Part 1 No Hair? Over the Dead Body.

The Young Justice gang was sitting around an array of chairs and couches in their rec. room. A coffee table was filled with cans of soda, popcorn and chips. There were staring at the large screen TV.

"It's the Libyans, run for it Marty," came from the TV set.

"Don't you ever wonder what it was like living in the 50's?" said Wonder Girl.

"I lived in the 50's," said Bart.

"What?" said Cass.

"Our house number is 55. Actually it's pretty well the same as the houses further up the street in the 60's and 70's"

"I'm talking about the 1950's Bart."

"What? That's practically on the other side of town."

"I love this part," said Empress, "where he drives the Delorian right through the barn wall"

At that moment the supercycle phased through the wall, into the rec. room.

"Whoa boy!" called Robin, "What's up?"

"Good thing the cycle can turn intangible, otherwise our rec. room would be a wrecked room." noted Cass.

"Look! There's a newspaper on the seat of the cycle." Robin picked it up. The paper was the Smallville News. Before Robin could get a chance to examine it more closely, Impulse grabbed for the paper and started to flip through it.

"I wanna read the comics," he said. Soon pieces of paper were strewn about the room as Impulse flicked through the paper.

 "There must be some kind of trouble going down in Smallville," said Robin, as he climbed into the cycle. Following his cue the rest of the gang piled into their seats on the cycle. "Impulse gather up that paper-" Robin started to say, but in the next instant the room around them began to shimmer. The video movie they had been watching started to play backwards. Then their environment changed utterly.

They were in a wheat field. The cycle was rapidly approaching a barn close by. The cycle passed through the wall of the barn and stopped. The barn was empty of any livestock. It looked like it hadn't been used in a while.

"What just happened?" said Kon.

"I don't know," said Robin, "but from the look of things Toto, I'd say were not in Happy Harbor anymore, we're in Kansas."

 "It makes sense that the cycle would bring us to Smallville, if that's where the trouble was, but I didn't know it could teleport!" said Anita.

"Hey something's weird about these comics," said Impulse.

"What do you mean?" Robin looked over his shoulder.

"I mean look at this, no Far Side, no For Better or for Worse, no Calvin and Hobbes. Instead there's one called The Spirit."

"Yeah, you're right". Robin took the remaining newspaper page from Impulse. He turned around the page and his eyes widened "Oh my!"

"What?" Cass asked.

"On the back of this paper are the obituaries. Look at this one. Clark Kent leaves behind grieving parents Jonathan and Martha."

"Superman?" they said together.

"That's not all, Impulse somehow managed to tear off the top of the sheet, so that the date is ripped off, but these comics are ones that were popular in the 1950's. We'll leave the cycle here, while we check out exactly what's going on."

They left the barn, and stepped out into the Kansas sunlight. They saw a house close by. They approached it cautiously.

"There's nobody alive inside that house," said Secret.

"You mean its empty?" Kon asked.

"No, there's someone inside, they're just dead."

Robin turned the knob on the door. "It's not locked." He entered the room. "Oh my god! Does this place stink!"

They entered the house. Robin followed the odor to its source. He opened a door and was overwhelmed by the stench. He entered the bedroom and saw the corpse of an old man. His skin was a bluish white.  "He's been dead for a while," said Robin coming back out of the room and closing the door behind him.

"This place looks like my grandma's house."  Anita perused the kitchen.

"Hmm..." said Robin as he looked around. "Yes, this place is full of antiques." He noticed an icebox. The ice had all melted and the food inside it had started to go bad. He saw a large box in the corner of the room; he went over to it and turned a knob. Tinny sounds emerged from the box.

"Wow! That's a radio! Isn't it kinda big for a one?" said Secret.

"An oldies station," said Cass, "my mom listens to this stuff all the time."

With that the song finished and the DJ came on, "...and that's another great new tune released just this week. This is KOLD from Kansas bringing you the best of today's coolest tunes and here's another one that's rocking all the way to the top of the charts..."

"New release?" Cass stared at the radio perplexed.

"Yes of course," said Robin. "It makes sense, how the supercycle teleported us, the icebox, the newspaper comics. We're in the past, sometime in the 50's."

"Really, but why?" Bart asked.

"Because of this!" said Robin holding up the obituary page.

"So we can read old comics?" said Bart.

"No you numbskull," Kon turned to Bart. "It's so we can prevent Superman's death in the past. That's why the cycle brought us the newspaper."

"Do you think some supervilian, who knows his identity, went into the past to kill him?" Anita asked.

 Cassie looked at the paper, "I guess that's a possibility, but then again, it's not the only one. Too bad the date is ripped off this paper, we don't know the exact day when Clark is supposed to die."

"It'll be sometime before November 5," said Robin, "there's an ad here." He showed the group the ad that was displaying a sale on hula-hoops, "…sale ends November 5…" was written on the bottom.

"We need to find out today's date," said Anita.

Then from the radio blared, "'s today's news from October 28..."

There was a knock at the door.

"Emmett? Farmer brown are you home? It's me Martha, Martha Kent from next door. I guess you're not there. You never lock your door if you're home, I'll be back sometime next week."

"That was close." Robin sat down on the kitchen table and pulled out the piece of newspaper page. He placed it in front of him, his eyes narrowed. " This obituary it wasn't here before I'm sure of it. "Immigrant Emmett Brown, farmer, dead at 64, will be missed by his close friends and neighbors Jonathan and Martha Kent." Our action of being here changed the space-time continuum slightly. We just delayed the inevitable though I suppose. No harm done."

"Whoa! They had their son and a neighbor die at the about the same time. Must have been rough on 'em," said Kon

Just then there was another knock at the door, "Hello, can I use your telephone?"

Cassie called out, "That's Cissie!"

She ran and opened the door. Cissie stared at her. "Oh no", said Cissie aghast, "I knew it! I knew this would happen. I agree to come over and watch a movie with you guys. A movie, not a super hero adventure, and bam from nowhere the cycle busts through the wall. You guys all pile in and I think, great they're going off, and they're not dragging me along with them. Then bang! The next thing I know I'm in a wheat field. I see this house off a ways, so I figure ok, whatever happened I can use their phone to call a cab and go home. And now I see you guys here. No wait, don't tell me, we're in Kansas, in Smallville, on another super hero adventure. Well this time I'm just not doing it. Somebody better fly me back right now."

"Cissie we can't do that" Cass responded.

"Why can't you do that? Oh wait, let me guess, this is a super hero crisis that requires the talents old Arrowette, super hero archer. Well you can just forget that because I'm not doing it ya hear. So somebody take me back this instant."

"You mean you want to go back Cissie?"

"That's right "

"Back to the future?"

"Oh my god, you're kidding right?" she buried her face in her hands. "No, of course you're not. Why me?"

"So Rob, my man, what's the plan," Superboy rapped.

"You're gonna dye your hair blond, Kon" Robin rapped in return.

"What? Where do you get off telling me what I can and can't do with my hair."

"And Bart, you are going to have to cut yours"

"What?" said Impulse. "I'm not going to cut my hair."

"We're going undercover people. We're going to go to the same school as Clark Kent. We need to keep an eye on him, at all times, to make sure that nothing happens to him. By the same token, we have to do everything in our power to be as inconspicuous as possible. Anything we do while here may affect the future. That means Clark Kent should be as unaware of us as possible. Anything that affects Superman's future might affect the future of the entire world. Kon, you're Superman's clone. You look exactly like him. He, and everyone else, is going to notice that unless you alter your appearance. Bart, you have long hair. Nobody in this time period has long hair. You would be immediately conspicuous."

Kon replied, "Ok. For Superman, I'd dye my hair green."

"With white face makeup - ha, ha." replied Wonder Girl sarcastically.

Kon just stared at her in wonderment.

Cassie looked at him "Why are you staring at me in wonderment?"

"Well you are Wonder Girl."

"Well I'm not dying my hair green, I mean, I'm not cutting my hair," said Bart.

"Bart you have to. We need to be as inconspicuous as possible."

"How come Cass, and Anita and Suzie and Cissie and all the other girls-"

"Other girls?" said Anita.

"How come they don't have to cut their hair?"

"Because they're girls Bart." said Robin.

"Why that's prejudiced!" Bart was incredulous.

"Yes Bart, it is, but we can't do anything that will get us noticed. We don't want to mess up the space-time continuum. I'm sorry but-"

"You mean if I were a girl, I wouldn't have to get my hair cut?" Impulse said, inspired.

"That's right," said Robin, "I know it's not fair but-"

"Ok. I'll be a girl then," said Impulse.


"I'll be a girl."

"You can't be a girl."

"Why can't I be a girl?"

"Yeah," said Kon, "why can't he be a girl?"

"Because... You really want to pretend to be a girl rather that cut your hair?" Robin gave him a serious look.


"Ok," said Robin, "I guess if you really want to, you can be a girl."

"Whoopee!" yelled Impulse.

"I dunno about you Bart," Kon shook his head, "getting all excited about being able to dress up like a girl."

Kon and Robin had gone into the bedroom of Emmett Brown alone. Emmett's corpse lay there on the bed. Robin folded back the sheets.

"Hmm…" said Robin examining the corpse of the farmer, "I'd say he's been dead for about a week, from the medication that's in his medicine cabinet and after a cursory examination of the body, I'd say this fellow must have died of a massive heart attack, while sleeping. I certainly can't find any evidence of foul play."

"No," said Kon holding his nose, "just foul odor."

"Yes, that might pose a problem since we're going to be living here for the next few days."

"Living here, you mean in the dead guy's house? With the dead guy?"

"We do need a place to stay while we are here and since we're right next door to the Kent's, we can keep an eye out for Clark better from here, plus I really don't think Mr. Brown will mind us using his place."

"Yeah," said Kon, "what's he going to say: over my dead body."

 Robin smiled despite himself as he took out what looked to be a rolled up plastic sheet. He unraveled it to its full length and placed it over the body of Emmett Brown. Like a piece of cellophane, the plastic began to fold itself around the body. Stretching itself until it completely covered the body

"There that should do it." Robin removed his latex gloves.

"You shrink-wrapped him?"

"Yes to prevent further decomposition, and to contain the odor. According to the paper he's now supposed to be found sometime next week. That means we can stay here for approximately that time."

"So here's the plan..." said Robin.

The next day.

"Get yer breakfast while it's good and hot," said Impulse. He was wearing a long skirt and an oversized blouse with white shoes that had the laces undone. He hair was in two short ponytails sticking oddly off to the side. He looked decidedly unfeminine.

Kon seated himself at the table. Bart scooped two eggs from a pan onto his plate. They joined the bacon already on it. "Good thing you know a woman's place Bart."

"That's not funny Kon," said Cassie.

"How can you tell me that this isn't funny?" he pointed to Impulse.

She looked toward Impulse and began to laugh involuntarily. "Heh, heh, ha, ha."

"Impulse, you are the ugliest broad I have ever seen."

"Broad? Couldn't you have used some other word like lady." objected Cass.

"Because that's no lady."

"You mean to say I'm not pretty?" said Bart his feeling seeming genuinely hurt.

"We can do something about that," said Cissie taking hold of Impulses arm.

"Where are we going?" said Bart.

"To make you look like a real woman. First we got to get some makeup on you."

"Makeup?" said Bart.

Kon laughed as the girls dragged Impulse away to the bathroom. He started munching on his eggs when Robin came in. He was dressed in casual attire appropriate for the 50's they all had bought themselves, the evening before. "Nice job on you hair Kon." Kon's hair was now a sandy blond. He had removed his earring and had a bandage over his ear.

"Thanks, Cass offered to do It," he said as Robin grabbed him by the arm. "Hey where are you taking me?"

"That isn't enough of a disguise. I'm going to makeup on you."

"What?" screamed Kon.

"Theatrical makeup, to alter you appearance."

"Oh," said Kon.

Robin applied the makeup to Kon's face. "All right Kon, I'm going to be strait with you here."

"Good thing, wouldn't want you turning into another Bart."

"You can't go near Superman, you can't talk to him, you can't go near him, you are to avoid him at all costs, unless of course, his life is in danger. Do you understand me?" Robin gave him a look that was deadly serious, even for Robin.

Kon just nodded his head, "Yeah I know, believe me you don't have to worry. This is Supes' life were talking about. I wouldn't screw around with something like this, it's just too important."

Robin seemed mildly surprised by the response.

"I know how you feel about Superman Kon, it's only natural, I mean, if I could meet Batman when he was my age, I'd want to take advantage of that opportunity but..."

"I know the timeline, messing up the space time continuum. I got it ok. You almost finished yet?"

"Yup," said Robin as he held up a mirror in front of Kon's face.

"You gotta be kidding me. I look like Two Face."

"Don't exaggerate Kon. It's a relatively small scar."

"It's all the way down the side of my face."

"It's what we have to do to make you look different then Clark Kent. What do you expect, a pair of eyeglasses?"

 They were sitting on the steps outside the school.

"Ya know, I really hate to say this," said Kon looking on at Impulse, "I really, really, hate to say this. But damn Bart you're fine!"

Cissie, Cassie and Anita had done a number on Impulse, made him over completely; until to anyone's eye he would not only pass as a girl, but an extremely gorgeous one at that.

"It's Bartha Kon, you wanna blow my cover?"

"I don't want to blow any part of you."

"Ok, I've enrolled us all into classes. At least one of us will be able to keep an eye out for Clark at all times. Secret is watching the Kent's place next door. Our cover is that we're with the traveling student program." Robin opened his knapsack and pulled out the course information sheets, which he handed out.

"Traveling student program? What the heck is that?" Kon inquired.

"I made it up." Robin smiled.

"They bought it? I mean, it sounds so ridiculous," said Cissie.

"I've found that if the papers are in order, no matter how bizarre something is, it has credibility." Robin closed his knapsack.

"You signed all us girls into home ed.? Isn't this kind of chauvinist? Clark isn't in this class by any chance?" said Cass, comparing the sheets he handed out to them.

"No, he isn't, but it's mandatory for all girls at the school," Robin shrugged his shoulders.

"Mandatory?" Cass raised her eyebrows.

"Hey I didn't make the rules," said Robin.

"That stinks," said Cass.

"No," Bartha said, while reading the course information sheet. "That's a good thing, now I'll learn how to be a better homemaker."

 "I'm going to use the rest room," said Cass. She got up and Cissie and Anita got up to follow her. Bart stood up, as well, prepared to follow them.

"And where do you think you're going?" asked Anita.

"With you guys. Isn't there a law that says that we all have to go together?"

"He's right," said Kon, "It'd be conspicuous if you guys didn't all go together."

Cissie said, "What's the harm? It is Bart after all."

"Promise you won't look?" Cass poked Bart in the chest with her index finger.

"Look at what?" Bart said innocently.

Cassie turned up her eyes "Like you said Cissie. What's the harm?"

"Oh my God!" Impulse shouted, "Someone took out all the urinals." All the girls that were in the washroom stopped fixing up their appearance in the mirror and turned to Bartha and the other girls.

"Ah, Bartha..." said Cass loudly trying to cover for Impulse, "You can't mean to cut out your annual check up at the doctors office."

"Yeah, otherwise you might get smallpox or polio or other diseases that haven't been eradicated yet," added Ciss.

"Ciss we're in the 1950's, not the 1850's," Cass whispered in Cissie's ear.

"And so you can get your birth control pills." added Ciss.

Upon hearing this, the group of girls at the mirror seemed shocked, they hurriedly dashed out of the room.

"Why did you have to say that?" Cass turned to Cissie.

"I'm sorry I was trying to cover for myself."

"Why?" asked Bart, "What's the big deal?"

"What's the deal with that?" Anita noticed some of the boys stared as they past her. "Kansas isn't in the south."

The group was gathered at their lockers getting the appropriate books for the class they were about to attend.

"No, its not." Robin answered her, "Smallville is, as it name describes. Small towns in Kansas are pretty isolated. They're probably not used to seeing a lot of..."

Then one of the boys, who was staring at Anita approached her. He was wearing a short goatee.

"Hello my name's Ike, and your name is?"


"Anita, you're going to this school?"


"That is totally hep. You're the first negro at our school. You spades are groovy cats. You like jazz?"

"Spades?" she said smiling, "I like it. Well there cat, I am from down in the bayou."

"Look I know you don't know me, but like, can you dig going to the Halloween dance with me?"

"I can dig it, mon"

"Groovy, I'll pick you up where?"

"Just meet me at the school."

"Ok Anita, bye."

"Wow, that seemed like a nice guy," Anita turned to the group.

"Yeah," said Impulse, "I like Ike."  Just then a kid walked by with a transistor radio that was playing softly. As he passed by, a nickel fell from the boy's pocket. Bart knelt to pick it up. "Hmm..." he said.

"Hera!" said Cass, "Two minutes in the school and already somebody's asked you out Anita, you must feel pretty special."

The gang was gathered in the school lunchroom.

"You said 5 guys have asked you to go out?" asked Anita.

 Impulse nodded his head.

"Were they disappointed when you told them no."

"I didn't tell them no."

"You agreed to go out with one of them?"

"No of course not." said Impulse.

"What did you tell them then."

"I told them yes."

"Let me guess, you said yes to all of them, didn't you." interjected Robin.

"Well I didn't want to leave anybody out. I can dance with everybody can't I?"

"Bart I don't think they want to dance with you."

"Come on Kon, why else would they ask me to the dance."

"You know I could explain it to you, but it's too disturbing to even think about."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Ciss.

"Well from what I hear Bartha puts out."

"Puts out what?" asked Bart.

"Oh my god!" said Ciss "That crack about the birth control pills, that's why they've been asking you out."

"They think I put out the pills? They think I'm a drug dealer?"

"No Bart," said Cissie, "it's like this." She bent over and whispered in his ear.

Bart's eyes widened at what he heard, "Really? That's disgusting. I'm a guy for Pete's sake. What a bunch of perverts."

Robin smiled, "Think they're going to be put out by the fact that you don't put out? I'd like to hear your output."

End of Part 1

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