This is a short little story I wrote because, I too have a person I know who is almost as tall as Snow... And being only 5 feet tall... that serves as a problem... I hope you like it!

"Snow," the redhead says in a singsong tone.

Snow is immediately sent out of a trance. He had been thinking about how long they'd been gone. He wonders how long he has been a l'cie… He wonders because, while he had been counting the days madly when they first started, he had now lost count. He wonders what has happened while they were all on Gran Pulse. Were things getting better or were they getting worse?

When Vanille finds him, he's mulling over his life. She drags him out of his thoughts with a simple call of his name. Her voice really was distracting. He used to think it was the accent, but he dismissed that idea when he slept through a whole shouting match between Lightning and Fang.

Snow is standing at the mouth of the cave that they had been taking shelter in when she comes over. She smiles and strolls over casually. She always found him the easiest to talk to. Second only to Hope –at least, whenever Hope was in a good mood. She doesn't know what to tell him, though. He looks so serious, standing there with his brows furrowed and the crystal teardrop he took from Serah in his outstretched hand. He stares through it with so much concentration; you'd think the secret answer to all his questions was inside of it.

"Snooow!" she sings as she stands beside him. She doesn't know what to tell him. She's winging it really. "Why are you so tall?" she decides to ask. He looks down at her. She had finally caught his attention.

He smirks when he notes the height difference between them. Vanille isn't really short. Actually, she is the perfect height for a woman; at least, that's what Snow thinks. He, however, towers over her six and a half feet. He puts the crystal away in his pocket, safe and sound, before replying. "Why are you so tiny?" He puffs up his chest and stands up on his toes, gaining at least five inches in height.

"Well, that's not fair!" Vanille exclaims, mimicking the action, but not coming close to Snow's great height.

Snow laughs heartily before saying "It's no use! Your efforts are futile, midget!" He put his hands on his hips and let out a loud "HA! HA! HA!"

Vanille fumes from where she stands beneath him. She stomps closer to him and kicks him in the shins with all her might, causing the giant to lose his footing and fall squarely on his bottom. She beams victoriously as she stands above Snow with her arms crossed over her chest. "Now who's the midget?" She straddles him in an attempt to keep him down. "HA! I am the winner!"

"Oh yeah?" Snow challenges, getting ready to switch their positions, only to realize that the two of them have an audience consisting of Lightning and Sazh.

Sazh rubs his neck and tries to stifle a chuckle. Lightning however just rolls her eyes. "What exactly are you two doing?" she asks. She knows better than to suspect Vanille of all people of doing anything elicit with Snow, but she had to wonder how the two of them had ended up in such a compromising position to begin with.

"It's not what it looks like!" Snow insists as Vanille hurriedly gets to her feet and creates a fair distance between herself and the blonde.

"It's his fault for being so tall…" Vanille mumbles, blushing and staring down at her feet.

So this is what it was? Lightning wants so badly to giggle, but not while Snow was right in front of her. Instead, she walks up to him, grabs him by the neck of his coat and pulls him to his feet. This only causes her to realize that he is indeed very tall. She scowls at him and says, "Lose a few inches. You're starting to look like that behemoth we just killed." She walks off, leaving Sazh grinning in her wake.

"Don't you dare say a thing," Snow warns the older man.

This only causes Sazh to snigger even more. Vanille eventually joins in. "Lightning's right, you know," she says with a giggle.

"That's it! I'm leaving…" he tells them, before mockingly storming off.

Sazh and Vanille exchange identical looks before shrugging simultaneously and heading back in the direction Lightning went. "Well, it's about time someone deflated his head," Sazh states casually as they walk.

"Yeah, he needed something to knock him off of his high horse," Vanille quips in response.

"He had his head too far up in the clouds; I'd say."

"Well, you know what they say! They sky's the limit!"

"I think he may have already passed the sky…"

The two continue to titter away like this until sundown.