What happened next, what Mr. Grossberg told me, I will never forget.

To think that, after I wake up from a four year long slumber, the worst possible news was waiting for me… Mia Fey was dead.

My kitten… I couldn't speak nor look at Mr. Grossberg after he told me. All I could do was stare out the window, and fight back my tears.

I told him I couldn't work at his firm anymore. I couldn't be a defense attorney, it reminded me too much of this horrible incident. It reminded me… too much of her.

I cried and began considering death. But I knew Mia wouldn't approve. She would want me to live. Not for her sake, but for mine.

The only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over. But it certainly felt like it was. Grossberg left, and I never saw that man again.

I check out of the hospital, and disappeared from the world. This one incident, this one event that had happened while I was asleep, changed everything when I awoke.

From the very moment I opened my eyes, I had already lost everything I thought I had.

The woman I loved had been murdered… and the woman I loathed had been sentenced to death.

The woman who hid behind a disguise, scarred Mia and her first case… and spiked my scalding hot coffee five years ago, Dahlia Thawthorne! Ha…! Good ol' Mia.

She didn't let me down. She got her revenge before she checked out. In the end… there wasn't anyone waiting for me when I woke up.

I came back to court… as a prosecutor because of one man. Phoenix Trite. I will never forgive that man.

He helped the woman who poisoned me hide her bottle of poison. And then… while I was sleeping, he let Mia die. Not that he cares.

He just keeps living his pathetic, happy-go-lucky life. He even had the nerve to follow in her footsteps as a lawyer.

I need to see what kind of man he is… see if he's worthy of succeeding Mia. And now, I live on. A lawyer is someone who smiles, no matter how bad it gets.

Although at this point, I feel like nothing to be any worse. It's just the worst feeling in the world when the only one you were truly, madly and deeply in love with… is gone.

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