Alexandria Redchild was out and about the Great Hall with a book held to her face, reading as she walked; she could hardly see where she was going. At the same time,

Gilderoy Lockhart as up-tight and overly proud of himself had just been boasting of his apparent swag and way with girls; he had just finished snogging his girlfriend in

front of everyone's disgusted faces and had decided to find some of his friends, who even though found him greatly annoying, apparently found him good company; in his

opinion; the best friend they could ever have. He'd only walked quarter of the way, not caring where he was going as he was too busy looking through every window he

passed to admire his own reflection, down the hall when Alexandria bumped into him, of course he hadn't seen her coming either.

"Oomph." she grunted slight as her book dropped to the floor. "Je suis désolé, s'il vous plaît pardonnez-moi." she said as she bent down to pick her book up.

Lockhart noticed this was French she was speaking not by the words but by her sharp French accent. Lockhart bent down to pick Alexandria's books up just as she had

straightened herself up; she looked down at him and shook her head with a bit of a smirk on her face. Lockhart, realizing he had been beaten to this, straightened up

quickly. He had no clue of what she had just said to him, all he could think of was to smile and nod, at the same time wondering what she had just said.

Alexandria looked up at him, her face flushed slightly red, apparently embarrassed about realizing she had just spoken French to Lockhart. "Oh... I am sorry... I didn't

mean to run into you" she said slowly and somewhat shyly.

Lockhart upon realizing his mistake of trying to pick her book up when she already had done it, felt relieved, until she had spoken English just after she had spoken

French, he looked rather surprised, if not impressed by this; before he realized what he was saying, said, "hey you speak two languages?" his surprise of course was put

on; if there was one way to flirt with a girl, this was it. "Oh it's alright really about the whole running into me thing... it is very hard to not run into me with my dazzling

good looks." He grinned, slightly chuckling as he flashed his perfect whitened teeth, his hair gleaming gold and smoothed down. "How are you?" he added quickly, to add

for apparent charm; he knew he wouldn't be able to have her as a girlfriend seeing he had Flo but what guy doesn't want a line-up of girls after him? Apparently he did at


Alexandria smiled, apparently charmed by him, "French is my second tongue." She casually informed, before adding, "Oh... I'm good thank you and you?" she replied

quickly. 'He is good looking... way too old though' she thought to herself.

Lockhart seemed mildly impressed by this, whether it was put on, only he knew deep down that it was; he wanted nothing more than to learn her French to impress some

more women. "That's awesome! I wish I could speak French." He grinned. "The most French I speak is "Bonjour san'de'cupckeo" he smiled apparently pleased with

himself. "I am great at it, of course; I know more words but my pronunciation is very troublesome at times." He boasted.

To Lockhart's pleasure, Alexandria didn't seem impressed but laughed; to him, being the funny one was what he saw as one of the most important traits. He grinned as

she said, "that's what most people can say." in a playful but matter-of-factly voice.

Gilderoy couldn't help but laugh at this; the only problem was he'd always found it hard to stop laughing which meant he had laughed harder than he really should have.

He drew in a breath and quickly cut his laughter off as he added, "well it is something I s'pose... I mean... I've never really learn so I just sort of... teach myself." He felt

rather impressed with himself with this sentence; he knew if he'd told her this, she would possibly teach him. He did want to learn it after all- for popularity of course.

"I'm Alexandria." Alexandria said trying to break ages of silence; she smiled at Lockhart who looked rather awkward now.

Lockhart was so caught up in thinking about his popularity he hardly realized she'd spoken; it was only after she said this that he came to and realized he hadn't even

introduced himself. What sort of things would she have thought of him while he was zoned off? He didn't like to think. He looked at her and chuckled before introducing

himself, "I'm Lockhart; Gilderoy Lockhart- finest, most charming person you will meet in this school." He winked.

Alexandria seemed to have nothing to say to this, which Lockhart took as 'taking her breath away' or 'leaving her speechless' of course he had to think of things this way.

Alexandria smiled at him, "it's a pleasure." She said, as Lockhart's face lit up. He knew it was a pleasure for anyone to meet him but for him to actually have success at his

'flirting,' which of course was the beginning of either a friendship or just a one-off meeting.

"As it is meeting you." He winked. He would have said he knew how much of a pleasure it would have been for someone to meet him; however he wasn't that stupid and

didn't want to show her his true side yet. "We should hang out sometime." He said, casually shrugging for apparent effect of trying to show her his 'humble' side- if that's

what you'd even call it.

Alexandria smiled at this also, "how about now?" she asked.

Lockhart grinned, feeling really proud of his success. "That would be awesome!" he beamed, really meaning it would be awesome for her to hang out with him; of course

he didn't tell her this. "What do you want to do?" he asked.

"I don't know" Alexandria frowned. "I didn't think that far ahead."

Gilderoy smiled and said, "Nor did I to be honest." He chuckled, though felt a little disappointed that she hadn't said much more; the story he had in his mind would have

been perfect for his reputation- Lockhart; popular with the women, seen with Alexandria Redchild by the lake... he snapped himself to his senses. 'What am I thinking? I

have Flo... I have a girlfriend.' He thought to himself and looked back to Alexandria from staring somewhere in the distance. He slid down the wall and flopped sprawled

out on the ground, his back leant against the wall as he thought over what they should do.