Sakura pov;
I looked up at him, melting into pools of chocolate. I wannted hot chocolate now. He leaned in, I felt his hot, hot breath on my cheek, a shiver went up my whole body.
He leaned closer than closer until our noses where touching. It was killing me. I stared up at him in shock, he was much more handsome up close. I opened to my mouth to say something.
But before I said anything, I almost whined.
"Ju-just forget about that." he said with a tone that made me feel...strangely worried about. His face was strange with tainted pink on the cheeks. I knew what happened. He was blushing. Of course I remember, I used to blush around that Uchia whore in my childhood. I felt his head thump into my hair, I hear him inhale. I sigh.
His arm was wrapped protectively around my chest. "Ichigo, whats wrong?" "Nothing. I will tell you when its the right time." He mutters mysteriously.
I bathed in his scent, it was lovely, unlike me, he smelt like cherry blossoms. I almost snickered.
I glanced over at my desk and saw the clock 7:50.
"Ichigo, we need to get ready for our mission, we've spent nearly half an hour cuddling."
"Ura." he says again without pulling his head up.
"Yeah?" I say softly "Please, please, don't fall in love with him again." he says.
I stilled, why in the heavens would I fall back in with him?
I almost sneered.
"Ichigo." I say. He said nothing back. I turned around in the arms to just get entangled in him. I smelt more of him now, his scent was everywhere. I tilted his chin and kissed him on the corner of his mouth, nothing too serious. I smiled at him, he looked suprised at firrst ,than returned it with kissing my forehead.
It felt nice to be in his arms, we weren't even lovers, it's what friends do right?
I felt like I belonged here with him.

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