Chiro was busy thinking abojut Raven's warning that was replaying in her mind. Her baby kicked trying to tell her mother 'what's wrong?"It's not your fault. Mommy will be ok." She said gently rubbing it. Antauri walked in seeing the worried girl. "Chiro. I do know you're scared. But you have to keep hope." Antauri said. "I know Antauri. But I can't get my mind off of Raven's warning. What if her mother finds me and then what if she..." She began to cry tears as she hugged her belly tightly. "Chiro, don't talk like that. We're gonna make sure she can't get to you." Antauri said. Chiro sighed and looked at her necklace again. She could get over the fact the Marco wouldn't be with her to witness the birth of their child. Antauir noticed her worry. "Are you ok Chiro?" Antauri sat on the bed next to her. "I'm fine. It's just that Marco won't be able to see this." She admited. Antauri placed a hand on the young girls hand. "I'll be there." He said. "You will?" She said. "I know you're scared about what's happening. But I want to be there to keep you both safe." Antauri placed a hand on Chiro's stomach. She smiled and hugged Antauri. "Thank you Antauri. I love you." She kissed him on his lips and hugged him. Antauri smiled. He handed her two blue gel tablets. "Here. Gibson said you need to keep up your iron." He said. "Thanks Antauri. Good night." The black monkey left the room. Chiro swallowed the tablets and washed it away with water to get the bitter taste in her mouth. She turned off her light and peacefully fell asleep.

Queen Vampiressa was stirring up different ingredients in a bowl of blood. "This should slow down the little princess down." She dropped in a few spices and drops of liquids. The mixture started to boil and foam. She recited a spell in a different language and she dropped a piece of Chiro's hair into the mixture and it boiled black like the color of her hair. "Rest easy deary." She said cackling. Chiro was asleep but soon she started to feel warm and her cheeks turned a shade of pink. Her baby started to kick urgently trying to tell her mother something was wrong. She woke up due to a hark kick. "What is it?" She asked her stomach sitting up. Her stomach tightened and she held it. "My stomach hurts..." She moaned. "Maybe I took too much of those supplements." She decided to sleep it off hoping the pain would go away.

The next morning the monkey team was doing their normal routuine but Chiro was stumbling down the hall feeling feverish and sick. "What's wrong with me? I feel so sick and weak." She stumbled. She heard the sound of grunts and wanted to know what's going on. She peeked inside and saw Raven practicing on her swordsmanship. (If that's even a word.) Chiro walked in. "You're really good at using a sword." Chiro complimented. Raven looked over and put the sword in its case. "Thanks." She said blushing a bit. "My father taught me whan I was born." She walked over to Chiro. "And I remember the ritual my parents did when I was born." She pulled out her spell book and turned a few pages. "The birthing ritual is most favored in my kingdom. The parents and anyone who witnessed the birth will each have their own simbol." She explained. "My mother's symbol is a snake and my fathers was a hawk." She said. "So whan I give birth...?" She placed a hand on her stomach. "The team will place a symbol on the child. And I can tell by their personalities I know what their symbol is. The black monkey is wisdom, the blue one is knowledge, yellow one strength, red and green one are yin and yang, and the pink haired one represents beauty." She listed. "What about me?" Chiro asked. "By your aura your personality is that you care for other people. You will go out of your way or sacrafice yourself to save some one. Your symbol is love." Raven said. Chiro smiled and looked down at her stomach. "When you give birth each symbol the child will recieve, they will be gifted with each one." Chiro moaned and held her head. "Are you ok?" Raven asked worried. "I feel dizzy." Chiro fell to her knees but Raven caught her in time. "Chiro speak. Say something!" Chiro's cheeks began to glow red. Her fever has begun to rise and she soon began to feel a tight pain in her stomach. She passed out.

She woke up in her bedroom with a cold rag on her head. She looked around and saw the worried faces on everyones faces. "She's finally waking up." Jinmay said. "Ugh. What...happened?" She weakly asked. "Raven said you passed out. And by the look of it we can see you were running a fever." Gibson said. Chiro held her stomach feeling a tight feeling. "And you're contractions already started." He added. "How long was I out?" She asked. "About an hour." Antauri asked. "Gonna be there for me Antauri?" She asked. "I will." Antauri said holding her hand. She squeezed his hand while a contraction hit. She panted exausted. "Thanks Antauri."

Queen Vamperessa was watching Chiro throught her bowl of blood. She started to get furious and she broke a glass of red wine in her palm. "This isn't working. If they can't do it right you'll have to do it yourself." She angerly said. She began to have black smoke surround her and her eyes turned red with a snake like shape. "Time for Vamperessa to put matters into her own hands!" She cackled evilly showing her cobra like black birthmark started glowing.

Chiro was having worsening contractions. Antauri wouldn't let go of her hand. She moaned burying her face into the pillow as streams of tears were fallimg from her face. "Just hang in there Chiro." Antauri said. "Tā sāp...tā sāp..." She said in a different language. "What are you saying?" Nova asked. "She says it hurts." Raven said. "You can understand her?" Sprx asked. "I can. My ancestors spoke this language long ago. Tas ir gonna ir ok." She replied in her language. Chiro nodded her head. Their was a sound of explosion and screaming coming from outside. "What now?" Nova groaned. "Woah! That's a big snake." Otto replied seeing a giant snake slithering through Shuggazoom destroying buildings and everything in her sight. "Nova you're in charge." Antauri said. "Ok. Hyperforce go!" Nova said. "Wait!" Raven walked up to the team and had 4 different color necklaces with a japanese symbol that matched their fur color. "For Nova the symbol of strength (強さ), Jinmay the symbol of beauty (美しさ), Sprx yin (陰), and Otto yang (これ)." The team hurried for battle.

They looked outside seeing the snake destroying the building and objects in its path. "Where is she?" She screamed. "I don't know what you want but prepair to be smackdowned!" Nova launched out her fist. "Smack slam kablam!" She threw herself towards the monster and she was slapped back by her large tail. The creature screamed shattering every window. "Where is she?" She yelled again. The team attacked with everything that they had. Raven was watching the whole battle from outside. Chiro was doing lamaze breathing to keep her calm. "This is a diaster." Raven said. "The team is getting defeated." She walked over to Chiro and rubbed her back. Raven heard a explosion outside. Her, Gibson, and Antauri looked outside and saw the team growing weak. "We have to help them." Raven said. "We can't. Chiro's in labor." Gibson said. "I'll stay with her. You guys go." She said. Antauri looked at Chiro. "Go. I'll be fine." She rasped out of breath. Antauri kissed the girl on her head. Raven passed them both their necklaces. "Antauri guardian of wisdom (知恵) and Gibson guardian of knowledge. (知識)" They knodded their heads and made their way outside. Chiro yelled from a contraction. "Good luck money team." Raven said in her head looking outside. Antauri and Gibson saw the team struggling. Otto was slammed to the ground hard. Nova was busy punching the snake and Sprx was trying to avoid every swipe she was doing. Jinmay was doing the same but trying to hit her with her laser eyes. The snake slapped away Jinmay and she colided with Sprx. The snake tied her tail around Nova and slammed her into a building. "This is out of control." Gibson replied. "I know. I hope Chiro's doing ok." Antauri said.

Chiro's fever was begining to spike by the minute her fever was already at 102.1 and rising. Chiro was gripping on for dear life as every contraction was becoming more and more painful by the second. Raven was looking outside as the team was fighting the snake. But to Raven the snake reminded her of someone, she could feel it. "Krauklis sāpes ir nepanesamas. Es jūtu, es esmu mirst." (Raven, the pain is unbearable. I feel like I'm dying.) She said. "Jūs gonna ir ok Chiro. Tikai karājas tur mazliet ilgāk." (You're gonna be ok Chiro. Just hang in there a little longer.) Raven translated in the language. She saw the team weak and damaged badly. She knew she wanted to help but she couldn't leave Chiro alone while she was in this condiction. Raven sighed and knew what she had to do. She placed a orange neclace next to her on the bed with the japanese symbol for love. (愛) She grabbed her sword and hurried her way out side. Raven saw the team down badly injured. She walked close to the creature and began to slash and stab it. It had little to no effect. She saw a mark on its arm of a codra like birthmark. She gasped. "Mother!" She whispered. She screetched angerly wanting to find Chiro. Raven sprouted her bat wings and launched herself towards her mothers face. She swiped the blade into her mothers eyes cutting it. She screamed out of agony. The snake grabbed the girl. She was hoisted from the ground and she dropped her sword. "You Raven?" She shouted angerly. "Mother stop this!" Raven yelled. "Nothing can stop me until I have the girl!" She roared.

"I'm right here!" They heard. The team, Raven, and Vamperessa looked over and saw a heavly pregnant Chiro standing infront of the robot. "Chiro! You can't be out here!" Antauri said urgentlly. Vampressa smiled and tossed Raven to the ground. She made her way towards the girl and roared victoriously. Chiro showed her neclace that she had. Her necklace began to glow along with the monkey teams necklaces. Vamperessa opened her mouth to gain energy to make a energy blast but the necklaces made a orb of light and it was shot at Vampressa. She screamed out of pain and anger soon her body was turning to stone. Her body was frozen and it started to crack. Light was coming out throught each crack, and soon the statue of her shattered with a great big 'Boom!' Chiro's fever that the queen cursed upon her was broken and her fever was gone. Chiro then felt the most emence pain she had ever felt and dropped to the ground yelling in pain. She felt something wet between her legs. "Chiro! Are you ok?" Nova asked as her and the team made it to the teen. She was breathing hard. "My water broke!" She said. "We have to get her inside, immediatly!" Gibson said.

Once inside Chiro began pushing the hardest she could to finally give birth. "You're doing great Chiro. Keep going." Gibson said encouriging her. The team was egging her on and kept her going. "I'm right her Chiro. Keep it up." Antauri soothed gripping her hand. Chiro gripped her hand on the bed and moaned in pain. She yelled and soon it was drowned out by a wailing cry of a newboorn. Gibson held a small bloody newborn baby in his hands. "It's a girl." Gibsoon announced. Once he cleaned the baby of she was handed to her mother. "Hello there." Chiro said exausted. "What are you ganna name her?" Otto asked. "Sophia. Her name's Sophia." She said smiling. Raven looked at Chiro. "You can now grant the child." She said. Jinmay held up her necklace. "I grant the symbol of beauty." She said. "I grant the symbol of strength." Nova said. "I grant the symbol of Yin." Sprx said. "I grant the symbol of Yang." Otto said. "I grant the symbol of knowlage." Gibson said. "I grant the symbol of wisdom." Antauri said. Chiro looked at Sophia. "I grant the symbol of love." She finished. Chiro felt something poking out her backside. She saw a small black tail swinging from her blanket. "Wanna hold her Antauri?" She asked. Antauir carefully took the small newborn in his hands. Chiro smiled happily knowing that Sophia was with her father.