The form of a bloody, beaten wolf stood out from the shadows. Its breaths were shallow and its whole figure shook. But its golden eyes locked on one place in the darkness. The wolf lifted its head slightly when figures started to arise from the darkness and surrounded the wolf. The first demon stood to its right. It appeared to be a large spider whose scent reeked of dead flowers and decay. The spider swayed from side to side, as if taunting the wolf but the snow white beast held its ground.

The next figure jumped down out of nowhere with a loud crash. Flames erupted from its feet when it landed, only giving a short amount of time to see what it really was. A large bull covered in a crimson armor with evil eyes that glowed a bright red.

Next appeared a dark figure that could not be made out. It was on four legs and about nine tails were counted, red eyes glared at the wolf that was still standing even with its current injuries.

The next demon topped all of it, its presence made those of the weak of heart lose control. The other demons backed off to show respect for the newcomer. The ground started to crack which caught the wolf's attention. It mustered up what strength it had and jumped away but suddenly collapsed at the spot it jumped to. The ground eventually broke and a figure spun out of the ground. An overwhelming sense of evil erupted from just that one demon. The wolf laid at its current spot, exhausted and ready to give up. Its snow white coat had red splotches covering it and its wild eyes were full of fear as the demon's one of many heads leaned in. The head was still shrouded in darkness as was the other ones but the wolf recognized each and every one of the demons. When the head was close, the wolf gawked at the smell of rotten corpses becoming stronger. Then the demon spoke in a low, dark tone.

'Origin of all that is good and mother to us all, you have beaten me in the past but it looks like you have fallen at last.' The wolf's breathing became heavier as it was struggling to get up. Blood dripped to the ground in light drops but the wolf's condition was far too serious. The demon's heads reared back seeing the wolf has strength to stand. But it gave an evil laugh seeing that they already won. Without hesitation, each if the heads lunge forward and everything goes black.

Rena sits up in her bed with heavy breaths. She wiped her forehead and glanced around her room to see that everything was in place. She sighs and swings her legs over her bed.

"That same dream…no," She grips her head remembering the bloody wolf and the demons surrounding it. "It was a nightmare. Every night it happens." Rena trailed off into her thoughts before a knock appeared on her door.

"Rena, you will be late if you don't hurry."

"Yes mother!" Rena calls back. Her mother's footsteps disappear into the hallway. Rena stands up and stretches, deciding to get the thought about the dream out of her head.

"I can't be thinking about that right now, today is the school's art show." Rena glances over to her covered drawing. "And I don't want to lose focus!"