanding looks from the girls and had the boys all bottle clinking each other in caveman-like celebration.

I settled back, relaxed and happy, surrounded by people that I had grown up with and been friends with for years. I had been looking forward to this weekend since we first brought up the idea. And this cabin, set within the remote Quileute lands, had every amenity; net access, Satellite TV, a full kitchen, and enough bathrooms and bedrooms to accommodate all of us. All of us being; Jessica, Mike, Lauren, Conner, Tyler, Angela and myself. But then, we weren't out here to camp, we were here to relax and have fun and this suited us just fine. The only ones missing from this were Jake, Embry and Quil. I still hadn't heard back from any of them, not in the past three weeks. I didn't even know if they bothered to listen to their voice mails anymore.

'Dog Soldiers', as it turned out, was funny as fuck. The scary came later, but it was still laced with humour and enough gore that the guys were kept happy. Of course, there was plenty of shit thrown about when the line 'It's just my time of the month' came up. All three of them ended up being smacked around the heads. Everyone was at different levels of buzzed by the end of the movie, Jess and Mike all over each other under a blanket on the floor. Tyler reached over and kicked them to no effect, in fact, I'm pretty sure it just egged them on. All the while Lauren and Conner were lip-locked on the couch and Angela had fallen asleep towards the end. She woke as I stood up, stretching, and followed me to the kitchen to grab herself a Redbull. We both giggled as a loud moan drifted through from the lounge, Tyler running out seemingly on its heels.

"Mike and Jess are past caring who's in the room," he said and shuddered, grabbing the Jack for himself and pouring himself a shot.

"It can't be worse than the hand jobs they gave each other in biology last month," I stated, taking the Jack from him and making myself a Jack and Coke. It had been incredibly embarrassing and incredibly hilarious all at the same time. Mike and Jess had gotten a little carried away during one of the many, many boring and seemingly unending videos that we were forced to watch. Let's just say that they made their own entertainment. And then got sentenced to detention by a very flushed Mr Banner...separate rooms, of course.

"You wanna bet? Take a look if you don't believe me," Tyler nodded his head back towards the main room, his brown eyes challenging.

I only ducked my head around the corner for a second, but it was obvious what they were doing, not to mention that Lauren's legs were up in the air, all that you could see of her and Conner from our view point.

"Holy shit!" I gasped out through giggles. "Jess and Lauren can't be that drunk already?"

Angela, mirroring my actions, was soon giggling away next to me. "Mike had her playing that damn drinking game...but, Oh My God, she is never gonna live this down! And what the hell are Lauren and Conner doing?"

Another moan, followed by an 'Oh fuck, yes' that had Conner's voice all over it, while a couple of female breathy sounds pitched in and all three of us burst out laughing quietly.

"Well, there's your answer," Tyler snickered. "Conner's been after her for months."


Wide eyes were shared all around, it was Tyler that broke the silence.

"It's kinda wrong to know that your best friend can't last worth a damn." Next we heard Connor cumming, like a freight train, at least that was what he'd shouted out. We all winced and Tyler added, "Both of them."

I snorted, sipping my drink and eyeing Tyler. "You're telling me that you're any better? Aren't all teenage boys the same? Horny, eager...and fast?"

Angela took that moment to busy herself with the alcohol and Tyler smirked at me. "I have no problems in that area, Bella...didn't Angela tell you?"


Before I could quiz Angela, preacher's daughter in all her glory, she turned and shouted out, "Guys, you get any wet spots anywhere and you're sitting on them! And for your sakes, I hope you thought to wrap it before you tapped it!"

Silence was the only thing that met our loud guffaws.

An hour, and two newly showered couples, later and we were all back in the lounge. Ange and I had kept to our sex free couch. Conner and Lauren were pretzeled on the larger couch with Jess and Mike at the other end. Tyler was on the floor, with his back to the couch, between Angela and me.

And we were all on tequila.

"Never have I...fucked in front of friends, while other friends were trapped in the kitchen. Laughing their asses off." I grinned, laughing as Mike, Jess, Lauren, and Conner all took shots.

"Never have I busted a nut in under five minutes," Tyler called out.

It took about five minutes, but a scowling Mike and Conner both took another shot.

"Never have I given or received a blowjob in the girls' toilets," Angela chimed in.

I tried to take my shot covertly, joined by everyone but Angela.

Jessica's face was a picture. "Swan...you never told me that! Who? When? Who?"

Red faced, I tried to hide behind a cushion. A cushion that was rudely ripped away to reveal a grinning Jessica and Lauren. "Oh no, little miss prissy 'I am saving myself for the right man' pants...SPILL!"

"Prissy pants?" I sputtered, holding my sides as I laughed, Jessica smacking me with the cushion. "I am not a prissy pants."

"Oh, who cares!" Jess whined, "Spill...tell me, who was it? Is he here?" she asked, eyeing all the men in the room.

"Shit...fine," I took a deep breath, purposely making them wait longer, "You remember that English exchange student?"

"OH MY GOD!" Lauren and Jess both screamed, Jess hitting me with the cushion again.

"Edward Cullen? You sucked off Edward Cullen?"

I didn't say anything and Angela started giggling. I turned to glare at her, pleading with my eyes for her not to reveal what it looked like she was about to reveal.

Holding her shot up in the air, her drunk ass announces, "Never have I lost my virginity on First Beach, earning the guy a BAN from La Push!"

"Fucking hell," I said lowly and just waited.

The room was silent. Silent and watching me as I gave in and took my time pouring another shot, then stared at the ceiling as I knocked it back.


More silence.

"Fuck me, Swan. I'm impressed." Mike.

"How the tits did I not know that?" Jess.

"So that's why he stopped coming surfing." Tyler.

"Fucking thought he was gay." Conner.

"No way, how come you didn't get banned from the Res too?" Lauren.

Angela beat me to the punch.

"I was too...because she made me swear that I wouldn't tell a soul...Yep, he couldn't set foot there again without facing trespassing charges...Nope, not gay. I always figured more metrosexual...and because the Chief of the tribe is Bella's dad's best friend."

"You know what, Ang? I'm never letting you drink again. Ever. Like ever, ever. Also? Never telling you a secret again. Ever," I said, throwing the nearest available cushion at her head while I laughed.

"God, Swan! I always figured you'd be losing it in the missionary position on your marriage bed," Jess giggled, staring at me as if she'd never seen me before.

"Seriously...moving on," I rolled my eyes, sinking further into the couch, downing the rest of my drink.

"No way, Bells, we want deets. He never so much as looked at a girl while he was here...and yet you were doing the dirty with him the whole time!"

"For the love of..." I looked at everyone, each face as eager as the next, and sighed in resignation, "Fine. He picked me up one time when my truck decided to slip into a temporary coma. It was pouring, as per usual, and he was kind enough to rescue me from the side of the road as I was walking home. We got talking and ended up in Port Angeles for dinner. You know his family is all kinds of religious, right?"

Nods, and murmurs of agreement echoed around the room. "So we couldn't be seen in public, his parents wouldn't allow him or any of his siblings to date. What with Dr Cullen on his way up in political circles, they didn't want to chance any sort of scandal. So we kept it on the downlow."

Lauren snorted, laughing, "Shit, is that why they left? Because you two got caught fucking on the beach?"

I nodded, "Yeah, Edward wasn't even allowed to come to school after that and they moved a week later. They took his cell off him, cut him off from the internet, everything they could do to keep him away from me. Mrs Cullen even called me a Jezebel," I laughed, remembering how angry she'd been that she couldn't even form a sentence and just pointed at me, shouting what to her must be a very bad insult. "So, anyway, Edward would sneak out of his house once everyone had gone to sleep, and sneak into mine."

"Shit, Bella, even I didn't know that part," Angela exclaimed.

I shrugged, smiling. "It was our way of saying goodbye, I guess. Over...and Over...and over again." I ended with a smirk. Edward sure had learned fast.

"Shit, Bella!" Tyler shouted, laughing his ass off on the floor.

"I'm in...shock, Bella, shock. You've rendered me speechless," Jess said, staring at me all wide eyed.

"Which is usually only managed by my epic cock," Mike shouted, ending in a drunken giggle that only guys can manage.

Jessica smacked him on his chest, cutting off the giggles, though she was sporting a smile herself.

Tyler was laughing so hard I thought he might actually piss himself. "Mike...epic cock? Oh, Four Minute Wonder Boy?"

Me and the girls retreated back to the kitchen after Mike had launched himself at Tyler, ending with them brawling on the floor. There was nothing aggressive in it, so far as no punches were thrown. I think Mike just needed to reaffirm him manhood. I hopped onto one of the counters, stretching over to reach my Jack and mixing myself a drink as the others did the same. My head was beginning to get fuzzy, and I knew that this drink was pushing it, but that it would be my last of the night. I was never a fan of worshiping the porcelain throne.

"So, Bella, have you heard from Edward since they left?" Lauren asked, hopping up beside me.

"Nope, not a word. But that's what we'd agreed to, that it would be like we never existed. Edward insisted that it would be easier that way, that he wouldn't be able to get on with his life unless he forgot his love for me," I said, rolling my eyes.

"Love?" Jess said sceptically.

"Yeah, he was aaaall about the love. Swore that he'd fallen for me the first time our eyes met across the room," I said, shaking my head while I laughed. "He was real sweet though. But...I did hear from his mother a month after they'd left."

"Ooooh, what did she call you this time?" Angela asked.

"She didn't. I never actually spoke to her, she just sent a bunch of cash through the post with a note. Three freaking grand, I might add," I said, being purposely vague.

"WHAT?" Came from all corners of the room.

"Yup. Three grand, and a note telling me that this should cover any expenses should I need to remedy any, and I quote, 'unfortunate outcomes of the sinful coupling'."

"Jesus fucking Christ, she gave you money in case you needed an abortion?" Jess asked, slackjawed. "That bitch!"

"My thoughts exactly," I answered, taking a big gulp of my sweetly burning drink.

"What did you do with the money?" Lauren asked.

"I put most in my college fund and then spent $500 on clothes. I knew that I wasn't pregnant. I've been on the pill for years and we used condoms each time. Figured that I'd put it to something useful."

"Hang on, that shopping spree that you dragged us all on!" Jess squealed, connecting the dots, "OMG, Bella, you bought me that cute top with your abortion money?" She questioned, her voice laced with false emotion as she came and hugged me tight around my waist. "Such a good and thoughtful friend." Cue fake sniffle before raucous laughter from all four of us.

Just then a howl pierced the night, causing all noise to stop dead in the cabin, and every person there moved to the nearest window and looked out into the night. Of course, we could barely see anything, even with the full moon shining brightly, the cloud cover muted the light.

"Was that a wolf?" Jess asked, her voice quiet as she scanned the visage.

"Sounded like it," Conner answered her, walking into join us, wrapping his arms around Lauren from behind.

"They can't get in here, right? I mean, they can't...right?" Lauren asked, tilting her head back to look at Conner.

"I doubt it, Laur," he said, quiet for a minute while he considered the question thoroughly, and jumping just like the rest of us when another howl sounded out. "How's about we close the hurricane shutters? There's no way they could get through those."

"Can we do that from inside?" Mike asked. I looked back at him. I hadn't even realised that he and Tyler had joined us.

"No, it has to be done from out there. Should be quick, me and Mike do the downstairs, and Ty, you can run around the upper balcony and get those?"

Tyler nodded. "Sure, man, no worries. You girls make sure you're alright without me in the room, okay?" he asked, pointedly looking seriously at each of us before breaking out into a wide smile and running upstairs.

Another howl had Mike and Conner pausing to look at each other as they put their coats on. I looked back out the window, scanning the surroundings. All I could see was darkness shaped into what I could easily guess were trees and rocks and our cars, the cloud moved from over the moon and molten silvery light spilled out onto the landscape. Something moved just inside the tree line and I jumped back up onto the counter, kneeling as I pressed my face to the window.

"Planning on making faces on the window, Bella?" I jumped, my face flushing from embarrassment and alcohol as I looked back at Jessica.

"No, I just thought I saw something," I said as I climbed down, leaning against the worktop.

"What did you see?" Mike asked, peering out the window curiously.

"I don't know. I didn't see it again. Something moving in the woods, it was probably a trick of the light or something. I mean, the wind is picking up out there and the light is in and out because of the clouds. It's not like I saw a wolf skulking out there or anything."

Seemingly to prove me wrong, we all heard another howl, this time it was joined by three others.

"This is stupid, we'll get the shutters closed and we can get back to drinking," Conner announced as Tyler came back down the stairs looking windswept.

"Upstairs are done, did you hear them again? They sounded closer this time," Tyler said, coming to stand with Angela and I.

"Closer?" Mike said, it was almost a squeak, he even looked a little pale.

"Pussy," Conner said, walking towards the door. "Come on Mike, sooner we get this done, the sooner you can hide in Jess' tits."

That got Mike moving, and the rest of us laughing, the atmosphere lightening with the humour.

"Fucks sake, look at us. We're here for a laugh and we're all huddled in the kitchen." Angela said, shaking her head and grabbing the last of the vodka and tequila, carrying them with her as she started for the main room. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm thinking we need some music and more drinks."

"Hell yeah, we do!" Jess shouted, holding her drink up in salute and running after Angela, Tyler not far behind.

I was staring out of the window again, wanting to get a last look before the guys closed the shutters. I had a bad feeling, and one that I was trying not to dwell on. I figured that it was a mixture of drink and the film that we'd watched earlier. It's all coming together to make more of the howls than was strictly necessary.

"You coming, Bella?" Lauren asked, waiting for me.


Lauren and I both jumped when the shutters banged shut behind us. We stood stock still while the latches clicked, not moving until we heard footsteps moving away. Then, arm in arm, we walked into the main room and took up seats, both of us accepting a shot of clear liquor gratefully. When Mike and Conner came running back into the house, we were all dancing and singing along to Porn Star Dancing. But we all stopped what we were doing when we saw them rushing to lock up, slamming all the bolts across for good measure.

"You two okay?" I asked, walking closer to them.

"Yeah...yeah, we're fine," Conner said, not meeting my eyes as he strode past me. "You hogging the booze?" he joked, but it sounded strained.

I turned back to Mike, who was busying himself hanging the coats back up. "What happened?" I asked, a knot of tension building up in my chest.

His head swung to me and back to the coats. "Nothing, nothing happened. S'all good, Bella."

I huffed, getting annoyed. "Well obviously not, Mike."

"Bella, leave it, alright?"

I spun to look at Conner, frowning in confusion and worry. "No, seriously...what the fuck happened?"

"Yeah, Conner, what's got your's and Mike's panties all twisted?" Tyler asked.

"Fuck. Fine, the wolves were really close. Like really close," he admitted, his arms tight around Lauren.

"Okay..." Jessica said slowly, looking between the guys. "Are we safe here? Should we go? Or call someone?"

"I...um...don't think we should try leaving," Mike said, looking more serious than I could ever remember seeing him. "They were between us and the cars when we saw them."

"Shit, Mike, did they go for you?" I asked in shock.

"No, well, not really. I mean, they were watching us as we came around the side of the house and they didn't make a move till we were near the door. And they looked big, like really big," Mike admitted.

"Shiiiit, man," Tyler breathed out, sitting back down. "Shit."

"Bella, maybe you should call your dad," Lauren suggested.

"Oh...no, no way. With everything that we've been drinking? He'd go apeshit and then all our parents would know. I don't want to be grounded till I leave for college," Mike said.

"Yeah, my dad would go mad. He'd force me into Bible Camp for the summer," Angela added.

I, myself, didn't really want my dad to know that I'd lied to him or that we'd tricked him about the alcohol. Not to mention that it would look really bad for him, as the Chief of Police, to have a daughter caught drunk in the woods.

"That's the way it always starts! Something freaky happens, someone gives them the sensible idea and the others discount it, and then BAM!" We all jumped when Lauren clapped her hands together. "Everyone's dead in some gruesome way. I don't want to be a headline, not when it includes my date and gory means of death."

"Laur, sweetie, that isn't going to happen. Even if they do try to, they can't get in. And wolves wouldn't do that anyway," Jessica soothed Lauren before turning to glare at Mike. "I told you that stupid film wasn't a good idea, Mike." Mike just held his hands up and looked all kinds of 'don't blame me'.

"Look, the shutters are closed, we're all being stupid. If they're still there in the morning, then we'll worry, okay?" I said, looking at everyone.

"Works for me...now, where's the booze at?" Mike said.

And that was that. For a little while, anyway. Until the banging started at the door.

"Shit!" I screamed, holding one hand over my chest and trying to calm my heart.

"What the fuck are you doing, Mike? You can't open the door! What if it's the wolves?" Lauren shouted, climbing onto Conner's lap. Which, Conner didn't mind in one bit, judging by his drunken smirk and how he grabbed her ass.

"As if wolves can knock on doors, Lauren," Mike huffed, carrying on to the door.

I stood and followed him, standing at the end of the hallway as he undid all of the locks, bar the chain, and opened the door. "Hello?"

"You gonna eye fuck me all day, or you gonna let us in?" A deep, gruff voice sounded out. I frowned, unable to actually see who was at the door, but recognising the voice.

"Jake?" I asked, walking forward and undoing the chain lock. I'd invited him this weekend, a last ditch attempt to contact him again after he'd gone AWOL on me a few weeks ago.

Mike moved out of the way as I opened the door, looking immensely pissed off, likely at Jake's comment. I was surprised, it wasn't like Jake to say shit like that, but then it didn't look like the Jake that I knew and grew up with when I got a good look at him. He was...well he was built. Like a brick shit house. I mean, he'd grown over the last few weeks, some fast growth spurt, but he was a few inches taller than last I'd seen him. He looked older, more mature. This was not the boy I hadn't heard from in three weeks.

His smile wasn't quite as bright as it had been, nowhere near as innocent, "Hey there, Bells," he said as he strode in and captured me in a crushing hug. I could barely get my arms around his shoulders.

Finally, he put me down and grinned at me, his teeth looking especially white against his dark skin, "So, Jake, this mono that you apparently had seemed to be good for you." Yeah, I had my bitch brow on, one eyebrow raised just enough and my hip jutted out. I wasn't impressed.

"What can I say, Bells? I'm not complaining, are you?" He smirked. Smirked. Downright dirty smirked at me.

"Um...no?" I asked, looking behind him. "You brought friends?"

"Yeah, and a shit ton of Rez Shine," he stated.

"Well then, get your asses in here!" Jessica called out from the main room. I could do nothing but laugh as Jake sauntered on through, followed by two that I recognised as Embry and Quil, both of whom nodded and grinned in greeting. The last four, I had no idea who they were, but they were all fucking massive. What the fuck have they been feeding them in La Push?

I was still looking after them when I realised I was standing in the way of the last one, looking up at him I moved out of the way quickly. All I could see where the bulging muscles of his arms as he held onto a massive cooler.

"Where do you want this?" the cooler guy asked, shifting it in his grip.

"Sorry...um, the kitchen is this way; just follow me...if you can see me," I laughed at the end, turning to walk down the corridor.

"Oh, I can see you alright," The guy said, even with the sexiness of his voice I rolled my eyes. Still, my hips may have had a little more sway to them than a few seconds before.

As soon as I got into the kitchen, it became clear that there was no way the counters were big enough for the cooler, so I shifted the chairs out of the way and moved the table over against a wall, opening up more floor space. It wasn't as if we'd be using it at all.

"Alright, set it down..." I trailed off as the guy bent at the waist and set it on the floor. My mouth went dry as I looked over his barely concealed and beyond impressive physique. The white wife beater that he was wearing was stretched taught against his back. I could see the muscles bunch and move, flowing beneath the white cotton.

He looked at me, his eyes a curious shade of slate, almost black. He was gorgeous, all strong jaw and soft mouth, chiselled lines. But his eyes, his eyes; I couldn't look away. He stood slowly, never once breaking eye contact with me, not ever for a split second. All there was in that moment was him.

Never in my life, as short as it was, had I had such a visceral reaction to someone. I felt as though I could do nothing other than spread myself open on the table for him and beg him to take me. Then he licked his lips and my knees almost gave way. Not because he just wet his lips, which in its own way was hot as hell. But it was the way he did it. It was like he was tasting the air, like he was tasting me. The way his top lip lifted slightly, almost like a snarl, added to the intense look he was giving me right then. It was a wonder that I hadn't simply fallen to the floor. His chest was rising and falling so fast, panting, his muscles coiled to strike, his hands fisting and stretching, fisting and stretching. It looked like he was fighting something, like he wanted to leap across the room.


I screamed and jumped about a mile into the air, whipping my head around to glare at a sheepish, but annoyed looking Tyler who was standing in the kitchen doorway. "What the fuck, Ty?"

"Sorry, but that wasn't the first time I'd called your name. Or the third," he said, looking between me and the guy. "Aaaaaanyway, I was asking if you'd bring snacks back with you...but since I'm here."

I stayed silent, keeping my attention on Tyler, not feeling confident enough to look back at the stranger. Ty was grabbing everything in sight, and flicked the oven on to pre-heat before rifling through the freezer and pulling out various different pizzas. I noticed the movement out of the corner of my eye, and just couldn't help it; I looked back at the stranger to find him staring at me.

"For God's sake, Bella, stop eye fucking that guy and answer me, will you?" Tyler asked, somewhere between pissed and amused.

Shaking my head, I dragged my hand through my hair. "Sorry, Ty. What did you ask?"

Chuckling, he raised his eyebrows. "Would you mind sticking around in here for five minutes to put the pizzas in?"

"Um, sure. You go ahead and sit down. I'm fine in here...with the pizzas." I was nodding far too much as I spoke, but I couldn't seem to stop.

"Right...O...kay...then." Again, Tyler looked between us before slowly turning and walking out of the room muttering to himself.

Another one of the guys I didn't know came in then, and the room suddenly felt way too crowded. I spun around, spying the used glasses on the table, I busied myself cleaning them up.

"You okay, man?" I heard him say. I didn't hear the answer and I didn't desperately need to turn around to find it out, or see him again. No way, no how. Nuh huh. Nope. Not me. "You know what you have to do then, Bro."

Well now, didn't that sound all kinds of ominous. I glanced over my shoulder, watching the man leave, and then back to my cooler guy. Then straight back to the glasses before I acted like some ridiculous staring moron again. Until, that is, I felt his hand on my wrist.

"Stop," he murmured against my ear, my hair tickling my skin as his breath disturbed it.

I froze, my breath catching before starting off at light speed. His fingers on my skin were indescribable, and when I felt his chest against my back, I breathed in an 'Oh God'. The heat that emanated from him infused my skin, brought out my own heat, blooming right at the juncture between my thighs. Wet, damp, and throbbing heat.

He brushed my hair away from my neck, and put his mouth close to my ear. "We need to be somewhere private."

Dragging in a deep breath, I answered, "I-I'm not going to just...go somewhere..." he calmly started kissing my neck, electricity held nothing on the energy running beneath my skin at his touch, "...private with you, I...don't even know your name."

His grip tightened, one arm snaking around my waist and the other over my collarbone to cup my neck. It was aggressive, but non-threatening, and when he bit down on my neck my back arched as prickling heat shot down my spine. It wasn't hard, never broke the skin, but it was just hard enough to set my nerve endings on fire and leave me limp in his arms.

"My name is Paul," I swear he growled, his large hands moving over my torso...kneading my breasts, slipping beneath the waist band of my jeans. And there was no way I would be stopping him.

"Up...stairs," I gasped out. "Second door on the left."

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