Co-op that shouldn't have happened.

Author note:

Bored at four a.m. and this idea hit me. Maria and Elise from the sonic Series being Glados' lab rats. (Sorry forgot the exact way of writing it out.)

Chapter 1

Look out above.

Just another day of testing for Glados. This time she had a new co-op test track and two humans to do it. Speaking of that she might want to wake them up.

In one of the relaxation chambers a blond happily snuggles the pillow in her sleep. She mutters something completely unable to be understood. Glados just sighs and activates the alarm clock. In one swift motion the blond grabs the alarm clock and throws it. It hits the grill in front of the door and fizzles out of existence. Glados makes a note to not put the grills on the inside of the rooms. I thought then cross her mind.

~This is your first and last warning. Get up or I will take drastic measures. ~ Glados says over the intercom. The blond just waves her hand at the intercom and continues to sleep. The results are Glados opening one of the transport vents and picking the blond up in it. The blond is quickly dumped onto the floor which is very hard. This gets the girl to get up.

~Hello and welcome to Aperture Science Enrichment Center. Please enjoy your stay and refrain from killing the main AI. ~ Glados says as the blond dusts herself off.

Glados then shifts her view to the other test subject. A brunet. Glados activates the alarm clock and watches for results. The girl jumps out of the bed and looks around for the clock. She then grabs it and punts it towards the wall. Again it slams into the grill and fizzles out.

~Well at least you wake up easier than your partner. ~ Glados says as she activates a lift. The girl gets in it and waits. The lift arrives at the same place the blond is but let's it's passenger out much more politely.

~Good. Now that both of you are here and awake I will explain what's going on. You two are to take part in the testing of equipment here. There will be an award at the end. Any questions? ~ Glados asks.

"How dangerous are these tests?" The blond asks as she looks at the screen. If Glados could smirk she would be right now.

~ The results of failing some of the tests are death. But that would happen anyways for you. I've read your file. It says you suffer from NID. ~ The blond just glares at the screen in disbelief.

~ No other questions? Good. Now listen up closely. Your first test is to test aerial faith plates. Try not to die too horribly on the first test please. ~ Glados says. The screen then blinks off and the panel the two girls are standing on lowers into a test chamber.

"Nice computer. Didn't even introduce itself. I'm guessing we'll be working together a lot. I'm Elise." The brunet says.

"I could tell it was a nice AI when I woke up. On the floor. I'm Maria." The blond says. She takes one step forward and steps on an aerial faith plate. She is quickly sent flying across the room.

~ This is going to be a long day. ~ Glados says as she uses a claw to place Maria back on the starting platform.