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Draco's POV

Everything was so confusing with all the singing and dancing and shooting that was going on that Draco lost track of Taz. One minute she was right between him and Up and then she was gone. He looked all around, but he couldn't find her.

Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of her running away from everything. That's odd. I didn't think Taz would ever run away from a fight… Draco thought. Then, he decided to follow her to find out what was going on.

He found her arguing with the robot.

"I said, give me de girl. And I said it now!" At that point, Taz grabbed the blond girl's arm, who appeared to be unconscious. The robot had the other arm and tried to pull the girl back.

"Cool it skank, you do not know me," The robot said.

Both Taz and the robot tried to pull the girl to their own side, but Taz let go of the girl, causing the robot to fall back. As she fell, she yelled, "Ahhh! You skank, you got me this time."

As Taz went to pick up the girl, Draco ran over to her. "Are you okay?"

"Of course I am okay. I can handle a stupid robota." She began dragging the girl away.

"Here, let me help," Draco said. He grabbed the girl's feet while Taz held her arms. They managed to get her back to where the others were. As they were walking back, they passed a bunch of bugs that were running away from zapper fire. Taz and Draco walked straight into the zapper fire with the girl.

"Stop! Stop shooting! I got her!" Taz yelled and they listened to her. The man who introduced himself as Krayonder took the girl from them and brought her into the ship. "Alright, rangers. Let's get out of here. Come on!" And they all began boarding the ship.

Unfortunately, the idiotic country bumpkin started yelling about how we had to save the robot from the bugs. Nobody except for Up actually wanted to help, but Taz eventually gave in and followed him to fight off the bugs.

Draco did not want to go fight any bugs, but he wanted to protect Taz and prove that he was tough. So, he started shooting at the bugs with his wand. Crabbe and Goyle followed his lead, but Potter, the Weasleys, and Granger all stayed behind in the rocket with Specs.

When the robot was able to get free of the bugs, she walked into the rocketship alone, threw everyone out who wasn't the science officer, and left while we were preoccupied with the bugs.

"MEGAGIRL!" Up yelled into the sky as she drove off with the ship.

"What a bitch," Draco murmured to Taz, who nodded. She seemed really angry, but Draco thought she was stunning like this. The butterflies in his tummy went crazy.

"According to my Spectrometer, the bugs appear to be right behind us," the nerdy girl exclaimed. We turned around to see a bug standing there and we ran away. Even Taz. Draco figured she was just really tired of dealing with these bugs. We kept running and running until we couldn't run anymore.

When we eventually stopped, Krayonder had a mental breakdown and started screaming random things about how we were dead, until Specs told him to shut up.

"Seriously, shut up! Jour screaming will wake up de bugs," Taz added.

"Just kill him!" Tootsie suggested, raising his zapper to Krayonder.

"Finally, a good idea," I said, raising my wand to him. Everyone else began raising their weapons too. Crabbe seemed a little too eager to join Specs in killing Krayonder.

"Woah, woah, everybody. Just calm down," Up yelled and everyone lowered their weapons. "I can tell that we're all a little bit tightly wound. But if we express ourselves through 'I feel' statements-" At that point, Taz interrupted him, thankfully.

Taz's POV

Taz screamed at Up, effectively shutting him up. She couldn't believe what he was saying. "I feel" statements? What the hell was that shit? Up was way too soft for Taz to deal with right now.

"Jou want to know how I feel?" Taz asked him, exasperated.

"Well, of course I do Taz," Up told her cheerfully.

"I feel like cutting open jour belly and filling it wid jelly." Taz knew that was a really stupid statement, but she couldn't think of anything better in her exhausted state. Apparently, everyone behind her thought it was really offensive, though, since they all gasped. The only one who didn't was Draco. Taz could see him smiling out of the corner of her eye. What de hell is he so happy about? Taz wondered.

"Taz, is something bothering you?" Up asked her yet again, putting an arm around her shoulders. She backed away, so his arm fell off quickly. She had to be thinking straight for what she was going to do next and she couldn't do that if he was touching her.

She punched him. She was going to confront him about his softness right now. She couldn't handle it anymore.

"Oh, ow! My mug! That hurt," Up whined.

"I know it hurt. It hurt because jou are soft now. Jou are so soft, jou couldn't even handle leaving a robot behind. And now we," Taz gestured to everyone with them "are all dead." She saluted, trying to communicate how angry she was over this.

"Taz… Please stop… Now my feelings are hurt too," Up whimpered. Taz felt like she wanted to hug him because of that look on his face, but because of that look, she also kind of wanted to punch him.

"Jou want me to stop?" Taz asked, walking back over to Up, who nodded. "Hit me back." Taz hit him again, hoping to force him into toughness, but it didn't seem to be working. This just made her angrier. "Hit me back!" She screamed. "Jou," she said, pointing to where he was on the floor, "jou are a sad, spayed, little puppy." Taz crouched down next to him and made puppy noises to emphasize her point. Then she stood back up and yelled some more. "And de old Up, de Up dat made me what I am, he would have never let dis happen. And now I see, I see dat Up, he did die in dat robot war. And I will never get him back," Taz said softly, leaning over Up and stroking his face. She couldn't help herself. She missed her best friend so much. This sad, crying, shell of a man was no longer her best friend. Yet she still loved him. Why do I love someone who is so soft? Taz wondered. She was so angry at this fake Up that she ripped off his mustache.

That's right. She ripped off his mustache. Dia de los muertos, I am really loca now, she thought to herself.

"My mustache. You ripped it off. You ripped off my mustache…" Up looked at Taz in shock.

"Si," Taz said as she put the mustache on herself. She pointed at herself and said, "I am in charge of dis mission now. So everybody who wants to live should come wid me."

Draco was the first to follow her. He walked right behind her, following close. Everyone else quickly followed after him.