I saw there was like no stories for Fever. I always had this idea in my head, so I finally wrote it down. Thanks to NYRforever and unofficially beta-ing this!

I stood repressed in the shadows of my bedroom. The tiny mirror on my bureau reflected back an image I didn't like.

My straight brown hair was curled and pinned on the top of my head. A white fitted dress clung to my figure constricting most breathing. I had our only jewelry on my neck and in my ears. My left ring finger had a small diamond ring perched on it.

Looking over myself made my stomach lurch again. Just think you got to pick your husband, and he isn't Edward, I mentally reassured myself.

My husband, oh my sweet Nathaniel. His chestnut hair, hazel eyes, broad shoulders, and tall build all floated through my memory. I stood timidly in the corner dreaming of our stolen kisses when a firm hand grabbed me.

My eyes snapped open to see the mirror was only six inches away from the tip of my nose. Eliza was in the background humming and talking to herself. I tried to listen in and take my mind off of the voices awaiting my arrival outside. She looked at me knowingly and smiled broadly.

"Babe, you're gonna be just fine. I remember my wedding day-" I cut her off with a loud groan and clutching my flipping stomach, "Mattie, you've faced death. How are you afraid of marrin' the man you love?"

I flicked my eyes open to see a set of determined brown eyes staring at me. My skin was so pale compared to Eliza's. She looked radiant in her Sunday's best, yellow frock dress. My white gown washed out my face and brought out my skittish eyes.

The door creaked open and my gaze shot to it. My graying mother stood in the doorway smiling slightly, "You look gorgeous." With that she broke into tears and came forward to hug me.

I willingly wrapped my arms around her neck and cried. Too soon she broke off the hug and wiped away our tears. She stepped back and looked up and down at my dress, made by her skillful hands. I smiled in spite of myself remembering the dress she fixed for me ages ago. That fateful day at the Ogilvie house for tea in that ridiculous tight-in-all-the-wrong-places dress. Oh, the day my mother hoped to marry me off to Edward but instead Colette fainted from Yellow Fever.

Yellow Fever has come and gone every summer since then. Now it wasn't an epidemic we only lost a few poor souls. I started reliving that horrible summer, the flies, the heat, and mostly the stench.

I shot my eyes open and looked around my room to see no one was there. I had a minor amount of rouge and lipstick on. Downstairs things were quiet. Was the wedding canceled or over, I thought. I ran down the stairs begging that I was incorrect.

Eliza was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. I smiled genuinely at her for the first time today. I was ready for this.

We glided through the house and out to the awaiting carriage. She sat in back with me talking on about nothing in general as we headed to the church and Nathaniel.

I stood bouncing in the church waiting for the preacher to be done. Nathaniel looked at me happily and rolled his eyes at my impatience.

"You may now kiss the bride." Funny how I heard only those words instead of his entire speech.

Nathaniel leaned down and chastely kissed me. He then held up our linked hands and whispered in my ear, "Let us go Mrs. Nathaniel Benson."

That's when it hit me, I was Nathaniel's, now and forever.



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