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Sheldon Cooper, physicist extraordinaire, is emailing Amy Farrah Fowler while his friends, Howard and Raj, sing Michael Jackson's hit Thriller on 'anything can happen' Thursday. So far, Penny and Leonard have not come back from their date, and everyone has gotten tired of waiting for them. Soon enough, the song is over, and the apartment becomes silent once more.

"Is Amy coming over tonight, Sheldon?" Howard asks, sitting down on the couch.

"No, she had to finish a report on how her monkey was reacting to the nicotine within cigarettes to turn in to the university tomorrow." Sheldon answers from his spot at his desk.

"Oh, yes. I find her ability to teach a mere primate how to become addicted to something potentially life-threatening both peculiar and enticing." Raj adds with his daydreaming smile on his face as he pictures things about a certain Amy Farrah Fowler that would make a common whore blush.

"Oh calm down, you. You know that Sheldon and Amy are meant to be together, right Sheldon?" Howard scolds, looking to Sheldon with a stupidly hopeful look on his face for Sheldon to prove that he isn't an asexual being as currently everyone in their circle of friends thinks he is.

"Howard, you ought to know by now that I, as a brilliant physicist with a doctorate, do not believe in such trivial things as fate and soul mates as you common people do. I am a man of science and logic, not someone who frequently seeks and engages in coitus. Furthermore, I'll have you know that I just do not feel that way about Amy Farrah Fowler. We are no more than friends, and I plan on telling her that tomorrow." Sheldon responds unemotionally from his spot on the computer.

Howard and Raj share a look. Is he really as much of a robot as he is acting right now?

"You mean you're going to break up with her? Why?" Howard sounds generally shocked. No one is as perfect for crazy Sheldon Cooper as Amy Farrah Fowler is.

"I simply do not feel the same way for her as she does for me. Not to mention, between my work and maintaining my perfect schedule which has been suffering these past couple months since Amy and I have been dating, I simply do not have time for a relationship at this given point in time."

"Sheldon, that girl is crazy about you. Why would you want to give that up?" Penny asks from her spot at the door. Apparently, she and Leonard got home just in time to hear of the appending doom of the group's beloved Shamy couple.

Sheldon simply looks at her condescendingly. "Since you asked the question, I can assume that you heard me explain to Howard why I am planning to end my romantic relationship with Amy Farrah Fowler. Therefore, I do not feel the need to repeat myself."

Penny simply sits down on the couch beside Howard and raises her eyebrow at her current boyfriend's roommate. "Sheldon, after knowing you for four years, I know you better than that. If your schedule was all that this was about, you would have never drawn up the relationship agreement in the first place. You wouldn't have included your relationship with Amy into your schedule and then let all that hard work go to waste a few months later. So what is this really about?"

Everyone in the apartment is speechless as Sheldon looks almost guilty for trying to lie his way out of the group's questioning. Eventually, after Sheldon is able to look into Penny's light green eyes again, does he speak once more.

"Surprisingly the waitress from the Cheesecake Factory is right. It is more than just her presence in my life changing my schedule. It is just that she wants more out of our relationship. More than I can actually give her. Therefore, I find it easier to just terminate our relationship before she can get her hopes up even higher just to have them come crashing down."

Once more, everyone in the apartment is speechless with only one thought on their minds. Did Sheldon actually just sound human instead of the same half-human/half-robot hybrid he sounded like not even five minutes ago?

Naturally, Penny is the first to break the silence. "Oh, sweetie," she says before walking over to Sheldon and hugging him. Sheldon flinches, but doesn't push her away.

This serves to shock the group even further. At least 'anything can happen' Thursday is truly living up to its name. After a couple of minutes, Penny sits back down beside Howard, and he doesn't even try to put his hand on her bare thigh. Not that he has done so much since he became engaged to Bernadette. God bless that short, blonde haired woman for being willing to be with the pervert of Pasadena and change him for the better in the process. 'If Howard even thinks about hurting her', Penny thinks to herself, 'I'll go all junior rodeo on his ass'.

"Can you people, by some nonexistent miracle, actually understand why I am going to, as you put it, 'break up' with Amy now?" Sheldon questions, putting air-quotes around break up.

"We understand." Penny, Leonard, and Howard all say in unison. Raj just nods. He still cannot figure out how to speak in front of women without being under the effects of alcohol. However, he is getting slightly better when he speaks to Amy. Amy, as soon as she is done with her research on how monkeys react to smoking, says she wants to try and help Raj get over his selective mutism once and for all. Raj could not be happier when she told him last week.

As a matter of fact, Penny can understand exactly where Sheldon is coming from. She thought that being back with Leonard would be challenging but worth it. She really should've learned her lesson from dating the same guy the two previous times. It just would not work out. Leonard worships and adores her, and she really enjoys his company, but it's almost too easy. Penny had figured out a long time ago that she loved a challenge. She needed to be tested. No matter how much she loved Leonard, he could never be a challenge for her. For that reason, she has never felt closer to the wackadoodle from across the hall that she met four years ago.

After a few more minutes of semi-awkward silence, Raj turns on the television to Gothika on the Syfy channel, and Leonard finally moves away from the door of his own apartment to sit in the only available seat besides 'Sheldon's spot' while Sheldon moves from his desk to sit in his spot. The gang watches the movie until it is off before Howard yawns and stands up. "Well, I think it's time to leave. What do you think Raj?"

Raj only nods and stands up as well. Before either of the two can move toward the door, however, what seems to be a massive earthquake shakes the apartment to its core. Everyone screams and takes cover, even Sheldon. It seems like forever, but in reality is only a minute, before the shaking stops.

After everyone calms down, he/she takes into account their positions. Raj and Howard are holding onto each other for dear life and Leonard looks like he is about to disappear under the couch. The most shocking, however, are Penny and Sheldon's positions. Penny somehow managed to climb onto Sheldon's lap and has her head buried in his chest. Sheldon is holding onto her almost like he is protecting her and both hands are splayed across her back. Leonard, after standing, cannot help but feel a little jealous toward his eccentric roommate. Raj and Howard stand up after Leonard, both pretending not to notice the position they were in only a few moments ago, instead turning their attention to the two still sitting on the floor.

Eventually, the two also realized the position they found themselves in and got up awkwardly. Thankfully, everyone in the room choose not to mention the position, opting instead for trying to figure out what caused the positions in the first place.

"That's the biggest earthquake this year." Penny comments while surveying the damage inflicted on the apartment only a few moments before.

"That wasn't a normal earthquake, Penny." explains Leonard as the entire group of amazing scientists share an extremely dumbfounded look, a look that Penny finds laughable.

"Why does dr. wackadoodle look like his head is about to explode?" Penny asks in an only slightly sarcastic tone.

"He can't figure out what caused the earthquake." Leonard explains.

"I can't either. The only thing that I can figure out is that it wasn't caused by plates shifting. That's what makes it so strange." Howard adds looking at the now convulsing Dr. Cooper.

"Maybe we can make sense of things for you." a female voice states from behind the group that has them all turning around quickly at the sound.

The sight has them all shocked to the core. In front of them are five teenage girls they have never seen before standing within the apartment.

"Holy shit, it really is 'anything can happen' Thursday." Howard exclaims just as Raj falls to the floor in a dead faint.