Epilogue: Hear The Laughter Of The Last Unicorn

Waihee Valley National Park, Oahu

Steve wasn't sure how long the two of them had been sitting there at the edge of the spring, just watching and hoping for a sign. However long it was, it was long enough for the speed of his heart to slow back into something resembling a normal range. He knew they had to get up to see if maybe the tracks in the dirt leading into the water came out elsewhere. He wanted to believe Danny was alive.

"Brah, maybe we should think about getting up," Chin's words were soft as if he couldn't bring himself to speak any louder than a whisper. As if the sound of his own voice might bring about something worse than what they were both already thinking.

"I can't. Not yet." Steve closed his eyes and let out a shuddering breath.

"Okay." Chin placed his hand on Steve's shoulder and just sat there at his side, letting the warmth of his body warm the edges of Steve's own.

The night passed quietly for them, sitting there watching the water. Around 2am the water began to stir. At first Steve thought it was just the breeze but quickly he realized that the water was stirring from below. Jerking slightly in Chin's grasp, Steve leaned forward trying to get a better look. A large bubble of air rose from the depths to pop on the surface of the water, sending ripples across the surface. A moment later several more large bubbles popped and suddenly Steve could see something rising just under the surface, pale beneath the dark water. As it got close to the surface Steve realized that it was glowing, slightly under the light of the moon, sparkling almost as Danny's body had.

"Danny," Steve's voice felt weak, almost fragile as he watched the back of the body break the surface.

It was smooth and too small for a unicorn, but just right for a human of Danny's size. Crying out Danny's name he was barely aware of Chin tossing his shoes aside and running into the water. His eyes were locked on the figure floating in the water.

Chin's body cut through the water with a sure confidence that only someone born and raise on the water had. He reached out, wrapping his arms around the body floating in the spring, lifting it up out of the water. Steve could feel every atom of his being focused on the two figures floating there, waiting to see the face that Chin's body was currently blocking his view of.

Jumping to his feet, Steve moved closer to the water as Chin swam back towards the shore, the other person securely held against his chest. When it became obvious they were close enough to shore that Chin would need to stand, Steve waded in, not caring that he was ruining his boots.

The figure was naked and far too pale, white as the unicorn had been but still recognizable. "Danny," Steve whispered.

Chin and Steve carefully lifted Danny out of the water, pausing when his head tipped back. His hair was longer than it had been, curler and a paler shade of blond as well, but it was the longer, pointed ears and the small spiral horn on his forehead that drew the most attention. It looked like although the mo'o wahine had changed him back he was no longer fully human.

"Well, shit. This is gonna be hard to hide," muttered Chin.

"We can worry about that later." Steve leaned over Danny, listening for any breath or heartbeat. Some sign that he was still alive. When Steve felt a small puff of warm air against his air he felt the pressure in his chest ease. "He's still breathing."

"Good. Think we should take him to a hospital?"

"And explain the horn how, exactly?"

Chin seemed to think it over for a moment before sighing. "I suppose you're right. Alright. Let's see about getting him to the car and we can take him back to your place."

Steve nodded, looking back down at Danny who seemed to be peacefully sleeping. Brushing a curling lock of hair away from Danny's face, Steve let himself relax. Putting his down so that he could watch Danny for a moment longer, he was startled to feel fabric beneath his fingers. Glancing down he realized he had pressed his hand down into a pile of Danny's missing clothes.

"What the- Where did those come from?"

"Huh." Chin looked just as confused. "Those weren't there a moment ago."

Ignoring the strangeness of the clothes appearing from nowhere the two did their best to get Danny dressed. A feat not as easy as it seemed when you realized that even though small, Danny was very sturdy of build, making it awkward to do when he was limp as an over cooked noodle. Eventually they managed to get Danny into the pants and tee-shirt and carefully lifted him again. The truck and Chin's bike weren't too far of a walk down the trail, but it was sure too feel like it would take too long to get there.

Still, as heavy as Danny was, they were careful of him. He was their friend, their partner and a member of their ohana.

Turned away from the spring to head down the trail neither man noticed the way the water bubbled behind them, a figure rising out of the water. The figure watched them walk away, a mischievous smile on her face.

- - - H50 - - -

Steve's House, Oahu

Kono wasn't sure how long the guys would be gone looking for Danny, so after checking to make sure Grace was still asleep she decided to put her plan into action. After Steve had had to explain all about Danny being a unicorn they had tried to think of ways to cover it up. But after more than a dozen curious inquiries were called in to the HPD and the Governor's office about the unicorn sighting the Governor had called Steve back and told him they were going to have to come up with a plan to either squash the rumors or work with them. After a couple hours of the Governor and Steve not getting anywhere, Kono had suggested they had a Hawaii Unicorn Facebook page and set it up like a promotional theme to try and get more tourists to the island. They could even have unicorn hikes and get people to be Fans of the page so they could post their own photos and experiences. If they set it up this way no one would think that there was a real unicorn on the island.

The Governor had liked the idea and so Kono had agreed to set up the page and the Governor's staff could do any other promotional ideas to spread the word. Kono had planned to set it up tomorrow, but since she was up now and had access to all the video and pictures files taken yesterday she might as well do it. As long as she made sure none of the shots gave away they were taken here it should fine.

She cold put up one of Danny eating some of the pulmeria flowers, or the one where Grace had braided some yellow ilima into his tail after they had braided the ribbons into his mane. Or she could use the one of Danny nibbling on one of her ponytails while she laughed or the one where Steve had fallen asleep half onto of Danny while the sun was setting behind them. Or maybe the one of Danny surrounded by all the surfer girls from one of his walkabouts. Or one of the pictures of Danny sparkling under the moonlight? Yeah, those were probably a good start.

Smirking Kono went to work building the page and typing up the content that the Governor's aid and she had worked out earlier in the day. It took longer than she thought it would at first as she sized and cropped some of the photos and pulled out stills from the videos they had taken today with Grace. By the time she had finally finished it all Steve and Chin were walking into the house, an unconscious Danny in their arms.

"Is that…He's human," Kono said surprised.

"Yeah." Chin sounded out of breath. "We found him face down in the spring at Waihee Valley."

Kono whistled and put the laptop down before getting up to help them lay Danny down on the couch. "Is that a-"

"Yeah. He has a horn." Steve glared at Kono, who only raised a brow and smirked at his possessiveness.

"Hey Steve."

"What, Kono?"

"You've got a jungle growing in your backyard."

"What?" Steve looked up at Kono from where he was covering Danny with a blanket.

"The planets that had the unicorn pop spread over them as fertilizer…they've grown wild. It seriously looks like a jungle out there."

"Okay, I'll deal with that later." Steve waved off the new information and went back to watching Danny sleep. "Is Grace still asleep?"

"Yeah. She's fast asleep upstairs."

"Good." Steve finally looked away from Danny and back up to Chin and Kono. "You two can crash here if you want?"

"Nah, brah. I'm cool." Kono waved it off. "Can we get an extra day off though?"

"Yeah, consider tomorrow an official day off."

Smiling the two waved and left, trying not to wake either Danny or Grace on their way out. Even though they were as silent as possible Steve sill noticed Danny's eyes flutter open as the door closed behind them.

"Hey, Danno," Steve's voice was filled was too many emotions for him to name but chief among them were relief and joy.

"Steve," Danny's voice was soft with just a hint of a hoarse quality.

Smiling Steve leaned down and kissed Danny's forehead. "I'm glad to have you back. You had me so worried, partner."

"Back?" Blinking Danny reached up towards Steve, his hand freezing halfway. His eyes widened as he stared at his hand. "Human?"

"You're human again, Danno. You're back," Steve's voice broke and for a moment Steve was sure the tears he had been suppressing all night were finally going to fall. Before he could second guess himself he leaned down and placed a long gentle kiss on Danny's lips. Steve let himself sink into the kiss, to the feel of Danny's lips pressed against his own, the light brush of a tongue against his bottom lip and a strong hand reaching up to slide through his short hair. It was a perfect moment.

Smiling he rested his forehead against Danny's and just breathed the man in. "You want to go upstairs?"

"Yeah, babe." Danny smiled at him and let Steve help him up.

- - - H50 - - -

Danny didn't know at first what woke him, so he lay there in bed listening to the sound of the waves outside and the creek of the wood of house. It seemed quiet. Rolling over Danny looked to the side and noticed Steve wasn't in bed. Perhaps he had woke up and went to the bathroom? Rolling over onto his belly Danny tried to go back to sleep only to blink awake again as he heard a loud thunk from downstairs.

"Steve," Danny called out.

There was no answer but Danny could hear the sounds of what sounded like multiple people moving around downstairs. Getting up Danny looked to see if Steve had left his gun near by, but unfortunately it didn't seem to be in any of the drawers of the bed side tables. Cursing Danny crept towards the door. He had already called out for Steve so whoever was down there must know someone else was in the house, but they wouldn't know that he wasn't armed. Looking around the room for something he could use as a weapon, Danny cursed when the only thing he could find was an old SLR camera.

With no other option, Danny grabbed the camera. He could use the flash to blind and disorient them.

Slowly opening the bedroom door, Danny crept towards the stairs, taking them slowly to try and avoid the few that creaked when pressure was placed on them. As he got to the ground floor he heard the sound of movement from the back, near the door to the lanai. Keeping close to the wall he moved closer pausing when a large shadow moved along the wall through the open doorway to the living room.

Raising the camera Danny moved into the open space, looking into the room. He could hear movement outside the door now as well. Mentally growling he spun and took several photos as he caught sight of movement, the bright light of the flash almost blinding him as well.

A loud panicked whinny caused him to lower the camera and freeze in place as the echoes of light blinked in front of his eyes. A moment later Danny could see again and was startled to find a large white unicorn stallion standing in Steve's living room, looking just as confused as Danny felt.

"No," Danny shook his head. It couldn't possibly be what he thought. "Steve?"

The unicorn nodded its head excitedly and whinnied loudly. Before Danny could say anything else another loud whinny came from out on the lanai. Turning towards the door Danny felt his mouth drop open. Standing by the door to the lanai was a large black unicorn with a sprinkling of silvery white spots on its rump, scattered through its black hide like stars in the night sky.

"Oh God. Another one."

Danny glanced back at the Steve unicorn then to the black unicorn. Licking his lips Danny set the camera down and reached for the phone dialing Kono's number.

"Wha's it," asked a sleepy voice.

"Kono. Its Danny."

"Danny," asked the confused voice. "What's going on? Go back to sleep, brah."

"I would but there are two unicorns standing in Steve's house with me."

For a moment the line was silent and then Kono's voice came through loud enough that Danny had to pull the phone away from his ear. "What?"

"Yeah…I think its Steve and Chin."

"Man…are you sure."

"As I can be."

Kono sighed. "Okay, I'll be right there." Danny smirked as he heard Kono muttering to herself before the line went dead. "We better be getting over time and hazard pay for this."

"Amen, sister." Danny smirked at the two glaring unicorns.

The End