Rest your head precious one

For you have naught to fear

The Father He sees all your needs

And He's holding you very near

I wish we could live in a place

With no sorrow tears or pain

Where nobody's lost and the tears

Flow gently away like the rain

Things are changing precious one

But the love is plain to see

Even if the things you hope for never happen

The Father meets all of your needs

I can see that world around the horizion

Just hold on a little and we are there

It beckens unto me

The Father we must trust to care

Sometimes it's one thing after another

And you can have no rest

It's alright to cry

But trust the Father to ease your distress

The breath of life She carries

Her children like the wind

One day that world you see

Will be at your door my friend

I know it feels like hell now

But you are not alone

There is a new world rising

And His love will lead you home