Do not read if you haven't read Everwild!

The little boy held his mother's hand as they walked up to the biggest house he had ever seen in his seven-year-old life. "Graceland," his mother had called it. The boy had no idea why this house was given a special name, or why they were visiting it on their vacation, but man, was it cool. When they boy asked, his mother said the mansion belonged to Elvis. This name was familiar, but the boy didn't care enough to try and remember where he had heard it before.

When they stepped into the big house, the powerful smell of chocolate hit the boy. Mmmmm, the boy thought. Maybe Mommy will buy me some candy in the gift shop. He couldn't tell where the smell came from; it seemed to be leaking into the air all around.

There were a lot of cool rooms, but what was in them the boy didn't understand. They were all filled with funny looking outfits and posters of a guy named "The King." That name seemed silly to the boy because "The King" had no crown. The coolest room they saw was decorated like the jungle.

Here, the smell of chocolate was very strong. Maybe they were close to the candy shop. The boy turned to see the funniest looking kid he ever saw. The kid was a teenager with blond hair and blue eyes, but he didn't have arms. Instead, they were replaced with long tentacles.

No one else seemed to notice the tentacle-armed kid, but he was right there in the middle of the room. He was busy at work, scooping brown liquid into a trash bin. Only now did the boy see the room's floor filled with the stuff. Funny, he never noticed it before. So that was why the mansion smelled like chocolate. The jungle room was covered in it.

"What are you doing that for?" the boy asked the weird kid. The kid seemed to be startled by the boy's words. It took him a long time to respond.

"Um, this chocolate was once a person, and he was my friend," the kid said. The boy laughed.

"You had a friend made of chocolate? What happened to him?" The kid looked very sad.

"He wasn't always made of chocolate. A very bad person made him like this," the kid whispered.

"Oh," said the boy. His mother turned to him.

"Who are you talking to?" she demanded. The boy turned to point to the tentacle boy, but he wasn't there. He just disappeared like a ghost.

"Uh, no one, Mom," he said.

"Come along then," his mother said, grabbing his hand. "We're leaving. The people here are like the walking dead."

A/N: So i don't know why I decided to write this, maybe to see what Mikey would say to a living boy? Anyway, I wrote this a long time ago and figured I could put it up now.

I hope you liked it! :)