Summary: When Hermione was attacked, everything changed. She was cursed to live forever as a blood-sucking demon and her mission is to find her 'Blood Partner' or else starve to death. Draco offers to help, but he has a few problems of his own. Hermione!Vampire and Draco!Veela with a few little... things added in. TWOSHOT!

Title: Vampeela - A Two Part Story

Pairing: Dramione (Draco / Hermione)

Setting: Heads Dormitory / Forbidden Forest

Anti: Evil!Vampire

Pro :Draco Malfoy / Hermione Granger.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter World, or Dramione... I WISH!


Hermione smiled and rolled her eyes at the boy lying next to her; Draco smiled back up at her and placed a hand on her hand.

They were lying side by side in Hermione's bed in the Head Dorms. Draco lay on the right side and Hermione on the left. She rested her head in the crook of her elbow which leant on the pillow, rolled on her side; he lay on his back, knees bent up to the ceiling, turning his face towards her.

He couldn't believe how far they'd come. Their relationship had been rocky, but they'd pulled through. They trusted each other fully now – as you would expect two best friends to – and had been the first to learn the other's secret.

Draco didn't regret telling her, despite the sleepless nights it gave her as a result. He regretted being the one to cause her all the pain, but he was glad someone was there to help him. He had the same sleepless nights for her, wondering when she would finally be happy.

They were both scared; the situations they were in were not exactly what they had ever had in mind for their do-over seventh year. They'd expected it to be more like their first year, just with more school work and NEWTS stress. The war was long over, but their battle had only just begun.

Draco's mind drifted slightly as he looked into her eyes, his silver/black reflected in her brown/black, the result of their lack of mate.

She was smiling at him, and it made him happy. He wanted her to be happy. She was his best friend, and the feeling was mutual. They'd started talking a lot more after the incident in the Forbidden Forest, the night when everything had changed.

Draco stumbled over the tree roots as he searched, wand brandished and lit with a 'Lumos Maxima'.

"Granger?" he shouted. He was getting worried; the detention delinquents had returned half an hour later and told him that she'd disappeared. He, being him of course, insulted their stupidity at not telling a teacher first and rushed out to the forest to find her.

He was a hypocrite, he knew that, but he had a bad feeling about it. Granger was strong, she was powerful. She'd be fine, right? His gut told him otherwise.

"Granger? Where the hell are you?"

He carried on searching, getting further and further into the forest. There was no sign of her anywhere – no signs of footprints, no drag marks, no tracks from an animal or monster alike. He cursed loudly; she wouldn't have gone wondering into the forest alone, but who – or what – was stupid enough to kidnap the Gryffindor Princess.

He was scared. He wasn't a brave person – that was why he was a Slytherin rather than a Gryffindor – but he knew she'd do the same for him.

Well, he bloody hoped she would.

He and Granger had been getting on a lot better recently, actually nodding and greeting each other before they got into the bickering and cursing. As much as he hated to admit it, but if she disappeared, well, he'd miss the bushy haired Know-It-All.

He stumbled aimlessly deeper and deeper into the forests until he was almost in the center. He recognized this section – he'd hid out here at one point during the war – but he couldn't find her.

He was just about to turn back and find someone, possibly Hagrid or McGonagall, when he heard the screams.

His head shot up and whipped in the direction of the noise. 'No,' he thought, 'she's not—'

Without a moment of hesitation, he darted towards the noise, towards the cave he had pictured in his head, ignoring the fact that anything could be in the forest.

He followed the sounds of the screams – they were hers, he knew it. She'd screamed at him plenty of times before, even though back then it was with anger.

Now she sounded completely terrified, even more so than she had whilst Bellatrix had her during the war.

He'd been horrified back then. He was made to watch as his old school mate and past crush was being tortured in front of him.

Yes, crush. He'd liked her all through third and fourth year, from the moment she'd punched him in the face.

Draco ran faster, relief washing over him as he realized the screams were in fact getting louder.

He was close.

In his realization, he tripped and dropped his wand in the leaves, cursing as the spell stopped and he was buried in darkness. He rummaged around the ground as quickly as he could, fingers brushing over the leaves and the stones. The screams had stopped, but he could hear her sobbing – she was so very close.

He sighed in relief as his hand wrapped around the familiar wood of his wand and he lifted it in front of him, recasting the spell.

Standing before him, just a few meters away, was a man – a monster – holding Hermione, her back to his. An arm was wrapped around her torso, gripping to her tightly. She was limp, hanging almost lifelessly against the monster who held her to him. Draco would have thought her dead if she weren't sobbing. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and tears were streaming down her face. Her skirt was lifted slightly where the creature held her thigh with one giant hand. There was blood pouring from her neck, dripping down onto her white school shirt.

Draco stood to his feet and shakily, yet angrily pointed the wand at the vampire's chest, "Put her down, and I won't kill you."

The creature snarled at him, but Draco stood his ground. His hand was no longer shaking and he was hiding as much of his fear as he could, letting the anger completely take over. The monster dropped Hermione to the ground and sneered, darting away as Draco drew back his wand, a curse on his lips.

Draco cast a powerful 'sectumsempra' towards the retreating figure and smirked as the creature snarled before taking off into the night.

Hermione lay on the floor sobbing and Draco ran to her. He gathered her up in his arms and shushed her cries. He cast a Healing Spell as strong as he could and brushed a hand across her cheek, wiping the tears off with a thumb.

"Draco?" she whispered. He looked up into her eyes, which were now open.

"I'm here, Hermione," he whispered back, "I won't let anything hurt you."

Hermione nodded to him and pulled his as tightly to her as she could whilst so weak. Draco hugged her to his chest as he apparated out.

Draco lifted a hand to touch the side of her neck where the crescent scar lay, just over her pulse. She shivered into his touch and sighed.

"We're both a mess," she whispered. He sighed heavily and nodded, rolling onto his side.

They were. Even he had to agree with that. Hermione was getting too thin for his liking, and her eyes were black. Draco's eyes were almost black too and they were starting to scare almost all of the girls at Hogwarts away from him, and it was getting closer to his 18th birthday.

If they didn't find the person they needed to soon, they wouldn't be around for much longer. Draco would die from heartbreak, and Hermione would die from 'starvation'.

There had to be an answer somewhere, but they'd read everything they could find.

Draco ran a finger along Hermione's face. Yes, they'd become a lot closer, but they were still only friends. They'd helped each other research. Hermione researched him and his kind, and he researched her and her kind. They'd only get upset otherwise, and it seemed the safest way.

Hermione was pacing the Heads Dormitory, book lying open on the little coffee table in front of the sofa when Draco walked in. She looked a sight – she was pale, and looked exhausted. Her hair was limp and dull, no longer the vibrant bush he had grown to know. She was thinner too, almost too thin. In fact, he'd hardly seen her eat much in the past week since the accident.

She had her hair bunched up in her fists and pulled at it every so often, growling and hissing at the pain and the thoughts spinning in her head.

After watching for a good few minutes, Draco had seen enough. She was stressed, panicked and close to having a breakdown.

"Calm down, Granger, you're wearing a hole in the carpet."

Hermione froze and glared at him. The veins around her eyes were black, and her eyes themselves were sunken into the sockets and dark, almost black, and she looked ready to kill. Draco held his palms in the air and she turned away, sitting in the middle of the sofa, right in front of the book. She picked it up gingerly and skimmed through a few of the pages, but she held her hands in a way that prevented Draco from reading the cover.

Then more the read, the more she wanted to cry, but she held back… until she got to the last chapter.

Hermione let out a gut wrenching sob and threw the book across the room. It smacked against the wall and fell to the floor, held open on the very page that had set her off. Draco watched in surprise, putting down his own book, as she sank deeper into the sofa, lying on her side with her knees held against her chest and her arms wrapped tightly around them.

He wanted to go to her, to help her, but he knew he shouldn't.

So he did it anyway.

"Hermione?" he whispered, quietly. He was knelt in front of her, and he gingerly raised a hand to brush her hair from her face. The tears streamed from her face as she looked up into his eyes, brown and silver. He ran the pad of his thumb under her eyes, catching the tears, "What's wrong?"

She sniffled and pulled herself into a sitting position in front of him, "Everything's gone to hell, including me." She took in a deep, shaky breath and leant forwards, putting her elbows on her knees. Draco moved to sit between her legs and tilted her chin towards him.

"What's happened?" he whispered. Hermione watched him for a few moments before she spoke.

"That fucking accident happened." She cursed, "That fucking freak did this to me, and one day, I'm going to go back into that forest, hunt him down and drive a stake through his heart." Her voice cracked on the last word and she broke down, sobbing into Draco's shoulder when he pulled her into his embrace.

"Oh, Hermione," he whispered.

"I wish you'd left me there! I would have died instead of becoming the monster that I am!"

"Hermione," he soothed, "You're not a monster—"

"I'm a fucking vampire, Draco! I am a monster!"

He sighed and sat beside her on the sofa, leaning back against the arm rest, pulling her to lie back on him, between his legs. She snuggled into his chest and cried harder.

"If you're a monster, then what am I?" he whispered. Hermione's cries quietened slightly as she turned to face him, now lying on her stomach.

"What do you mean?" she whispered. She leant her chin on his chest and looked up at him as he stared at the ceiling.

"I'm… I…" he was falling over his words; he'd never had to tell anyone before, and his father had just come right out and told him after he'd started changing, "I'm… a Veela."

Hermione pulled back slightly, her palms on his chest, "A… A Veela?"

He nodded.

"Oh…" Hermione furrowed her eyebrows for a moment and Draco watched her patiently. After a few seconds, she pulled herself up and stumbled over to the bookshelf, personal worries forgotten. She skimmed her fingers over the books and hummed some sort of melody that Draco didn't recognise. "Ahaa!" she grinned as she pulled out a huge, murky brown book with gold lettering. She skipped back over to him and curled back up in his lap, flicking through the pages. He sat up slightly and shifted her to a position more comfortable – his legs crossed on the sofa with her sitting, back against his chest, in the small gap. She was muttering a variety of words – most likely ones she had just seen as she flicked the pages – until she found the right page. In large, bold lettering, the title 'Veela' stood out on the page. He watched as Hermione's eyes darted rapidly through the page before she froze, looking up at him, wide eyed.

"You need a mate."

Draco took in a deep breath and nodded.

Hermione furrowed her eyebrows again and looked down at the book, "Well that sucks." Whilst her eyes scanned over the pages, Draco spotted the page next to it.


He wasn't sure if she'd noticed it was there, but he peered over her shoulder and started reading the page.

She was breathing heavily; he could feel the rise and fall of her chest against his own. He knew, from her reactions, she'd gotten to the 'death by heartbreak if mate is not found and has not been accepted – or if rejected – before 18th birthday' section.

His eyes skimmed through the Vampire page quickly, drinking in – no pun intended – every detail.

She'd have to stay away from bright sunlight. It wouldn't turn her to ash, or kill her, but she'd get 'severe sunburn rather quickly'. She would become 'a lot more passionate, especially when it came to moments of a sexual nature when with the blood partner and a lot more temperamental about things.'

Then Draco reached the section he wasn't so keen on.


'Blood Drinking:

Vampires are well known for their notion in drinking blood. However, what most don't know about these fascinating beings is they cannot simply feed off of just anyone.

Vampire's have a strong sense of smell, stronger than any other creature to date. This sense enables them to find the right person – yes, it must be a being. Vampires cannot survive off of animal blood as it acts as a poison – or someone with similar blood.

Vampires are bonded to one other being, who when discovered becomes their 'Blood Partner'. The job of the 'Blood Partner' is to allow the Vampire to drink from them in their time of need. Much like the Veela, if the 'Blood Partner' is not found within a year, the Vampire will die of starvation as no one else's blood will be able to sustain them long enough or give them the vitamins they need.

Vampires must search out their 'Blood Partners' by taking in the scent of as many people around them as they can. If someone smells different to the others, almost pleasant, they must drink a little blood from the being to determine whether the partner is right.

The biggest struggle for a Vampire is persuading someone to let them drink their blood and discovering their blood partner, as everyone with a similar blood group will smell just as sweet, but will taste bitter.'


Draco's eyes widened as he flexed his arms around Hermione's waist. That was why she was so thin. A week out of the hospital and already this lack of her 'blood partner' was causing her to drop weight so fast. If they didn't find her partner soon, she would die.

Hermione gasped and leant closer against him, "If we don't find your mate, you'll die soon." Draco nodded into her shoulder.

"She should be at Hogwarts," he whispered, "That's all the seer would tell my father when he asked her. That and she'd be a close friend.

Hermione sighed and leant back into him, "And you have to sleep with her to find her?"

Draco nodded, "I should sense some sort of pull towards her. If the pull feels right, I need to sleep with her. I'll know then if it's the right person."

She groaned, "Why not just make it all about kissing like the Princesses in the stories?" she sighed heavily. She curled herself up tighter in his lap and slammed the book shut, dropping it on the table, "It's worse than what I have to do."

"You've read your page?"

She snorted, "Of course. You think I wouldn't research further into my own species." She leant her head against his shoulder, "Tell you what – I'll help you find your mate if you help me find my blood partner."

He nodded and laughed as she nuzzled his neck, "Keep those fangs away from me!" she laughed lightly and nodded.

"Fine, as long as you keep that… that away from me."

He smiled sincerely at her, and together it made a silent agreement.

They'd kept their promises – neither of them had touched the other in that way once. Draco kept his hands to other girls, and Hermione only drank from those that were unconscious in the hospital wing under Madame Pomfrey's watch.

Together, they made the perfect, dysfunctional couple – the Vampire and the Veela – and both were the most sought after in the school, the new DNA twisting with their own to make them even more stunning; softening features and thickening colours. Hermione's hair had even been thinned a bit so it was less bushy and curlier. Draco sighed as he imagined how perfect it would be if they could be each other's mate.

But he shouldn't be thinking that way; they'd agreed not to use their powers on each other.

He wasn't too sure why – maybe it was because they didn't want to get their hopes up about each other to have them dashed. Draco was pretty sure his reason was in case his blood tasted different to her. He knew he smelt right, but a lot of people had.

From their discoveries, her blood partner would be Pureblood, or at least mostly. They'd tested it on every single wizard and witch around. She was less attracted to the blood of Pureblood Witches, but she could drink it if she had to. Pureblood Wizards were good for her, but they still left a bitter taste in her mouth.

Draco had joked that it just proved that Purebloods were superior if their blood smelt better. She hit him with her bag.

He could remember vividly the moment he found his mate. He wasn't happy to say the least. He knew he liked her; he'd had the feeling all along.

But he was afraid to tell Hermione.

"I don't think my partner is completely Pureblooded." Hermione sighed as she slammed the heavy book down onto the coffee table. Draco barely acknowledged her appearance. He was crossing off names on a list.

Hermione sat and waited for a few minutes before she snatched it from his hands.

"Hey!" he growled, leaping off of the sofa. Hermione walked round to behind it, scanning the names on the list.

She snorted slightly as her eyes ran across the paper and Draco growled, glaring at her.

"You do realize all of the girls on this list are Half-Bloods or Muggleborns, right?" she laughed. Draco furrowed his eyebrow at her announcement. He knew there was something in common with all of them, but he couldn't figure it out.

"And all the girls with stars next to their names are Muggleborns."

"They smell best." He whispered, sinking down onto the sofa as Hermione clambered over the back and sat beside him, curled up.

"And all the girls crossed through—"

"I checked and they weren't her."

Hermione's eyes flashed red slightly, but faded back to their normal black rather quickly. She took a deep breath and let it out of her in a whoosh.

"Thirteen girls you've slept with and you still haven't found her?"


"So you've got seven more to get through?"


They sat in silence for a while, Hermione thinking deeply and Draco just watching her.

She furrowed her brow a few times and at one point started nibbling on her thumb.

Draco felt the pull towards her. Hell, he'd felt it many times before but he wouldn't do anything about it.

He wouldn't get his hopes up.

He couldn't ruin this friendsh—

"Are you actually friends with any of the other seven?"

"What?" he shook his head to clear the clouds in front of his eyes, "Wh-what?"

"The seer your father took you to?" she muttered quietly, "She said that your mate would be a close friend, right?"

Draco snatched the paper from her hands and scanned it again. Hermione was right; he hated most of the girls on this list, including the ones he'd already slept with.

He fell back further onto the back of the couch, slouching down. Hermione giggled.

"You could just make a new list of your closest friends and then see if you're attracted to any of them?"

Draco knew. In that moment when she raised a single eyebrow and shook her head mockingly at him. He knew it was her.

But he couldn't do anything about it.

She'd reject him; it would scare her too much. Besides, he wasn't her blood partner, and he didn't know how his Veela side would feel about her drinking the blood of another man.

No. He decided then and there that he wouldn't tell her. He couldn't. He could handle the dying from not mating, but the dying from rejection would be horrible. No.

He'd put up with it.

Besides, he didn't want Hermione to suffer the guilt.

Hermione was watching Draco with wide eyes. He was thinking deeply, and from the faces he was making, they were good things.

She held her breath as much as she could. Draco's scent was strong, but a beautiful strong. He smelt of woodland musk and… well… blood.

His blood was the strongest smell to her, stronger than any Pureblood and stronger than any Half-Blood. She'd known for a while that it was him, but she couldn't say anything.

She didn't want to burden him with her problems. Blood Partners would have to be around their Vampire Partner almost permanently so that if one of them got hurt, the other could heal them. Also, the bond between them would be too strong for her to ever let him go, and Draco was already having a hard time dealing with the fact that after he found his mate, she would be the only one he could sleep with.

Draco had always been a playboy, but he had to change himself so quickly.

Truthfully, she was afraid. He was most likely her blood partner, although she'd not drunk from him yet, but if he was…

What of his Veela mate?

She'd feel horrible having to take him away from his mate.

Draco absent mindedly reached out a hand towards her and stroked down the arm that was on her hip and pulled her slightly closer.

The pull, she thought to herself, smiling, he's drawn to me.

"Draco…" she whispered hesitantly.

His eyes snapped up to meet hers and his arms shot away from her as if he'd been burnt. Hermione tried not to let it get to her, but it hurt more than it should have.

"Sorry," he whispered, scooting away from her.

Hermione brought her hand to his cheek and turned him to face her, "Draco," she whispered.

His eyes were grayer than the usual black.

She smiled in hope; she'd read somewhere that a Veela's eye colour will go back to the colour it was previously when mated.

So she moved closer to him and kissed him.

That's the end of Part One :D I hope you liked it!

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