This is a one shot just because noble and Jamie would be so cool together.

Jamie looked into the eyes of a man he considered a brother, there was so much faith there. What had started as a part of his job had become a necessity to the younger man. Noble looked out for him no matter what. Guiding him througth the hazardous world he had willingly entered. Even going as far as to defy his uncle Paulie, one of the most feared mobsters of his generation to protect him.

He was a brother that the younger man loved more than those he was related to by blood. Danny always considered him a child. While Joe was a stranger to him. After all his years spent in fugitive recovery, chasing criminals from one end of the country to the other. He loved his family with everything he had. But very quickly his best friend was becoming just as important to him.

The last time they had been face to face Noble had been begging his uncle not to force Jamie into a car with the family torturer. No one else had seen the cold look in the mans eye as he realised that Paulie Sanfino intended to kill his young friend. It felt like for ever but in a few seconds Noble had killed both men and left the scene.

In the days and weeks to follow only his sister Erin had figured out her brothers secret. While the rest of his family brought the story of Noble killing his family in a drug adled frenzy big sis was not buying it. She had hounded him for weeks until he had cracked and admitted the whole sorry tale. Erin had been jubilant until he'd mentioned his desire not to testify.

And now here he sat under supeona about to destroy his one true friend. "I repeat Officer Reagan did Noble Grant kill Paulie Sanfino and Bobby Callveri in front of you in cold blood?". This was it would I redeem my self in the eyes of family or friendship? I looked my sister straight in the eye and spoke "no". The court was instantly abuzz with noise, Erin looked at me like I'd just torn her heart out and in a way I had. While Noble just sat there wearing his signature smirk. Like he already knew Jamie would perjure himself in the name of their twisted brotherhood.