Thanks to a suggestion by Erifrats101, I've decided to make this into a series of oneshots. Here's the second one, featuring Oerba Yun Fang and her nasty temper.

Any suggestions on who to do next?

"Can you believe him?" Fang cries angrily. "He thinks that just because he's got…" She pauses and glances at Vanille beside her. "what did he say that he had?" she asks the redheaded girl.

"'The brawn of the group'" Vanille contributes hesitantly.

"Right…" Fang says, looking ahead again and glaring at the trees. "I've got brawn! I've got loads of brawn! Who does he think he is?"

Vanille twists her face in discomfort. She is sitting under a tall and shady tree as Fang paces in a rage. She can scarcely remember what brought this on, really… All she remembers is that she was walking with Sahz, joking about something or another and she heard the screaming. She supposes it's just a fight for dominance. Still, she cannot help but to listen in.

Sahz was the first to leave. He was smart. He didn't need to get in the middle of this. He decided that it was better to stay with Hope for the remainder of the day. As an afterthought, Vanille feels like that was what she should have done as well.

"You think I couldn't kick your sorry heiney from here to Coccoon and back!" Fang's voice was the sharpest and the loudest. It was what perked up Vanille's ears as well as her curiosity.

"No, you couldn't! You're all skin and bones! Look at you!" Snow retorted. His voice fighting for dominance over Fang's but failing miserably.

"Oh, yeah? Skin and bones, eh?"

"Yeah! Everyone knows I'm the brawn of this group!"

"You're the brawn!"

"Of course! I'm the hero here!"

That was when Fang had enough. Vanille saw her storm away from Snow. She caught sight of her friend and dragged her along. Vanille had no choice but to meekly comply.

"He's the most insufferable and immature person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting!" the brunette exclaims. At this point, she has paced so much that the grass beneath her feet is destroyed and all that is left is a jumble of mud a sparkle of green here and there. She scoffs and momentarily stops her pacing to do a mocking impression of Snow. "I'm the heeerooo here!" She distorts her face into one of disgust before marching back into her previous action.

Vanille sighs. She knows that when Fang gets this mad, she is going to rant about it until she's blue in the face. There are only two people who get to her like that: Snow and Lightning. Sometimes, Fang's rants are about how she and Vanille shouldn't have tagged along with them. Sometimes, they're about how they shouldn't have tagged along with Fang and Vanille. It is usually the same general idea. Of course, Vanille knows that Fang would never abandon the group with or without Vanille. Fang must have developed a soft spot for Lightning and Snow at some point.

Vanille had zoned out for a couple of moments as she was thinking only to be interrupted by Fang. "I'm stronger than him, aren't I?" she's asking Vanille.

The petite redhead looks up at her friend and nods swiftly. "You certainly are the brawn, regardless of what Snow says." Fang eyes Vanille's expression in scrutiny. She knows that her friend is only saying this to make her feel better, nonetheless, it still makes her heart swell up.

"Thanks, 'Nille!" She plops down next to the other girl and rests her elbow on the younger girl's shoulder. "I'll show that no good cretin real brawn next time I see him. That's for sure!" Vanille shifts under the weight of Fang's arm. She feels much more comfortable now that Fang seems to be in a lighter mood. She is still cursing Snow, but at least she isn't scowling and yelling.

Vanille found that if she seemed to express agreement to what Fang was saying, the ranting stopped sooner, so she decides to apply that theory. "Snow should be thanking us just for coming along. You know the whole lot of them would be dead were it not for us!"

Fang nods quietly. "I'm glad someone sees it my way," she says calmly and leans back against the tree.

Well, someone has to, Vanille thinks to herself.