I don't really know where to go with this, so I'm going to end it here. Here's the final chapter 5. Set in the future hope you like it!


Five Years Later

"How are my girls?" I asked coming into the hospital room with a bouquet of flowers.

"We're doing fine, aren't we sweetie." Tanya smiled at the pink bundle in her arms. I went over to sit on the bed with her wrapping my arm around her neck. I kissed both of their foreheads before pulling Tanya closer to me.

"I love you Mrs. Saunders." I told her resting my cheek in her hair.

"I love you too." She replied patting my knee.

"Hey, are we interrupting?" Carrie asked, poking her head in the room. Behind her was the rest of the team and her fiancé Steve. They all carried something in, baby gifts and balloons.

"No of course not come on in." I told her.

""She's so tiny." Nina pointed out staring at the infant.

"She's a baby what did you expect?" Mike asked laughing.

"Shut up." She replied swatting his arms. The two of them were fighting as usual.

"Hey, break it up. Are you trying to scare her?" Al interjected the two.

"She's beautiful." Jo commented popping her head around Carrie to look at the baby.

"Thanks." Tanya replied.

"Did you pick a name for her yet?" Carrie inquired.

"Eliza Marie Saunders." I responded proud.

"Can I hold her?" Carrie asked.

"Of course." Tanya allowed passing the seven pound baby over.

"You're going to be a spoiled little princess." Carrie murmured to Eliza.

"Don't go getting any ideas." Steve teased speaking up for the first time since he got here. Even though he's been with the group for six years now, he still acted odd and out of place around us. He was still getting used to us all being cops even after such a long time had passed. Al phone rang disturbing the silence.

"I have to go Elaine's waiting for me. Congratulations though you two." Al told us shaking my hand.

"Thanks boss." I said before he left.

"I should probably go too, you guys have fun." Nina said. "Bye precious." She added tickling Eliza's belly.

"I'll walk out with you." Jo told her. "It was very nice to meet you Eliza." She said shaking her little hand gently. "Bye everyone, be safe." She said before leaving the five of us.

"You sure know how to clear a room." Mike teased Eliza.

"I'm going to step out for a minute to make a phone call, but it's not because of you." Steve said directing it towards Eliza.

"Well, now that it's just you guys, Tanya and I have something we'd like to ask you." I told Carrie and Mike, grabbing my wife's hand. She smiled at me before continuing.

"We wanted to know if you two would be Eliza's godparents." Tanya asked them.

"Wow, yeah man of course." Mike accepted.

"Well now you really are going to be spoiled rotten." Carrie cried kissing Eliza. "Here, I'm monopolizing her." She replied handing Eliza off to Mike and whipping her eyes.

"Gosh, I can't believe Sid used to be this small." Mike grinned. There was a knock on the door before our nurse Peggy poked her head in.

"Hi, Saunders family how are we doing?" She asked.

"Good, is it time to feed her already?" I asked looking at my watch surprised by how fast the time flew by.

"Yes it is. How's momma doing?" She asked Tanya.

"Ready to go home, and sleep in my own bed." She replied. Mike handed her Eliza back before saying goodbye.

"Hey guys I'm going to take off." Mike said just as Steve walked back in.

"Us too, it was good seeing you, we'll visit soon." Carrie said hugging us goodbye.

"We're leaving?" Steve asked as Carrie pushed him out the door, out of sight. When we were finally alone Tanya fed Eliza, putting her to sleep.

"She really is perfect." I spoke captivated by my little girl.

"Yes she is." Tanya agreed.


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