"A surprise?"

You take his hand, "Uh.. Yes." you stammer out. You're trying desperately not to blush anymore than you already are about the little bottle resting in your shirt pocket right now. You are trying not to think about if he doesn't want to do this, or if he'll laugh at you when you inevitably get tongue-tied or flustered at the least. Right now you are trying to focus on how good it felt yesterday when you decided to take the reigns. How he reacted to it. How you could see on his face how much he enjoyed it.

You try to keep a hold of him while you make your way down the hallway, but it's hard to maneuver your wheelchair with one hand. He gets the point though, and as soon as you let go he grabs the handles and pushes you the rest of the way, glancing at you once the two of you reach his bedroom door. You nod. He leans over you to turn the handle before you can do that yourself and you go in before he can take you in there himself. You stop by his bed. He's smiling brightly. You notice a little smear trail down his chin, probably from drooling in his sleep. You refrain from laughing because dammit you are trying to be serious, no matter how goofy and cute he might act or look.

You motion him towards you with one finger, curling it, uncurling it, repeating the steps until he reaches you. You stop and so does he. Then he leans down to try and snag a kiss, and you almost let him, but then you decide you can't waste this golden opportunity to tease him. Did you just think that? You tilt your head away. He pouts at you. "Uh.. Not.. Not yet." you chide, slipping one hand behind his head and trailing down his side with the other. He shivers lightly under your fingers. You lick your lips and pull him down closer, pressing your freshly moistened lips lightly against his throat. He tries to move into it but you hold him still.



"What's the surprise all up into getting to being?"

"If I.. Uh.. Told you it.. Wouldn't be a surprise.. Actually."

You carefully move his head back to smirk in his face. He grins widely, winking. "Is this shit the surprise you were going up and on about?" he asks, a bit of a devious glint in his eyes as he waggles the small plastic bottle in front of you. Your eyes widen and your cheeks are on fire. When did he snag that from you? Does that mean he's okay with it? My god why the hell did you buy grape flavored? Why did you buy flavored at all? You think maybe you're in a bit over your head as you examine the tacky picture on the packaging to avoid meeting his eyes. He sets it down on the bedside table. "You want me to go the motherfuck on about getting you on the bed and shit?" You swallow. That's definitely a good sign.

"Y..Yeah." you choke out. You take a few deep breaths to steady your nerves as he hoists you up onto the deep purple comforter. He moves to climb in after you but you shake your head and he stops, standing back up. You wonder if it's wrong to tease and boss him around like this, even for this kind of thing, but you see how wide his smile extends every time you tell him 'yes' or 'no' or motion him into action and that thought just dies out. You shift so you're sitting on the edge of the bed with your legs hanging loosely and limply off of it before grabbing the hem of his shirt. "T..Take these off first." you command with as much authority as you think you can possibly muster. You drop your hand and he nods vigorously, excitedly even, stripping down to nothing but his piercings as quickly as he can manage, almost falling over in his rush more than once.

You take in the form in front of you. You think maybe you need to eat with him more often, because you're pretty sure that and when he eats out is the only time he'll consume anything with any real substance whatsoever. He has some muscle tone in his arms and legs but you can see his hip bones jutting out and his torso is too scrawny to really be healthy. You shake your head a bit, trying to keep your mind on track. It'd be easier if he wasn't gangly and scarred. No, that wouldn't actually distract you from the point if you weren't nervous as hell and trying to distract yourself, but once you trail around with your eyes enough you've got yourself more than focused. He moves to climb in beside you. "N..No. Mine too." you whisper in a taunting tone. He doesn't seem to mind, he just works you out of all of your clothes as quickly as he can while being very, very careful not to accidentally scratch you or knock into you. Not to do anything he hasn't been given permission to do. You swallow.




He crawls in beside you and waits for you to make a move, which doesn't take long. You slip your hand under his chin and lead him into a short kiss. When you end it he bites down on his lower lip, and you start to really love teasing him. You work your way up to lean against the headboard and he watches in silence. "C..Come here." you coo. He makes his way into your lap and you notice he is already so aroused it looks almost painful. You swallow as your blood rushes south and you lead him into another lip lock, this one filled with wrestling tongues and the occasional clacking of your teeth against his tongue ring that tends to rub against just the right spots in your mouth.. He tastes like soda pop.

You grab his hand and lead his slightly bony fingers down your chest, abdomen, stomach. He whines as you stop short of your crotch. You snicker a bit into his mouth before pulling out of the kiss. "W..What is it?" you tease, "You want to.. Uh.. Go farther?" He eats it up, shifting his legs for a chance at some friction and staring at you with big puppy eyes that aren't half lidded for once. You grin something stupid and wipe some of his make-up off of your lips.

"Motherfucking please Tavros. I wanna get to touching you."

You slide his hand the rest of the way immediately. He is begging you. You're not sure you like it even as it sends shivers up your spine and he grabs onto your length, starting to pump lightly. You bite back any moans you might make because you think it's kind of embarrassing to already be making noise. Even if he's letting out little pleasured whimpering noises and digging into his thigh to keep from grabbing himself. You don't like how that looks, his fingers pressing hard against angry peanut brittle-textured scars. You reach over and pull his hand off, leading it to hold tight onto the blankets while you trickle your digits all the way up one leg before you wrap two fingers around the tip of his erection and rub as hard as you think you can without it hurting him.

You're rewarded with a chorus of 'Ah fuck's, 'Tavro-'s, 'oh god's, 'motherfuck's, and 'please more's that make you wonder if he's doing this to keep you going like you are or if he just doesn't have any shame. Maybe both, actually, now that you think about it, probably both. He arches and tries to buck into it and you do your best to keep him still by pressing down on his shoulder with your other hand. You purse your lips. His hand motions are getting jerky and rough, but you really don't think he can help it. You lean in and nip at his throat, breathing in his musky-sweet scent.

I guess this is going to be two part.

I'm totally not teasing you with it. :3