a/n [The chapters will go in sequential order. If anything I write doesn't add up to the books, I apologize, this is my headcanons. Thank you for reading!]

Acts: Finnick

I glare at my feet, refusing to look at the girl on stage. I've seen her enough already. I've seen her kill both of my tributes mercilessly. I've seen her act evolve and disappear on screen. I've seen her trick everyone, including her own mentors. I've seen her lie, cheat, and kill like there was no tomorrow. So why would I look at her now?

Now that she was a victor and dressed up elegantly. Now that the blood, dirt, and sweat were wiped away and fixed with make-up. Now that she was so effortlessly performing once again for the capital.

Although this is what I assumed. I couldn't be sure since I refused to look at her. Refused to listen to her. And if had my way, refuse to be sitting here. You're being ridiculous, I tell myself. You're Finnick Odair, you don't hide from your fears.

And perhaps that is why I decided to look at her.

Johanna Mason. Dark brown hair, almost black, is cut to her chin. Big brown eyes shine with obvious hatred. Her long-sleeved gown is dark green and speckled with lighter shades. Invisible sparkles glimmer when the light catches on them. She sways side to side on her little interview chair from impatience and boredom. At age 16 this new little victor is one year younger than me. Johanna Mason, victor of the 68th Games.

Her interview is shorter than most. Her sarcastic comments and closed attitude make it hard to get a real conversation anyway. I'm almost glad when it's over. Almost, because once she exits she joins up with the other victors. And I'm one of the other victors. And she's headed towards me.

Luckily her mentors catch her first, and lead her away. She catches my eyes though, right before she goes. Her eyes are hard, but I see the fear still hidden deep beneath the act. An act. Johanna Mason seems to put up a lot of acts.

So now she's got me staring at the floor, right where her feet last were. Great, now she's got me interested in her case. I shake my head from the ground, but not from the thoughts. What did I get myself into?