It was a sunny afternoon in London, cars buzzing through the streets and people excitedly walking from place to place. People were grilling out in a nearby housing development, and little did they know, they were about to become victim to two starving strays who happened to be passing by. The uncatchable and well-known nekos named Ciel and Alois were hungry, and their hot dogs were their goal. They were nearly uncatchable in their kitten forms, each appearing as a six month old cat.

"Alois, I'm going to wait in the alleyway, you catch us dinner. I did it last time..." The bluenette yawned, stretching out his back paws and letting his claws poke out slightly. He saw the small, run down pizza parlour known as "Gothita's Pizza" of which they lived by. There was a small alleyway next to it, hiding a dumpster and stolen goods of the two's findings. They had claimed that space as home, since it was the one place everyone seemed to overlook.

The blonde tabby sighed, looking at the slate-coloured Persian next to him, "Fine. But don't yell at me if I don't get enough, you know I'm not the best at grabbing things and running." He sat down and scratched behind his ear. He had a bad case of fleas, unlike his partner, "Besides, these damned bugs make it hard for me to concentrate."

"Oh shut up, at least yours are fleas and I can remove them with a brush." He hissed in response, "Mine are ear mites...Fucking annoying...Just go get the food and stop complaining." He stalked to their home, leaving the blonde to himself.

Alois couldn't help but let out a chuckle, shaking his head slightly before he went out to snatch up dinner, "Idiot...Alright, let's see who I have to go up against here..." He scanned the area where the cookout was. Perfect, hardly anyone was there. They all went inside! Lazy bums...They left their food out just for kittens like him.

He crept up to the barbed wire fence that separated them from the rest of the city, swiftly climbing over it and running to the large buffet table. It was covered with a white tablecloth and had tons of food on top; Hotdogs, hamburger patties, even beans and salads. The tabby set his eyes on the hotdogs, jumping up and grabbing one for himself between his teeth. He fell back down into the soft grass below, then made his way under the table and ate on it. The food was warm and fresh...A rare treat indeed. Their usual diet is whatever old pizza ingredients that got tossed out, or the occasional bit of cold meat from the friendly butcher nearby. Either way, it wasn't exactly the freshest meals in the world.

After he finished enjoying his own grilled hotdog, he crept back out. Still nobody there, which was good for him. He let up onto the table, grabbing a hotdog in his mouth for Ciel and jumping back down. He made his way over to the fence and began to climb back over it, when a much larger man happened to notice him. Suddenly the glass doors to the small yellow house burst open, and the man came running after him, "Hey cat! That's my food! Drop it!"

The tabby scrambled over the fence and ran down the street, giggling a little as he glanced back and seen the man not even half way across the yard and stopping for a breather. He ran into the darkened alley and dropped the food in front of Ciel, panting a little himself, "Dinner is served." The other cat glowed a little, turning into a human form of himself. His dirty slate hair covered his left eye, which was a bright purple rater then matching his navy blue eye. He had on a faded grey shirt and a leather jacket to cover the battle scars he had from cat fights in his past, and skinny blue jeans that were ripped up from running. His feet were covered by really old converse, black, and covered in holes. But they were better than nothing.

"Tastes good." Ciel smiled as he ate the small food, "Wish I had more of that." His cat ears twitched as his tail swayed contentedly, "I may despise humans but they can cook well."

Alois transformed into a human form as well. Curly blonde hair just barely touching his brows in the front, getting longer in the back and covering a bit of his bare back. He didn't have as many scars as Ciel, so he simply went shirtless, showing his lack of muscles in his arms but a six pack on his chest. He had basic faded blue jeans and a pair of Nikes shoes, which were faded and worn out like Ciel's. His only thing of value on him was a chain around his neck, made of pure gold and given to him by his mother before she was murdered.

The blonde sat next to his partner, "Agreed," He chuckled a bit, "But they're still lazy as hell." The bluenette tilted his head, staring at him with a curious look. Alois simply smiled and continued his story, "Well, I was climbing the fence when this really chubby guy came out and tried to chase me. He must've been a hundred pounds overweight! So I finished climbing and I was running, and I looked back and he'd made it probably three steps and he had stopped."

The younger male tried to hold back a laugh, "Wow, why do they do that to themselves? They get so obese they couldn't even save themselves if they tried. Fucking morons, they all are." He stood up and stretched, but froze midway, "Someone's watching us." He put his arms down and looked around, not seeing any sign of a shadow or a human.

Alois could smell it to, "Stay close. Hopefully whoever it is will simply go away and leave us alone." He stood by Ciel and looked up, noticing a man staring down at them from the rooftops. He had menacing red eyes, and the person next to him had piercing golden orbs. As soon as he seen them though, they left. It worried the blonde to no end, will they come back?

The bluenette's gaze followed his friend's, noticing nothing, "Something wrong? The people are gone I think." The older one simply nodded, which made Ciel nervous, "Alois what's wrong?"

"Ciel," Alois sat down, "What happens if we're taken away? If something happens to us? What do we do?" He seemed scared of something, what, the younger boy didn't know.

"Then we run. Get away and find each other." Ciel sat down beside him, feeling the blonde wrap his arm around him. He climbed into his lap and sighed, "If we can't escape then we endure it until we can. But I promise on my life that if anything happens we'll find our way back together."

The blonde giggled softly, "So cheesy, you make this sound like some cliché romance movie. We're friends, remember?"

Ciel nodded, smiling, "Friends forever!" They both laughed, before settling back down. Alois looked down at his chain, playing with the golden necklace between his fingers, "So how do you think you're mum's doing up there?"

"I bet she's great." Alois got a big smile thinking about her, "I bet she's up there with dad playing some video game that hasn't even released yet. She did always love those..."

The bluenette chuckled, "She probably is." He stood and walked to the mattress, "Hey, I'm going to sleep. Alright?"

Alois stood and nodded a little, "Night. I'm going to go out and explore some." With that, he walked out of the alley, idly making his way down the quiet streets of the city. He let himself go into his thoughts, fear overcoming him. They've known each other since birth practically, since their parents used to be business partners as well as good friends themselves. So how would they do if they were split up? They've always been together...

As he made his way down the street, he noticed something. Rather, someone. The man with golden eyes, he was walking into a pet shop. Curiosity getting the better of him, the neko followed from a distance. The poppy shop stuck out from the red brick offices surrounding it. The shop was painted a pastel pink, and the large neon sign had the image of a toy mouse and a ball beside the name "Pet Plaza" all in pink. The clear doors to the place had a few posters for discounts and missing pets, but you could still make out the bright red walls and linoleum checkered floors. You could also faintly see a few shelves lined with cat food and bright red bins filled with cat toys of various kinds.

The boy entered, scoping out the area so he knew of any escape routes if he needed them. The blue shelves lined the entire store, each end of them having some small animal as advertisement. There was a small section left for the reptiles, birds and fish, and built into the walls were small containers holding cats and dogs of all kinds of breeds. It sickened him to see the poor things trapped inside a small cage like a slave to the humans. All the more reason to hate them.

He made his way to the cat food, pretending to look at the different brands when he was really watching the other male in the large place. The human was picking out cat collars. Did he have a cat and it broke? Why was he getting a collar? Alois decided it would be safer if he turned into a cat, and so, with a glow, he became one. Thankfully, the stranger was too focused on picking out one to notice.

Alois made his way up to the male, purring and rubbing his head against the man's leg in an attempt to get his attention. It worked, and the stranger looked down at him with a very small smile, "Hello there, little one." Alois meowed, and the man picked him up carefully in his arms and pet him, "Ah, you look almost identical to the cat I'm taking in tomorrow. Such a cutie..."

Adopt?! Adopt who? Is it going to be them?! The male went on, "He lives in an alley with a friend...I hope he'll not be too defiant." Shit, it was him. He needed to get back and warn Ciel! They needed to get away! As the man sat him down, he ran off at full speed and out the electric doors. He raced down the empty streets, paws making soft thumping noises against the cold damp pavement under him. He made his way to their alley, running inside and turning human once more. His shaking fingers grip Ciel's arm and shook him hard, "Cici...Ciel! W-wake up this is serious!"

The bluenette rolled over into his side, glancing at the other, "What's wrong...? I had just fallen asleep idiot..."

"There are two men coming for us tomorrow..." His eyes were filled with worry, "They're gonna take us away from each other and make us their house pets..."

The bluenette pulled his friend down so they were both lying on the old mattress, "Alois, do you know how many alley cats live out there? They were probably talking about some other cats, not us...Nobody would want two well-known defiant cats now, would they?"

The blonde smiled and relaxed, "Yeah, your right. Sorry I woke you up...Let's both get some sleep."

Ciel nodded in agreement, yawning and snuggling into the other's chest, "Night Alo..."

"Night Ciel..." The other boy wrapped his arms around the younger male, pulling him close and letting the steady feeling of his breath against him lull him into a deep sleep.