UPDATE 7.15.13

Hello Everyone , Fans and all , Once again I must apologize For my absence I have gotten Everyone's Reviews and Pleads for me to Continuing updating My story's . My RL has been overwhelming since the last time that I updated here , Back at the end of December right before the new year . I had moved and become a Live In Nanny for a while , About a week after The new year , I found out that my Fiancee left me for another women and was married within a week after we broke up. I will admit that I was devastated . I went though a really bad Depression where I didn't care if I was alive or dead . Being in that state of mind I got with someone else as my rebound . In the process of it , I became happy with him, Currently we are experiencing problems , I lost my job about a month ago . So I have been out of work. I have a Interview this coming Friday. So Wish me luck with that !

Anyway as for my story's I know I have said this repeatedly, But I do plan on continuing them , One thing that I am looking for is a Beta Reader still. So if you are interested in Being my Beta Reader , PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Send me a Private message. Also I am still planning on Giving away the Tom Riddles Only Love series . IF you are interested in taking those over and adopting them . Please message me about that .

Now about some things that i am still planning on bringing to the table

Coming Soon...

1) Email Account For Requests , Questions , and other ..

2) Twitter account to follow for sneak peaks

3) Tumblr Account to follow for sneak peaks , Edited Photos for Storys ,

4) Video Trailers, and Youtube account ..( Will be seeking help on making videos so if anyone has any exprince on that please PM me )


6) Facebook Fan page for Extra Information ..

I thank all of you that Read , Review , and Favorite my story's . Your support means a lot to me. I will Also be posting this update on each of my Storys for those that dont read my profile .