It was a bright and shiney day in Shuggazoom. Couples were enjoying the love that was flowing in the air as Valentines day was appearing around the corner. Buying candy, flowers, and any other sappy gifts they could get. The town was prepairing and people were buying gifts. Even Chiro, leader of the Hyperforce was buying a gift for his sweetheart Jinmay. He held a box that was a silver heart shaped locket. "Jinmay will love it." He said to himself as he saw the necklace. He saw his beloved pink haired sweetheart sitting on a bench in the park.

"Hey, Jinmay!" He ran over to her. "Hi Chiro." She said. "Here. I know Valentines Day isn't for a couple of days but I wanted to give you this gift." He handed her the box. She looked suprised when she saw the necklace. "Oh my gosh. Chiro this is so pretty, but I can't accept it." She sadly said. "Why?" He asked confused. "Because, I'm breaking up with you." She said. "What, why?" He asked sad. "Because you are the nicest person ever. But I don't think I can be with you anymore. I'm sorry." She kissed his cheek and handed back his gift. She waved goodbye to him and left. Chiro stood there sad, dumbfounded, and mostly heart broken. He shead a tear and walked back to the super robot.

He was in his room sulking over the break up for the rest of the day. "Chiro?" He heard his female comrade Nova walk in. "Hey, I heard about your break up with Jinmay." She said comforting him. "How did you know?" He asked. "Sprx and Otto followed you to see if you would embaressed yourself." She answered. "Well, she's gone. I'll never see her again." He sighed. "Don't worry Chiro. You'll find the right person." She said as she left the room.

In Gibson's lad he's been working on making a syrum to cure any injuries and to make them immune to any illnesses that the team may get during a battle. So far he has finished with Antauri's, Sprx, Otto's, Chiro's and his own. But the only on left he needed to finish with Chiro's. "Almost finished with Nova's syrum." He said as he dropped in different liquids. "And...compleated." He held the beaker close to his face seeing the inside. He dropped a few of Nova's syrum on the floor along with a empty beaker that shattered on the ground. "Great." He left the room to get something to clean the mess.

Chiro walked into the room hoping to look for Gibson but found the room empty. "Gibson? Are you here?" Chiro poked around the room and accidentlly stepped on the broken glass and Nova's syrum. "Ow!" Chiro jerked his back away and saw his foot bleeding a bit of blood. He felt his head starting to throb and his body stiffen. He held his head and dropped to the ground in pain.

His body started to change in a much feminine way. His hair started to grow down his back, his face started to soften up and he felt his chest tighten up a bit too. He held his chest and felt it start to expand to the point to where it ripped opened his shirt. His body turned into a hourglass figure and his arms and legs slimed down and his boyhood changed to you know what I mean. He panted and passed out onto the floor. The door to Gibson's room opened. "So now that's the syrums are done, I can now continue-" He saw the passed out Chiro laying on the floor. "Monkey team! Come here now!" He said. The team ran in and saw Chiro laying on the floor but they didn't know it was him. Or should I say 'her'.

"Who is this and how did she get in here?" Sprx asked confused. "I don't know I found her in here passed out." His kneeled beside the girl and felt her pulse. "And this is how you found her?" Otto asked. Looking at her. "Is it me or does she look familiar? Like someone we know, or used to know." Nova asked. The coolness of Gibson's hand chilled Chiro causing him to wake up. His eyes opened seeing the monkey team looking over him. "What happened?" She said rubbing her sore head. "Miss? Do you remember anything that has happened?" Antauri asked. "Miss? Stop joking around you guys. It's me." She said. "We never seen you before in our lives." Nova said. "Maybe that blow to the head gave her brain damage." Sprx replied. "I don't have brain damage! It's me Chiro!" She said. "Uh, you're not Chiro. Right?" Otto asked clearly confused.

"I am Chiro. I think I just have a sore throat." She replied holding her throat. "Well you're gonna tell us what you did with Chiro." Nova said. "Will everyone just listen to me I am Chiro!" She yelled. "Nice try!" Nova said getting her fist ready along with the team. "Wait!" Antauri felt something familiar within the girl and rememberd. "Monkey team stop!" He said. "It is Chiro."

"What?" They all said. "I can tell. The power primate is within." He explained. "How is it in her?" Sprx pointed out. "Why do you all keep calling me a 'her'?" She was getting upset. Nova grabbed a beaker and gave it to Chiro. She saw her reflection and screamed to the highest pitch of her voice that shattered the glass in her hand. "I'm a girl!" She said grabbing a piece of her long hair and examining it. "So, how did this happen do you remember anything?" Nova asked. "I just stepped on something and I passed out." She explained. "Where did you step on?" Gibson asked. "Over there where the beakers were, I think it was broken glass." She pointed to the six beakers. Gibson walked over and grabbed a piece of the broken glass. "I see what's going on."

"Which is?" Sprx said crossing his arms. "When Chiro stepped on the glass he had a reaction with the syrum that had Nova's DNA in it. Once it entered his bloodstream it altered his biological blueprint and turned him into that." He explained. "Do you think you can change me back?" Chiro asked. "I don't know. But it's possible."

Chiro was sitting on the shoulder of the super robot. Antauri was peeking outside at her and he never realized how beautiful Chiro looked a a female. His heart started to skip a beat, and his cheeks would glow when he looked at her. He wanted to speak with her but instead he walked back into the robot to continue meditating.

"I never realised how beautiful Chiro looked as a female. I never seen such beauty since Sophia." Antauri remembered. He was only a newborn monkey when he was rescued by her and Alchemist. Sophia was the Alchemist daughter. With her black hair, and blue eyes she was the nicest, most beautiful girl Antauri ever met.

At age 7 when they were rescued she considered them family. She was reading a book when Antauri climbed upon her head messing up her shining black hair and started to look at the book with her. "You want me to read to you?" She asked. Antauri smiled and giggled meaning 'yes please'. "Ok." She said sitting him on her lap of her green dress. Once she began to read the rest of the monkey team along with Mandarian sat and listened to the story.

Antauri entered his room and looked in a tiny box on top of his shelf with a photo of Sophia. "Sophia..." H took out a golden braclet with dimond incrested hearts around it.


At age 13 after her father was turned into Sketon King she was now taking care of the monkeys. "Don't be scared guys. It's a simple update that will increase your brain intelligance and ability to self defence by 80%." She said readying her computer.

"Are you sure this is safe?" Sprx said skeptical. "You're not the brightest 13 year old I ever meet." She scoffed. "I'm the only 13 year old you ever meet. It'll be over soon just step in the pods and hook yourself to the plugs." She said. "I'm 100% sure this is safe." Gibson interfeared. "100%?" She shrugged. "Well 70%. That's good enough." Otto agreed. "I agree with Sophia. Let er rip!" He entered the pod. The team entered the pods except Antauri. "Don't worry it's gonna be ok. I'll be here to stop it if anything goes wrong." She took Antauri to his pod.

Once everyone was set up she began the download. The download was almost compleated. "Compleating software download in 3...2..." She was inturupted by a large explosion. She saw it was her father's army charging in. She quietly ducked to avoid being seen. The formless army was randomly replying to each other. She forgot about the team and that they were trapped in the pods. She found a metal pipe and knew to start fighting to protect them.

Antauri looked at her with worry and fright. "Don't worry, I'll be ok." She mouthed as she began to attack. She took out most of them and was able to get to the team in the pods. "Don't worry guys I'm gonna get you out." She tried to force the sealed glass off but couldn't do it. The glass was begining to break off but she had her back violently scratched.

"Sophie!" They all yelled as she dropped to the ground. "I'll be ok guys!" She said fighting them off again but was getting weak. The formless was begining to weaken but she was forcefully pushed against Antauri's glass leaving a large blood stain on the glass. She was badly bruised and cut with many scratches of various sizes small and large. "I did what I could." She panted. "I'm sorry." She dropped her pipe and fell to the ground with a thud.

"I love you guys." Was her final words before she peacefully closed her eyes. The formless took the dying girl away. Antauri and the team were sad but mostly furious. They tried to break out. "Leave Sophia alone!" They all shouted trying to destroy the pods to escape but Sketon King returned. "Hahahahaha!" He evilly laughed. "You filthy, pathetic monkeys. I'm the great ruler of the universe, and no one can stop me!" Sketon King stabbed the machines that were connected to the team. They scaremed out in pain as each one of them passed out. But was put to sleep for years.

(End flashback)

Antauri closed his eyes and gripped on the braclet in his hand. "We'll never forget you Sophia." He said putting the photo and bracelet back in its correct box on top of the shelf. Chiro was peeking through Antauri's room hearing everything. "Sophia?" He said to himself.