Six looked over the waters. It was beautiful. The golden haired sun was reaching out to his pale skinned lover. They embraced like they hadn't seem each other in years. Sparks between them alighting and exploding across the sky in a fabulous array of color.

"A place of peace. Where night and day can be together. The one place where there is no right or wrong. Where everything has a reason to exist. Where I wish I could stay, forever."

"I never too you to be the poetic type." Kyntak smiled at him from the deck. He switch the gear and pulled the boat to a stop.

"I'll have you know I am one of the most poetic people I know. Byron and Keats have nothing on me. Even if they tag teamed." Six did his best to imitate the style of defense and street accent, which still showed at times, that Kyntak used. It was good, if he said so himself.

Kyntak chuckled at that. Six smiled to himself. It had been a long time since he last noticed but Kyntak laughed at all of his jokes. Even the ones that would send other people into fits of "I don't know him".

"You should stop boasting. It doesn't suit the big, bad Six that you have going on."

"I'm learning to sound like you if I ever get kidnapped."

"Oh so they'll send you right back thinking they grabbed the wrong super freak?"

"Yes for once you are incredibly accurate. I believe there are other people like Vanish out there."

"That will never work. They can tell a mile off that you aren't the amazing Joker that breaks into every secure server on this planet. and vanish was a nut. Not even the tasty roasted kind."

"How is that? Not the part about your love of cashews."

"You don't have my spectacular good looks."

They both smiled at that. Over the years they grew into the simple banter. One that took their mind off the fact that a virus was ravaging both of their bodies. That any breath could be their last.

Six leaned against the railing. "To stay here forever. That would be perfect."

"I understand." A warm arm wrapped around his waist. "I wish I hadn't pulled you in to that mess."

"I would have gone after you anyway, you git."

"Yeah." They settled into a companionable silence.

"Hey, Kyntak."


"When the day comes, remind me of this."

"Of course." They leaned into each other. The way people did when they had no one else.

Kyntak whispered in his ear, "Do you hate them?"

"For what?"

"For this thing."

"No. If I did, I would hate the thing that made my life possible. I knew there would be a price. All actions have an equal and opposite reaction."

"Yes. That sounds right. I love you."

Six held onto the silence before whispering the words back.

"I love you too."

This is the recount of footage from Deck's Mallard 539. Agent Six of Hearts and Employee Kyntak were found dead three days later. The cause of death was mysterious and can only be contributed to the "thing" they mention here. They were given a burial at sea as requested. Their only remaining relative died a few days after under the same circumstances. They were the best agents deck has haver known and I am proud to have called them my sons and granddaughter.

From the desk of Agent King of Hearts.

I don't know why. Wall is up.