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Your back arches as his lips touch at the sensitive patch of skin at the base of your neck. He's never been this frisky before and you are not about to ruin it by trying anything yourself. No matter how much you want to yank that loose t-shirt off of his body, or at least pull yours up enough that there is only one layer of clothing in between your chests. He suddenly stops but doesn't pull away just hovers close by your moist and more than likely hickey coated skin and breathes. It tickles and sends the most miraculous shivers all over you.

After what seems like forever he swallows and whispers, "I... I. you." You can practically hear his lip quivering. You chuckle and shift under him, tilting your head to nibble at his throat. He emits a pleasured squeak and squeezes his dark chocolate eyes shut. You want desperately to hear that noise again. It is better than anything you have ever heard from any kind of mirthful messiah's mouth. You wonder for only a small moment if that was a blasphemous thought.

"I motherfucking love you too."


"Yeah Tavbro?"

"I.. Uh... M.. More.."

Your eyebrows raise and you lean your head back into the cushion to get a good look at his face. A heated blush contrasts harshly against his creamy brown skin. His dark eyebrows are knitted in concentration, loose falls of fluffy mohawk tumble towards you. You are most focused on his eyes though. They are a beautiful shade of brown, needy, and hungry. You don't think he can feel how hard you're getting against his leg and you are glad for that. Might scare the sweet little motherfucker off and you do not want that. Not when he might just want to go pretty fucking far.

"Sure thing Tavvy."

You grab him by the hips and sit up, leaning against the arm of the couch and taking him there with you, pushing him back a little so he rests on your legs. He doesn't look you in the face, just stares down. You carefully run your hands up his sides, catching the hem of his shirt on your thumbs and lifting it up most of the way up before he offers help and it comes off and is thrown aside. Yours is soon to follow. He makes a little gasping noise when his pupils hunt down your torso to find your stomach. You wonder if it's at the belly button piercing or burn and cut scars running along your abdomen. You suppose there is no way he would be more bothered by the shining metal Capricorn sign than the peanut-brittle textured flesh that comes up in spurts above the hem of your pants. While you are thinking about that, you take this time to check the one around your neck and give a slight smirk when you find the necklace in its proper place.

He touches at the bumpy flesh with the tips of his fingers and whimpers. You grab his chin and quickly pull him up into a kiss, a well timed distraction. He returns it, his hands now finding their way around your chest and shoulders instead. You slip your tongue out of your mouth and into his, flicking around his teeth teasingly, then work them together. He pulls back and your plan fails. "D..Did you do it?" You look away and nod slowly, reluctantly. You figured that would serve as a block but you were hoping by some act of miracle that it wouldn't. You are yanked roughly into a hug and he pets at your hair. "Gamzee..." he sounds like he is disappointed in you, but mostly like he is worried.

He keeps sounding like that even as he says the name again while tugging at the button of your pants with one shaky hand. You help him until they are worked open. You wonder why you choose today to wear a pair that don't just slip off. He stops you there and leans forward, teasing at your collarbone with little flicks of the tongue and nips that make you groan. You hold onto him carefully as you swing your legs off the couch and shakily stand up. He clings tightly and offers a surprised squeak at being picked up, and now walked to his bedroom. You nuzzle against his cheek, "It's all motherfucking alight Tav, just getting my move on to an easier location to be in maneuvering at." He nods and relaxes in your arms.

You set him down gingerly on his plain cream sheets and he just stares up at you like you're the miraculous one here. You laugh a little even though there's really nothing much to laugh at and slip off the pants that have already worked their own way down your thighs anyway. He just looks at your legs too, except when he looks at them he looks terribly sad and worried. You really wish you hadn't done those things. Hadn't gotten yourself up and looking like this because he's gonna keep giving you those pitiful looks and you're gonna keep just wanting that sweet smile to pull at his lips instead. You bend over and lick along his chest to give him something else to think about.

Your clever rouse is effective and instead of asking about your scar coated thighs he digs his fingers into your back and squeals out moans into your ear while you work his shoulders over, leaving splotches and patches of reddened skin and creamy make-up. Those sounds he keeps making are absolutely motherfucking irresistible. You reach down and tease at the hem of his pants, pulling just lightly enough for them to stay in place. He squirms beneath you until giving in and unbuttoning them himself. You slide your other hand into place and slip them off with little problem.

You hear him swallow, hard, and his fingers move from your back to the bed as you slip from his shoulders to his chest, chest to stomach, then stop just at the edge of his boxers, peeking up at his face to be sure you have his permission. He looks down at you confused for just a moment before something clicks in his head and he nods. You grin. Your fingers find their way in between the thin cloth and his skin, then that cloth finds it's way to the floor. Miracles are most definitely in the making. You don't know where or how he got this sudden burst of confidence, but who are you to question it.

He's biting his lip and gripping the sheets as tightly as you think can be managed. You slip down to the floor, on your knees, and run kisses up the length of it. He arches and squeaks and one of your hands wanders across your own body until it finds your favorite boxers, black with gray polka-dots, and takes them down just enough for you to work at yourself. You breathe out a moan and he trembles. You put the very tip in your mouth and make little circles with your tongue, he squeals loudly and his breath gets shaky, then you take advantage of your free hand and wrap it around, gently moving up, down, up, down. It's hard to keep from getting to excited with it, especially with the speed and roughness you're keeping yourself groaning with.

You keep at it, varying tongue movements, speeds, and what ever else you can think of until you feel like you're ready to burst yourself. "G..Gamzee! I.." he struggles out before reaching his climax, you watch him arch up with a weak buck of the hips, that you are pretty sure is all he can manage, and take in every inch of the sight you can before you have to swallow because if not you will choke. You work him off just a little bit longer, letting him ride the whole thing out before letting go and removing your mouth. His breathes came out heavy as he sat up, his face flushed as red as you've ever seen it. He holds a hand out to you and you ignore your now painfully hardened erection to grab it with both hands and let him help you up into the bed, straddling his legs.

He takes a deep breath to steady himself and you look at him curiously until you feel him grasp you. You give a serious of rasping moans as he kisses at your tender neck that you are now motherfucking positive is coated with a layer of Toreador love-bite marks. He steadies himself by wrapping his free arm around your shoulders. "Tav.." He picks up the pace. "Tavros.." You love the feel of his name on your tongue. His grip tightens. You feel like you can't possibly get enough air into your lungs, not when it's thick and heavy with his scent, you'll never get enough of any of him. You bite back at a racking moan as you feel yourself release.