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A few months later . . . .

Obi-Wan nodded in approval as he watched Anakin finish their assignments. The two former slaves had come a long way since they came to the Temple.

He had been placed over both of them when he was at the Temple and Master Yoda oversaw to it the rest of the time.

The Jedi could win this war if young Skywalker was indeed the Chosen One.

"Very good," he called out to them. "Do a few cooling exercises and then meditate." His two students nodded and began some relaxing movements.

He felt Mace come up behind him.

"They have vastly improved since last time I saw them train." The older Jedi said. "Yes they have." Obi-Wan agreed. "Especially Anakin, he is a skilled fighter and can wield the Force like nothing I've seen."

"The Council hopes that in a year that at least Anakin will be able to join us in the war effort." Mace told Obi-Wan.

"They still have a lot to learn between now and then." Obi-Wan commented.

A companionable silence fell as the two Jedi continued to just observe.

Soon Anakin and Ahsoka sank into meditative positions and set about the task to calm their minds.

"How is it going with Adi?" Ob-Wan asked after a few moments. "We are still getting used to the idea that we can allow ourselves to acknowledge our feelings for each other." Mace answered.

Obi-Wan nodded. He too was getting used to the fact that he was allowed to say how he felt about his friends.

Still you had to continue to make solid choices where they were concerned.

Yes, the future was already brighter and the future seemed less clouded.

Anakin Skywalker would finish leading them to understand the Will of the Force and then he would be able to bring Balance to it.

It would be an honor to be able to say that he had been his teacher.


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