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Karma del Gatto

Summary: After hurting Italy's feelings Germany wakes up one day as a gray blue furred cat. Karma decides to teach him a lesson about life.

Neko Note: This is just a short one-shot, I wanted to try out a new anime for fanfictions so I went with Hetalia. If it works out I'll start making Hetalia Fanfics as well, so please enjoy!

WARNING! This will contain material references to Yaoi, Rated M for Mature

Karma del Gatto: Is Italian for 'Karma of the Cat'

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or the characters of Hetalia and that goes for the rest of this fanfic as well...

Germany X Italy

Karma of the Cat: ONESHOT

''Verdammt'' Germany cursed under his breath as he looked around with scowling blue eyes, ''Why? Why did I end up like this?'' he grumbled as he moved over toward a small puddle and looked at his reflection. His blue eyes staring down at a cat, with grayish blue fur. He growled in annoyance and swatted at the reflection with extended claws, ''What the hell happened to me!''


''Germany! Germany!'' Ludwig blinked then looked over his shoulder as his ally Italy hurried toward him with a smile on his face. ''Germany look I made some more pasta!'' Germany's brows twitched but he said nothing at first as Italy came to a stop in front of him. Japan was following suit at a slower more calming pace. Germany stared down at the pot full of pasta that his friend had made. ''Doesn't it smell good, let's share it, yes?'' he said with anticipation.

Ludwig sighed, ''Alright, but then back to some more training alright'' Italy hesitantly nodded just as Japan came by they're side as well. Germany led them to a grassy moor so they could picnic together and enjoy the pasta. As usual Italy was an excellent cook, if only his combat skills were just as good. Ludwig slurped up the noodles as he glanced at Italy in the corner of his eyes. His mind wondering why the other was so weak all the time, other nations even picked on him when he's not around to protect him. Even his older brother, Romano has a bit more back bone. It just didn't make sense, on top of that he's suppose to be a descendent of Ancient Rome. It just doesn't add up...

Ludwig stiffened slightly when Italy glanced over at him with slight confusion on his face before he smiled and leaned closer to the blond haired male. Licking up a little pasta sauce from Germany's cheek. ''...ITALY!'' Ludwig freaked out, his face running red slightly, ''What are you doing!'' he flinched away.

Italy seemed to tremble in fear at Germany's angry outburst, but Japan deemed it as normal and continued eating. ''T-there.. was s-s-s-auce on your face so I-I-'' he stuttered trying not to run away in fear.

''You don't do things like that Italy! It's wrong und in moral, I'm a man und you are as well, dass is why you can't keep doing things like this Italy'' before he could say anymore Italy was standing up, tears going down the side of his face.

He hiccupped a little and rubbed at his face, ''Germany is being a meanie!'' he cried before running off, Ludwig reached out to him but didn't go after him as he ran away. Instead he sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose trying to regain his composure again.

''I think you was a bit to harsh on him'' Japan mumbled as he continued to eat, his expression not changing the whole time, Ludwig simple glanced down at him then upped and left, ''I'm going out to drink'' he replied simple before leaving as well.

Japan sat there in silence, wondering if both of his allies will be ok after by tomorrow. He glanced over his shoulder over at Greece who was walking over to him, with a sleepy expression while his cats followed him.

Japan smiled, ''Kanbanwa Greece-san, can I ask a favor of you?''


Germany began to pace around, this is impossible, so far today he found himself as a cat, falling out of his own bed and tripped on his tail several times. After wondering the streets a while he finds himself here again, in the area of they're training grounds. He wasn't sure why he was turned into a cat, or how he did, hell he doesn't even know why he came back here again. He was useless now, a damn cat that can't fight for jack squat now.

''Arghhhh!'' He growled loudly and swatted at a post that was was part of a wooden fence. This was where they were having lunch before, and where he went a bit over board and shouted at Italy. He sighed and slumped onto the grassy ground, ''What a pain...'' if he was going to be stuck like this...then he would have liked to say sorry to Italy first...his only true friend...

''Oh...Hi Mr. Kitty!'' Ludwig jumped in surprise when he suddenly heard a familiar voice, he flipped around and stared up at Italy who was beaming a soft smile at him. ''Oh Mr. Kitty your so adorable, are lost?'' he asked a bit worried but all Germany could do was back away slowly.

''No no, don't be scared'' Italy suddenly scooped him up and hugged him close, ''Don't worry, I'll take care of you Mr. Kitty'' he said and began to walk with Germany in tow. The former soldier frowned deeply at the odd situation he was in now.


Ludwig soon found himself in Italy's home, his blue eyes glancing around curiously as Italy moved to his kitchen. ''Here we go Mr. Kitty, my kitchen, I can make you something nice to eat, how about some pesce and pasta?'' Germany wrinkled his nose at the idea of that. Instead his eyes wondered to the bowl of raw potatoes on the counter. He wiggled out of Italy's hold and onto the counter, pawing at the bowl. ''Oh you want potato?'' Italy giggled a little, '' You remind me of Germany, he likes potatoes too'' he told the feline and petted him softly before getting work on washing the potatoes.

In the end the Italian made mashed potatoes with mixed in fish and tomato sauce. Afterward beckoning the feline to eat it. Ludwig didn't mind it much, eating most of it before Italy scooped him up and took him out the kitchen. ''Bath time~!'' Italy sing songed.

Ludwig stiffened and suddenly started thrashing about, there was no way in hell he would bathe with Italy, that would be too embarrassing!

''Oh? Calm down Mr. Kitty, don't worry I'm going in the tub with you ok'' he said as he held Germany by the scruff of his neck. Ludwig's body immediately felt like it fell loose or something. He frowned, trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Italy made his way upstairs into one of his bedrooms, then into a bathroom. The tub was pretty large and they're was all ready hot water running for them.

Ludwig swallowed, his stomach felt like it was swirling in fear and his heart was in his throat. ''Here we go...'' Italy closed and locked the door before placing Germany down, the male soon began to strip. Ludwig's eyes widen a fraction and he looked away, if he were still human he'd be sporting a fine blush. He couldn't help that Italy was so cute! He then felt his scruff being taken a hold of and he was lifted into a hug against Italy's bare chest. He felt soft and his skin was such a nice color tone.

He was so caught up in his though he didn't notice his body entering the bubbly water. He blinked in realization but wasn't freaking out as he laid on Italy's chest half submerged in the water. Italy was smiling at him from where his head was resting on a bathing pillow.

''See it's not that bad...'' Italy said soothingly as he petted Germany on the head, ''Oh by the way, my name is Feliciano, but you can call me Italy, that's what everyone else calls me, even my brother Romano...I'm gonna call you Gattino, it means 'little cat' '' he smiled, his eyes actually opening as he gazed at Germany. They were a beautiful amber color, so alluring and adorable. ''Ya know...you remind me of Germany, he's my best friend'' Ludwig stiffened slightly but relaxed when he felt Feliciano scratch behind his ear. ''I'm also friends with Japan, and Greece, and France, he's one of my relatives, I got plenty of friends though. Romano is my older brother, he may seem mean, but he cares for me, he reminds me of how Germany is too...'' he trailed off and Ludwig pricked his ears up. It was strange to hear things like this from Italy, the boy never talked about his own self much, only shouting about pasta and flirting with pretty girls.

''I really like Germany...'' the feline's eyes widen, like his heart skipped a beat, ''But I'm not sure if Germany likes Italy too...'' he sighed but continued to smile a little, ''It's ok though...Italy doesn't mind...'' he looked at the cat again, who was staring back with slight guilt on his heart. ''Gattino, how about I tell you some stories about when I used to live in Mr. Austria's place with Sir. Holy Rome and Miss. Hungary?'' he smiled, a real one this time and Germany unintentionally purred.

''Ve bene allora! It all started when Grandpa Rome came to get me...''


After bathing Italy dried them both off and he slipped into a wife beater and sleeping shorts, Germany eyeing him the whole time. His mind still thinking on all the things the young male spoke of...It was strange..for some reason he feels like he understood his best friend more...and hearing his confession...'I really like Germany...' his voice kept replaying in his head. It made his heart beat faster and his chest swell.

Was this...lieben?

''Ok Gattino time for bed, Romano is staying over at Mr. Spain's house tonight, he'll be back in the morning, so it's just me and you'' he scooped up Germany and took him to his bed, pulling the blanket over them both and snuggling close to the feline. ''Good night Gattino'' he said sweetly before pecking a kiss on Germany's nose.

Germany watched as Italy began to snooze off, his eyes were closed again. Sleeping in the same bed with him wasn't that strange, he's done before many times. So this wasn't very different right? He frowned a little, thinking about the innocent good night kiss and touched his nose with his paw before looking at Italy. He figure it wasn't so bad, being a cat, he could stay by Italy's side like this...and not worry about the stupid things he does that could get his life in danger all the time, because...He could watch over him this way...

He'll always be here...

''Gute Nacht, Feliciano...''


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