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"Finally!" Draco exclaimed to Crabbe and Goyle, who were accompanying him on his journey. "I have acquired a galaxy-traversing rocketship with enough fuel to get me to Mars!" They were already about an hour into the trip, but Draco was excited. He would finally be going to Pigfarts!

"MARS RULES!" Goyle exclaimed. He was apparently excited as well.

"Yes. It's a good thing Granger couldn't come on this trip. No one would be able to keep down their space food with that ugly mug of hers walking about," Draco said, insulting Hermione to cover up his crush. He liked to talk about her, so he brought her up as frequently as possible.

"Hey!" Draco nearly soiled his diaper when he heard that noise for he knew it wasn't Goyle or Crabbe who had made the sound. He fell to the floor and rolled under the nearest table, clinging onto one of its legs. Goyle investigated the noise. He walked over to the door that led to a back room of the rocketship, which none of them had been in since take off. When Goyle pulled the door open, three people about Draco's age tumbled out, along with a girl who was a year younger.

Draco's heart leapt as he saw a bushy haired frumpy girl among them, but then scowled upon seeing who was with her. Draco recognized two Weasleys and Potter.

"What the hell is this? What are you doing on my rocketship?" Draco yelled from his place under the table.

"Well Malfoy, we wanted to see for ourselves if Pigfarts was real," Potter spoke.

"Pigfarts is real you wiener jackets," Draco said as he rolled out from under the table and stood up while spinning around. "Crabbe! Goyle!" Draco yelled while frantically waving his arms about. "Get them!"

"Jelly-Legs Jinx!" yelled the frumpy girl that made Draco's heart melt. It was aimed at Crabbe and Goyle, and when it hit them, Goyle yelled out, "Hey no fair! My legs are jelly!" As his legs turned to jelly, Goyle tumbled backward and hit the controls of the ship.

"New destination confirmed," said the robotic voice of the ship. Suddenly, the ship was crashing down towards its new destination, which they must have been passing at the time. They quickly passed into the atmosphere of the planet and then smashed to the ground.

"You have arrived at your destination," said the voice again. Everyone slowly got up from where they were thrown due to the crash landing (besides Crabbe and Goyle, whose legs were still jelly). Draco walked over to the controls to see what this "destination" was.

"Bug World?" Draco called out.

"I've never heard of that before," Hermione exclaimed and everyone gasped at the fact that the nerdy girl didn't know something. She ignored them and continued, "We should treat this with great caution–"

"Let's go explore!" called Ron, who was pulling out a pack of Redvines. "Anyone want a Redvine?" He asked while looking out into space.

"But guys, don't you think–"

"Yeah, you're right Ron. Let's go!" Harry said, taking a Redvine from his friend. Ginny nodded furiously beside him, willing to go along with whatever Harry said. The three of them quickly ran outside. Draco went over to Hermione and, pretending to yawn, put his arm around her.

"It's alright Granger. I think you're right. We should wait and proceed with caution." Hermione gave Draco a weird look, but said, "Thanks" anyway.

"Now, if you would just perform the counter curse on them," Draco gestured to Crabbe and Goyle, whose legs were shaking in the air as they lay on their backs, "we could check what's going on out there."

"Wow, Malfoy. That's uncharacteristically nice of you," Hermione said, confused.

"Oh, no. I'm just trying to make sure we all stay safe," he insisted. After taking the curse off the idiots, Hermione and Draco cautiously began outside. Draco heard shouts of "I can't believe the counter curse was just 'unjellify'" behind him. Outside, Draco saw that Harry, Ron, and Ginny, were already looking around.

"I guess the air is breathable," Hermione said.

Once they were all outside, they began looking around this new planet.

"Hey guys, what's that?" Draco called, pointing to a giant silvery mass nearby.

"Oh my god. Malfoy, shut up!" Ron yelled, not even looking where Draco was pointing.

"No guys, he's right. There's something over there. I think it's another rocketship," Hermione said. She began walking towards it and everyone followed.

When they got to it, they realized it was a rocketship with some sort of insignia printed on the side with "15-A2" written near that. The door to the ship was slightly opened and they could hear a robotic voice calling on the inside "Starship Rangers assemble".

Hermione signaled for all of them to be quiet and follow her as she began walking onto the ship. Draco tried to follow her, but the Weasels and Potter pushed past him, Crabbe, and Goyle. Once they were all in the ship, they heard an alarm sound.

"Intruder Alert"

This alarm kept continually blaring into Taz's ears as she was trying to assemble her rescue squad.

"How de hell are dere intruders? Aren't dese ships supposed to be impenetrable?" Taz was furious. First, she has to deal with the fact that there were rumors going around about Up, then she gets this sorry excuse of a rescue squad, and now there are intruders. What else could go wrong?

"Well," called out that idiotic country bumpkin Tootsie. "I went outside before to look for the empirical proof that science killed god, but I thought I saw a horse out there so I ran back inside to get my gun. The door must not have closed all the way. But I had to get my gun because me and horses got a feud."

"Cállate! What am I supposed to do with jou? Jou know nothing!" She began running towards the door that led to the outside. If they were lucky, the intruders would be close to there still. Then, she realized the idiotas weren't following her. "Come on!" They all suddenly sprang into action and followed her. They were only down the hall from the open door, so it didn't take them long to find the intruders, who were frozen by the door.

Taz raised her zapper and set it to pew. "Who de hell are jou and what are jou doing on dis ship? Dere's not supposed to be any other personas down here."

The intruders were seven kids. One of them, a small blond boy in the back of the group, had a strange look on his face when he saw her. She couldn't quite understand what it was, but it made her uncomfortable.

"Well, our rocketship crashed not too far from here and we were just looking around when we came upon your ship," the girl in the front with bushy brown hair said.

"Where did jou come from?"

"We are from Earth. Hogwarts School, to be more exact," the girl continued.

"Drop down in five minutes."

Taz made an impatient sounding noise. "We don't have time for dis. Specs, Krayonder, Tootsie, lead dem back to de deck where we are meeting de Commander," Taz let everyone go in front of her. She followed behind them with her zapper raised to make sure these idiotas didn't try anything. When they got back, they heard a robotic voice say, "Commander on deck". The rescue squad and the newcomers lined up while Taz stood off to the side, with her zapper still raised, looking menacing.

The doors slid open and Up walked out.