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Summary: A Princess meets her Knight in Shining Armour, but fate separates the two with an agreement which was made before either were born. The pair will need to fight for one another if they are meant to be, but if they're to late, they'll be taken away from each other in more ways then one. -AdvanceShipping-

Chapter One

"Princess?" A feminine voice called out.

"Princess? Has anyone seen the Princess?" A middle age blunette called out as she rushed down a long granite corridor. She ran around a corner and bumped into a short man with brown hair.

The blunette raised her hands in front of her apologetically, "Oh I'm so sorry!" She apologized quickly.

The man waved it away, "It's quite alright Lady Johanna, are you in some sort of trouble?" He asked as he brushed himself off.

Johanna nodded, "I can't find the Princess anywhere, and she needs to meet with her father about her upcoming trip!" She replied while playing with the hem of her dress.

"The Princess?" He asked, Johanna nodded, "I saw her out in the Courtyard with you daughter a couple of minutes ago."

Johanna sighed in relief, "Thank you so much Gerard, I'll talk to you later!" She called back as she took off down the hall and out of sight.

Johanna was gasping for air as she turned a corner and out into the afternoon sun. The Courtyard was a large circular flower filled garden positioned at the base of Castle Hoenn.

Johanna gazed across the Courtyard in search of the two girls. Her blue eyes stopped moving as she saw the back of a blunette, and brunettes head who were sitting on a bench.

"Lady May!" Johanna shouted as she used the last of her energy to get over to the two girls. The two girls turned around and saw the middle age blunette running towards them. Getting up from their perch on the bench they strolled over to greet Johanna.

"Good morning Johanna," The brunette smiled warmly. She wore a long-sleeved elegant white dress that ended at the ankles. Her long brown hair was placed in pigtails that were held in place by white ribbons.

"My Lad-" The brunette raised a hand to politely quiet her.

"Johanna you know you can call me May, you don't need to use the formalities remember?" May asked politely.

Johanna nodded, "I'm sorry May, but right now you need to go see your father."

May frowned, "What does he want, couldn't it wait till dinner?" She asked curiously.

"It's about your trip to Johto, you need to start packing. Most of your clothing are packed, but he needs to talk to you about other matters…"

"Since when are you going to Johto?" The blunette asked, placing her hands on her hips and facing May.

She shrugged, "I don't remember a trip, whe-" Her eyes widened and a look of despair came across her face. "Is it to go see that arrogant son o-"

"My lady! Watch your tongue, you are part of the Royal Family and are not to speak such language!" Johanna scolded seriously.

May sighed, "Sorry, it's just he-"

Dawn finished for her, "Is an arrogant son of a-"

"Dawn I will not have my daughter speak like drunken pirate, and yes the trip is to go see Prince LaRousse, so could you please come with me so you can talk to your father!" Johanna spoke irritably, taking the two girls by the wrist and leading them into the castle walls.


A short walk later, the trio arrived in the Throne Room. The room was surprisingly in-extravagant. The room was only a couple meters wide and a couple meters in length. Opposite of the doors, sat the two thrones, both of which were occupied.

A red and gold trimmed carpet led from the door and to the thrones. Against the walls, benches were aligned for scribes, and witnesses for summonses and trials.

Johanna led May up to the thrones where a man with navy black hair who wore a large red robe over navy tunic sat.

"Hello dear, I believe Johanna informed you of why your mother and I need to speak to you?" The king asked kindly.

May nodded, "Is there any possible way that I can get out of this? Drew is so. So… Annoying, that I want to throw him out of a third story window and into a moat!" May exclaimed diligently!

"I'm sorry May, I know you find him arrogant, but he really is a nice boy. Isn't that right Norman?" The queen asked as she glanced to her right where her husband was seated.

Norman nodded, "It's true, you've only met with him a couple times, but once you get to know him more you'll start to warm up to the lad." He smiled at his daughter, who in turn gave him a scowl.

"But dad, the only reason you want me to like him is because of that stupid agreement you made before I was even born!" May shouted angrily.

"It's for your and the Regions own good!"

May clenched her fists tightly, "Don't give me that! You only want to do what's best for the Region, and if that involves an arranged marriage then that's just fine with you!"

The throne room was silent. May was furious and her parents were deciding on how they would retaliate.

"Honey, if you marry Drew then the two Regions will be connected whi-" May cut her father off harshly.

"Which means that trade routes, royalties, armies, and a ton of other stuff will be accessible to Hoenn. All that is fine and well, except that you could care less about your own daughter's happiness!" May yelled as tears welled up in her lively blue eyes.

Norman opened his mouth to speak, but Caroline gave him a stern look before turning to the Princess. "May," She began softly, "Please go see the boy, and who knows, you may end up liking him more then you realize. It has been over a year since you last saw him…"

May looked her mother in the eye, "Can Dawn come with me?" She asked hopefully.

"I'm sorry dear, but it's just going to be you going this trip."

May closed her eyes in an attempt to cool her anger, "What about Eevee?" her voice was quiet and Caroline had to strain herself to hear it.

"Eevee has to stay here; the next month will be just you and Drew."

Mays jaw dropped, a month with Drew. That arrogant, cocky, selfish, womanizing son of a-

"May?" Her mother asked curiously. May was staring straight ahead and was silent. Snapping out of her reverie, she began to plead.

"Please can we make it only a week? Say something came up and I need to be back in a week's time! I won't be able to stand a day with him, let alone a month!" She fell to her knees and clasped her hands together, trying to gain a little sympathy from her parents.

But she got none.

"Oh stand up May you're being ridiculous!" Norman scolded, May opened her mouth but he continued, "Dawn and Johanna can help you get the rest of your things together and you'll be leaving before dinner."

May opened her mouth to reply but was caught off guard when Dawn quickly grabbed her by the arm and ran her out of the room.


"Come on let's get your stuff together and go see Eevee, I'm sure she won't like the news." Dawn said as they began going down a flight of stairs. They continued in silence for a few minutes until they came to a room where two armed guards were stationed outside of the doors.

Approaching the door, the guards gave a small bow while simultaneously greeting the two by saying, "My ladies."

The two girls nodded and opened the oak door; the room they entered was luxurious. The room had a queen sized bed lain against the stone walls. The bed was curtained off by a white silk curtain that draped down from the roof. The room also had a table, bench, and a closet that housed a wide assortment of dresses.

May walked over to the bed and pulled back the curtain, curled up on the bed was a small Pokemon with chocolate brown and creme colored fur. Sitting down she stroked the little Pokemons fur. Slowly the dozing Pokemons eyes flickered open and let out a sequel of delight at who was petting it.

"Eevee eve!" Eevee said happily as she jumped up from her sleep and onto Mays lap.

May giggled, "Hey Eevee, it's good to see you to!"

Eevee smiled and licked May on the cheek, which caused her to giggle even more. "Alright May, which dress?" Dawn asked as she held up a blue lace dress that reached the ankles with ruffled sleeves, and a burgundy ruffled sleeve dress that reached the ground.

May sighed and stroked Eevees fur, "Why can't I just where riding breeches and a silk shirt?" She asked solemnly.

Dawn sighed, "Because you'll be greeting a Prince, and as much as you don't like it, you need to look good…" Dawn trailed off as she held the red dress up against May to picture what she would look like with it on.

"You'll wear this one, now go change," Dawn ordered as she handed the reluctant Princess the dress. May sighed but took the dress and went behind a screen where she began to switch dresses.

"So how are things with Paul?" She asked from behind the screen.

Dawn blushed a crimson red and played with her dress, "Oh he's alright, he still is fairly quiet, but I think I'm getting to him…"

"Are you going to try and get him to ask you to the annual Falling of the Blue Rose festival?" May questioned curiously, but there was a hint of laughter in her voice.

"Oh well… Maybe, If he hasn't asked anyone, It's still over a month away so…" Dawn replied bashfully as she sat down on the bed.

May stepped out from behind the screen and straightened out her dress for Dawn to examine. "How's it look?"

Dawn stood up and tapped her chin with her finger as she circled the Princess critically. "Perfect!" She exclaimed delightedly!

May frowned, "Well that's unfortunate, maybe I should wear something that he wouldn't like so he'd leave me alone?"

Dawn sighed and put an arm around the Princess, "Forget about him for now May, you still have an hour before you need to go so how about we go to the kitchens at get a light snack?"

May nodded, and opened the door to her room; the two girls and Eevee left the room and down the hall. Dawn flickered her gaze to the girl next to her and posed a question, "So what about you?" She asked curiously.

May furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, "What about me?"

"Who do you want to go with to the Festival?"

Mays shoulders slumped and she pursed her lips, "I don't know, knowing dad he'll probably invite the LaRousse's so we can get acquainted, and so that I can spend time with Drew…"

Dawn shook her head, "I can't question the kings take on what he did as… The right thing to do, but all I know is that you don't have to marry LaRousse, if you find someone else before the proposal-" May gagged at the thought of him proposing, but Dawn continued, "He would have to call off the arrangement and allow you to be with the person you found."

May raised an eyebrow and shook her head, "Dad wouldn't allow me to see anyone other than Drew tho, and besides, there aren't many boys around the castle that interest me. They're all too flirty, and gentlemeny for me. I just want a regular guy, is that too hard to ask for?"

Dawn shrugged, "There may be no one in the castle, but have you checked around the Battle School?" Battle School is where the knights and warriors of the region are trained for war, and chivalry. Each fiefdom in the region was equipped with a Battle School, so that in the time of war, soldiers could travel from fief to fief where they could share and use barracks fore resting places.

"No I haven't really had the chance to, I don't usually go into the village so there are no chances for me to visit…"


The two girls turned a corner and entered the kitchen, where a flurry of movement, and a plethora of delicious mouth-watering aromas greeted them. Chefs and apprentices were hurriedly moving from counter to counter preparing the upcoming dinner.

A well rounded man approached the two girls with a friendly smile, "Hello there my ladies, what can I do for you two this fine afternoon?"

May and Dawn smiled, "Good afternoon William, we were wondering if you could make us a small snack? I'm not going to be here for a month so one last snack from the best Chef in Hoenn would be a great farewell present!"

William chuckled good-heartedly, "Your too kind Lady May, to kind. What would you and Lady Dawn like to eat?"

Dawn asked for a slice of apple pie, which William was famous for. While May… May had another take on what the definition of a "Light Snack" was. She requested an entire apple pie and a roast beef sandwich.

May had an appetite that was infamous around the Hoenn Region; whenever she traveled, it was a top priority to visit the popular taverns-, even if her father disapproved of it, - and try their best dishes, and meals. And not in a very lady like manner.

She had out eaten grown men, chefs, and soldiers alike. She had yet to come across someone who could best or even come close to out eating her.

The Princess and her maid eagerly ate there snack in the grand hall, where a large brick fireplace, and long oak table that could seat well over thirty people were set.

Dawn took a small bite of her pie and moaned pleasurably as the smooth texture and taste graced her tongue, "This is so good; William has really outdone himself again!"

May nodded her head in agreement as she finished off the last of her pie, "He sure has, he could own a tavern of his own and charge quite the pretty penny for those to dine there!"

Dawn nodded, "So Eevee, May has something she needs to tell you…" Dawn started, seeing as how they forgot to inform the little fox Pokemon.

Eevee cocked her head to the side and looked at May curiously, "Eve?"

"I have to leave for a month Eevee, and sadly you aren't able to come with me this time." May said sadly. Eevees ears drooped down and looked at May sadly, "But Dawn will be here to take care of you, and sooner then you know it I'll be back!"

Eevees ears perked back up and smiled hopping onto Mays lap, nuzzling her face against the Princess.

Giggling May quickly ate her sandwich and stood up dusting off the crumbs, "I guess we should get going or else dad will be mad that I'm late…" Taking Eevee into her arms, she and Dawn left the dining room and headed out for the Courtyard.


After a quick stroll the two girls arrived at the Courtyard and saw a carriage being pulled by a white horse with flames for a mane and a horn on its head.

Walking over to the carriage May stopped outside of the door and turned to Dawn, "Here you better take Eevee," She said giving the little Pokemon a peck on the cheek and handing her over to the blunette.

Dawn took the little fox and quickly bowed towards May, "You're Majesty!" She greeted cordially. May spun around and saw her dad, and a young boy around the age of thirteen who wore glasses, a green tunic, brown breeches, and a sword sheathed at his side with a smirk on his face.

"What's Max doing here?" She asked with a huff crossing her arms.

"He came to say goodbye, isn't that right Max?" Norman stated placing a hand on his shoulder.

Max nodded, "That's right, and I also get to go with your escort for the first mile or so to see what it's like!" He said excitedly.

May frowned, "About how many days travel is it from here to Johto Castle?"

"With no rest stops, and travelling hard, it would take possibly three days. Five days with resting." Max stated in a matter of factly tone as a glare reflected across his glasses.

Before May could reply, a soldier on a Rapidash rode up and began addressing the king, "Your Majesty," He bowed in the saddle.

"Good afternoon Sargent are you and your men ready for the escort travel?"

"Yes your Majesty, whenever you wish we are ready to go."

Norman turned to his daughter, "Well May are you ready to go?"

May sighed but nodded, "I suppose so, I'll miss you dad." She said as she embraced her father into a hug. Norman hugged his daughter and smiled.

"You take care now alright?" He asked as they separated.

She nodded and turned to Dawn and Eevee, "I'll see you soon Dawn okay?"

Dawn grinned, "I'll be here for when you get back, and I'll be sure to inform you when you get back on how things are getting along with," She whispered the last part, "Paul!"

May grinned and took her best friend and maid into a hug. Looking down she scratched Eevee behind the ear and smiled, "Are you going to be alright here with Dawn?"

"Eevee eve!" Eevee nodded happily giving May a lick on the cheek.

May giggled and opened the door to the carriage, "Alright, I'll see you all in… A month, I'll miss you all!" She said as she hopped into the carriage and shut the door.

The interior of the carriage was nice, but not very comfortable. The seats were soft, but nowhere near big enough for her to lie down to sleep. If travelling had taught her anything, it would have to be that she should get as much sleep as possible to pass the time quickly.

She felt the carriage lurch and then felt the vibration of the wheels moving over the cobble roads as she began her trek towards the Johto Region and Prince LaRousse.

Sighing she leaned against the side of the carriage wall and repositioned herself so she was comfortable. After a moment she let out a content sigh and slowly shut her eyes and began to drift off into sleep.

Soon the only sounds that could be heard were the sounds off the carriage and Rapidash making its way down the road, and the steady deep breathing of the Princess.


May - 17 almost 18

Dawn - 16

Max - 13

Norman - 42

Caroline - 40

Johanna - 40

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