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Anakin Skywalker stood in the shadows of Jabba the Hutt's Main Audience Chamber. He was listening to some pitiful creature try to con the Hutt. Personally Anakin didn't care about the Hutt but he would be beaten and so would his young charge if he didn't warn the Hutt about beings trying to deceive him.

Finally the being left and Anakin was summoned forward. /Well?/ The Hutt asked. "He's being deceptive." Anakin answered. /I thought as much./ The Hutt rumbled and gestured for Anakin to step back into the shadows.

Very few knew of Anakin's importance to Jabba but those that did know knew better to try to take him and his charge out; even those that had no clue did as well.

His young charge looked up at him with bright blue eyes. He loved her as one loves a sister and she loved him as a brother.

Soon it would be time to start training her again to sense true and lie as well as intentions. This was simple seeing that there were lots of scum in the Hutt's palace. The trick was to know who was thinking what.

Anakin swept the chamber with his eyes before gently nudging his companion with his mind. She looked up to him and he pointed out a being that was leering at a dancer. He could feel her reaching out with her mind and touch the mind of the being.

"He wishes to have some fun with her." She told him softly. He nodded, he had sensed the same thing.

He pointed to someone else. "They are nervous about something." She said after a few moments. "Very good." He said softly and radiated pride. She smiled one of her predatory smiles.

A slave came over and gave Anakin a tray of food. Anakin thanked her and he and his student crouched on the floor and ate and drank their fill before inconspicuously giving the remains to some underfed slaves.

Some years ago Jabba had promised to free him and possibly his charge if he served him well. Anakin had no delusions though; he was pretty sure that he and his charge would most likely grow old and die in the Hutt's service.

At some point he would probably be forced to find another or more like him to train and when he succumbed to old age they would take his place and train others and the cycle would go on in a never ending circle.

If Jabba died then they would become Rotta's. If Jabba lived longer than them then their students would be inherited by Rotta and so on.

Anakin didn't have the courage to end his life. He didn't want to consider what would happen to his student if he did. And even if he killed her and then took his own life Jabba would only find others like them and force them to take their places.

It was only just before that he fell asleep at night that Anakin admitted to himself that he knew that somehow he would get out of here and do something great.

They continued their training long into the night before Jabba gestured for them to retire for the night. Anakin walked protectively beside his protégé, ready to defend her at a moments notice.

They managed to reach their bedchamber unimpeded. Once they were inside Anakin locked the door and let his student get in one of the small beds before pushing the other bed nearly next to hers.

Sometimes he even slept on the floor by the side of her bed. He did this just in case someone managed to overload the lock.

He shuddered at the memory of the time someone had somehow got into their room. He had made them as sorry as he dared for coming into their room. He won't let anyone take advantage of his student on his watch.

Anakin found himself remembering how he ended up in Jabba's Palace. Watto had been bragging that he had a slave that not only could fix nearly anything but sense when you were either lying or telling the truth.

Jabba had sent goons to get him and buy him. Watto didn't even protest; he knew better: to deny Jabba anything was certain death.

He had been in Jabba's Palace for a indeterminable amount of time when he was taken to a auction to see if the pirates or slave traders had any slaves worth buying. It was there that he saw her. She was so small, only three years old; according to those selling her. But he could feel that she was different.

He had told Bib Fortona that she was like him. Before he knew it she was purchased and put into his care.

She had been so young that all that she could tell him was her name and that she had been going some place with someone that wasn't part of her family. And something about Jedi.

He felt sorry for her; he knew what it was like to be separated from his family. She cried for the first few months for her mother and he held her close through her nightmares; he was all she had now and she was all he had.

Anakin taught her the ropes once she was settled in and in the meantime made sure that she was fed and once she was older he had started to teach her how to read people.

In exchange she taught him how to lift and move objects without touching them when they were alone.

She was a great student and he was proud of her. He knew that Jabba would never part with either or them or force his student to dance for him; she was too valuable.

He could sense that the events of the day and the lateness of the hour had taken it's toll on his student.

"Sleep well, Ahsoka." He whispered softly as she drifted off to sleep.

Soon, he was asleep too.


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