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Chapter 11

After eating at the fancy resturant, we went back to the hotel.

Cody was finally here and sharing the roomwith me.

"So you two are good?" AJ whispered in my ear.

I nodded, "yep. John hpefully will give up too. Besides that, we're completly good."

Cody looked at us, "I can hear you both completly."

AJ glared at him, "then what did we say?"

I laughed, "so when is Kane coming back?" I asked changing the subject.

AJ smiled, "in an hour! I cant wait!"

"I say we all go to a club and get wasted. I havent gone out in such a longtime." I complained.

Cody nodded, "that'd be fun."

"I'll have to ask Kane, I'll see you two later," AJ said waving as she left us alone.

"So how was your flight?" I asked crawling beside him on the bed.

He shrugged, "I slept and ate."

I nodded, "so what do you want to do before we go?"

He pushed me down and smirked, "I ave a few ideas."

I giggled, "Cody! You just got here!"

He kiss my neck, "who cares..."

I blushed, "whatever you want."

Suddently there was a bangng on the door and AJ came in, pale as a ghost.

"AJ?" I asked confused.

Her eyes were watery, "K-Kane... he's been in an accident..."

I pushe Cody off of me and shot up, "I'll come with you."

She nodded and grabbed my arm.

"I'll be back," I said to Cody and he nodded, "what happened?"

AJ wiped her eyes, "H-H was riding with Mark and he... he collided with a drunken driver..."

We got inthe car, "which hospital?"

"It's the on in the town next to this one..." She mumbled.

I floored it and we were on our way to the hospital.

When we arrived, I had o wait paitently in the waiting room while AJ talked to the doctor.

She came back, still looking pale, "He's in a coma."

I hugged her, "i'm sorry."

She wiped her eyes, "Doctor said that as long as everything plays out right, he should wake up soon."

"Thats good to hear," I reasurred, patting her back.

"I'm going to stay here tonight, you'll have to party by yourself. I'll call you tomorrow..." She mumbled quietly.

I nodded, "then I'll pick you up tomorrow..."

She nodded, "thanks for coming with me."

Then I left, heading back to my hotel room. Entering slowly, Cody looked up worringly.

"Is he alright?" Cody asked as I sat down.

Shaking my head, I stared at the ground.

Cody placed his hand on my shoulder, "everything alright?"

I shook my head again, "i've just been thinking... what if something like this happened to me and I cant see you anymore?"

"There nothing that will take you away from me, I love you too much. You're mine." He said, pulling me into a hug.

"I hope AJ will be fine..." I mumbled in his chest.

"She will be... I promise."

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months.

Kane was still in a coma, barley holing on. AJ was quiet only talking to CM Punk, a guy who she began talking to alot lately, and I well...am pregnate and now engaged.

Alot can happen in months.

When a year past, there was a funeral held. Punk comforted AJ as Kane was buried.

That day, the world was silent.

Forchantly, AJ fell back in love with Punk from when the terrible accident occured.

John finally got over me and began a relationship with Mickie James.

When they say you always have a happy ending, well, they're right.

Always, A happy ending causes a Change of Heart.


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