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I saw that there were no stories for Tanya and Roe and because they're my favorite couple I decided to write one and fix that. Also I'm not a big fan of Al and Carrie, sorry. I prefer Steve and Carrie. (Please don't hate me!) So the first chapter is just an introduction. It's how everyone reacts to the twosome. It's in nobody POV right now eventually I'll change it to just Roe's or Tanya's. Enjoy!


"What's going on with those two?" Al asked Carrie, referring to Roe and Tanya.

"Nothing why?" She asked curious.

"Something is going on, I can sense it." He answered watching the pair closely.

"Oh you're psychic now?" she teased, earning herself a glare. Just then Steve walked into the station looking around for Carrie, waving at her when he did.

"What's he doing here; I thought you two broke up?" Al questioned.

"We made up." She replied before walking over to Steve and giving him a light peck hello.

"Ready to go?" She asked him.

"Yeah where do you want to go tonight?" He probed, putting his arm around her neck.

"Your place." She replied, grabbing his hand and pulling him out to the street.

"No dinner first?" He questioned.

"No dinner." She smiled mischievously walking over to his car. He opened the door for her and got in after.

"I knew there was a reason I liked you." He teased, leaning over to kiss her.


"You think something's going on with them? Nina asked one of her partners Mike.

"Who Al and Carrie?" He replied glancing between their head detective and Carrie's retreating form with Steve. "Isn't he still with Elaine? She's clearly still with Steve."

"Yes, but I meant Roe and Tanya. They've been spending a lot of time together." She replied nodding towards the laughing duo.

"I don't know does it matter? Have you ever thought that maybe they're just friends?" Mike answered uninterested, turning back to his paperwork.

"Well you aren't supposed to date within the office." She told him.

"Al's dating our shrink. Carrie's dating an ex-suspect. I don't think those rules apply here." He pointed out.

"Yeah you're probably right. So how was your anniversary?" She asked him changing the subject.


"Do you get the feeling everyone's staring at us?" Tanya asked Roe.

"No why?" He asked looking around.

"Never mind, maybe I'm just crazy." She laughed.


What do you think? I know it is short but keep in mind this is just an introduction to the story. So if you liked it please review and I'll post chapter two.