Disclaimer: I still don't own Syphon Filter, but if I did, I wouldn't have put Mara and Elsa together like they did in Dark Mirror.

COUPLES DISCLAIMER: Gabe(x)Mara (Not as a true couple)

Syphon Filter Love Drabbles

Mara awoke in the hospital, her head throbbing. He couldn't do it, she thought, He's weaker than I thought.

She looked in the hospital room and found that she had been placed in a private room. She was alone and there was only a card on the bedside table. She picked it up and read it.

This isn't the only extra chance I've given you. Make it count, or it'll be your last. –Logan

She crumpled the card, Foolish man, blinded by his own naivety. She began mentally planning her escape and ignoring her own reciprocated feelings for the man.

A/N: Come on, there must've been SOME kind of reason that Gabe didn't kill Mara. I personally think there was something between them, but they were too different to actually be together. But yeah, I just threw this together while waiting for my school day to end.