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Chapter 1

I walked out of the arena, passing some common wrestlers. None of them really caught my attention though.

"See ya Kelly!"

I looked back to see Cena waving to me, I gave a fake smile back and continued walking. He defiently didn't catch my attention, we dated for a month and that bastard cheated on me!

I started up my car, backing out of the parking space. I looked to the radio and changed the station, looking back up, I see a person feet above my car. Slamming my foot on the break petal, my car screeched to a stop. Thank goodness I didn't hit whoever was in front of me.

Getting out of the car, I see the one guy I dreaded to find. Cody Rhodes, I should have just hit him.

"You should watch where you drive," Cody hissed, backing away from my car.

"And you should watch where you walk," I growled back. I wasn't in the mood to talk to him, seeing I had just lost my championship match.

He started walking away, "whatever Kelly."

My fist clenched at how he said my name, such a dick. Getting back into my car, I sped past him, hoping I made him somewhat mad.

Just to think I had to see him every Monday, how lucky was I?

Walking over to my bed, I dropped down seeing I was too tired to even care.

My phone buzzed, sighing, I looked at it.

John: Heard what happen between you and Rhodes, better stay on his good side.

I glared at the message and pounded on the keyboard, "i told you to delete my number! And like I care what happens with Cody, he could kiss my butt."

A moment later, my phone buzzed again. John: Whats up with you?

I refused to have a conversation with this man! I shut my phone off and then the light, I am going to sleep!

Why do the days pass by so quickly? I asked myself as I got dressed into my ring gear. A knock on the door caught my attention, "come in."

I turned and frowned, why was he here?

"I want an apology," Cody said annoyed.

"For what? Almost hitting your useless body? I think not sir! You could have put a dent in my car." I said, turning away from him. Grabbing the brush, I began to comb my hair.

"What is your problem?" He asked angered.

I ignored him, he walked beside me and looked into the mirror.

"I'm surprised that thing hasn't broke yet, " he said smirking.

I whacked him with the brush, such a rude man. I was a beautiful woman! My attitude has them all running though, it wasn't my fault though. I just really hate men.

He frowned, "why are you so mean?"

I glared at him, "says the guy who just called me ugly."

He shrugged which angered me more, "get out of my locker room." I ordered.

He stood there just staring at me, a smirk rose to his lips, "or what?"

So he wanted to play this game? I placed my brush down and faced him. "I don't think you wanna know."

His smirk widened as he came closer to me, "oh but I do."

I then smirked and my foot kicked up, right in his groin. "Now you know. Get out."

He glared at me and pushed me against the mirror, "you're going to pay for that. Kelly."

I watched as he left the room in pain, "I'm not afraid of you!" I yelled. I looked into the mirror and my eyes widened, I was blushing! I would never!

Shaking my head, I walked out of the locker room and down the hall. I needed some coffee to clear my head.

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. Pulling it out, I sighed in annoyance.

John:Vince needs to see you in his office.

Sighing once more, I headed to the bosses office. Reaching It, I find John, Vince and Cody. I glared at Cody, he probably snitched on me, that little girl.

"You needed me Sir?"

Vince nodded, "take a seat Kelly."

I sat down, two seats away from the both of them.

"As you know, not many romance segments have been on this show in a while." Vince explained.

I didn't like the sound of this.

"So we got together and decided to make a love triangle type of thing between you three."

I'm stuck with two guys I hate, when it comes to Vince, there's no way out.

"I have the scripts," he said handing us packets of papers. Seeing how thick the packet was, I knew it'd be a while til I was free.

We all stood up and quietly left, what was I going to do?

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