A chill has crawled up Legolas' spine as soon as he and his companions left Rivendell and plan to make a trip back to Brandy Hall, sensing a familiar menace was lurking nearby. At the same time, though, he sensed that something within Frodo was amiss.

"I see you'd rather not be back there," Legolas said. "Something terrible happened, didn't it?"

Frodo only nodded, silently admitted this. He did not wish to indulge the matter any further than he wanted to. Nor did Legolas wish to press it any further. There was enough hell to think about as it was.

About a few miles later, they stopped by Trollshaws for some rest.

Aragorn, where in Middle-earth are you? Legolas wondered. He let out a haggered sigh, which was from the leftover pain from his healing wounds.

"I hear rustling!" Gimli cried out as he drew out his walking axe. "Rustling, I tell you!" The rest began hearing it as well and drew out their weapons.

"Indeed" a voice came from nowhere then... they appeared.

The same sorcerors who captured Legolas and Gimli have crept upon them, scrolls in hand. Wulfrun was the leader.

"I'm guessing these are the sorcerors you told me about," Faramir said as he looked at their enemies.

"Yeah, that's them," Gimli said. "Though I can't tell now that they've blinded me!"

"Good thing you're remembering the pain, Dwarf," Wulfrun said with a smug. "Oh, if you're all worried about King Elessar, my master is having a little fun with him. Though as much as I would rather watch the confrontation unfold, I was ordered to attend some other business. Unfortunately for all of you, that means doing you all away with the very weapon we know best. Now where are the other two Hobbits?"

Frodo and Merry looked at each other.

"What if we refuse to tell, you nasty piece of ash?" Merry asked in growing anger. He would be lashing out at the sorceror if he plans to hurt Pippin, and having Legolas and Gimli captured was bad enough.

"My! Aren't we a bit testy today," Wulfrun remarked before ordering his sorcerors to shock the five companions using scrolls.

Frodo trembled as he felt the pain coming from that electric spell. The spell was in use again and the pain shot up even more. So this is how it feels being tortured by such dark sorcery, Frodo though as he tried to contain his screams of pain even as the effects of the spell subsided. Wonder how many times they've used it to break the spirits of both Elves and Dwarves. Bilbo was lucky he hadn't encountered them during his adventures. Or has he? It's bad enough I had to see what those spells did to Legolas and Gimli. Wonder if those are to be a very effective weapon to force Erebor and Mirkwood into submission.

"Oh, don't worry, I won't use them against all of you," Wulfrun said. "Only those members of the feuding races."

"Well, you just used them against us now!" Faramir lashed out.

"Indeed. Only because you are among the few to openly defy the Order of Mordor," Wulfrun replied as he looked at the unmoving bodies of Legolas and Gimli. "This is proven very effective against any Elf or Dwarf. Divide and conquer, as they would say. Looks like the hero won't be here to save you, this time."

To the sorceror's surprise, Frodo slowly got back up even in pain. "Think again, snake," the Hobbit sneered before he drew out a knife and threw it at the sorceror, who was hit in the chest and ended up having the top of his scroll ripped by the throw.

"My scroll!" Wulfrun hissed as his sorceror attempt anymore torture.

Frodo turned to his companions. "We have to destroy the scrolls!"

"Why not just kill the sorcerors themselves before they make anymore?" Merry asked, being in pain himself.

Faramir agreed. "Destroy the sorcerors, destroy the scrolls."

"Yeah, you're right," Frodo realized. "But there's only three of us. Legolas and Gimli are-"

"You mean there's five of us," Legolas said, slowly getting up and helping Gimli do the same. Belthronding was in the Elf's hand.

Merry started to protest. "But you two are in no shape to-"

"No time to argue, Meriadoc!" Legolas interrupted. "I can't wait to give these bastards the taste of their own medicine!"

The battle ensued. Wulfrun was rushed to the side by two of his sorcerors as they rest battled the Fellowship. It was difficult on the Fellowship's part, as they were contineously stopped by sorcery. But as more scrolls were ripped to pieces, the easier the sorcerors were to kill. The battle eventually came to an end, but Wulfrun and two surviving sorcerors were making their escape.

"And they're getting away," Merry remarked as he saw them escaping.

"That sorceror is mine!" Legolas spat angrily, surprising all of his companions. He drew out an arrow and started pursuing the sorcerors, attempting to aim at Wulfrun.

Gimli fainted from the pain, only to be caught by Faramir. "Anyone here ever heard an Elf yell like that, before?" the Ranger asked before Frodo took off after Legolas, who continued his pursuit.

Legolas only shot Wulfrun's right arm, then his right leg. His bloodlust was not satisfied, so the Elven archer drew out one of his knives for a close-in assault. Only for Frodo to catch up with him and grab him by the leg. Legolas struggled to get free but Frodo managed to climb on top of him.

"Legolas! Stop!" Frodo cried as he tried to calm the Elf down.

"You let me go! He must die!" Legolas yelled back.

"Look, I want him dead as much as you do," Frodo said, "but you could have gotten yourself killed that way, or worse re-captured! Then what would Aragorn think, huh?"

Legolas tried to get free of Frodo's clutches but by then some of the worst resistance seemed to be leaving him. The way Frodo was pinning him down was exactly how Aragorn would attempt to calm him down, so this wasn't the first time Legolas had been pinned down like that. Legolas wondering how Frodo managed to do just that despite his stature, but then again Aragorn might have told the Hobbit about one of Legolas's rampages and how he was eventually calmed down after killing more than a few Dwarves in his wake. Legolas has not told anyone else of this. Not his father, not even the Fellowship. "He has to die, Frodo! You don't know how much hell he has put me through!"

"No, but I know that kind of pain!" Frodo interrupted as he continued pinning Legolas before deeply sighing to calm himself down. Legolas stared at the Hobbit for about two minutes before letting tears fall from his eyes, having confronted his demons. Frodo finally got off him and gathered him in his arms, providing a shoulder he can cry on while soothing Elvish words of comfort.