Chapter 9: Dark Portal's Wrath

As portal was runing back to Jyne Township, Portal stopped and thought of something. He thought why Aria and Markae didn't come back for him, he thought why there were pits in the maze, and he thought why Arcu died before the gang found Markae. It was all Dark Portal's fault! And he also wondered if those four dark spirits from the beginning of his journey formed together to make Dark Portal, then he secretly went into Portal in his sleep. "Hmm, so that is what happened!" Portal said to himself. Portal looked at the Shield of Might and it was glowing blue. Then Portal continued running to Jyne Township. "Well well well. Look who's back!" Dark Portal said with his deep voice. "What did you do with Aria and Markae!" Portal yelled. "Well you know... killed them, hahaha."Dark Portal replied. Portal got very very mad then was charging at Dark Portal with his shield. Dark Portal grabbed him very tightly on the neck and threw him twenty feet. Dark Portal said, " You have no chance against me! I was created from the four spirits and I thought your precious friend was useless. So I got rid of him. Now, I wanted you to give up on your journey and then just to commit suicide. I can't believe you're still living. You are nothing but garbage!" Portal was very hurt from what he said. But he ignored it. Dark Portal put his hand on the ground, then there was total blackness.

Portal couldn't see anything, then eventually, there was a platform. The wall looks like the Red-eyed Sword. the circular wall was creepy looking from the sword's sterning eye. Portal was scared. Fire from hell was surrounding on the edge of the platform. Portal was looking around the stadium. Dark Portal was in the center wielding the Red-eyed Sword. "Prepare to DIE!" Dark Portal yelled at Portal. Dark Portal lifted his sword up and there was a red beam coming out of the edge of the sword. Then it charged straight at Portal. Portal forced the beam back to Dark Portal and he got hit right on the head. Dark Portal fell down and looked like he fainted. Portal was sprinting to him with his sword ready. Dark Portal got up and threw Portal to the other side of the stadium. Portal got up and glanced at Dark Portal. Dark Portal was laughing to himself. "Shut up!" Portal yelled. "Aww, boo hoo! Get used to it you little rumscle!" Dark Portal yelled back. Dark Portal was attempting a jump slice on Portal. Portal was hit severely on the heart and the Blue-eyed Sword broke in half. Then a couple seconds late, the sword reformed, but it is a little weaker than it should be. There was a black mark on the sword that looks kind of looks like an evil symbol. The symbol really bothered Portal, so he avoided it right away. Dark Portal used his sword as a arrow for a bow. He got a bow out and put the sword on it. This move was called the Flying Sword. It is the most powerful move ever since weapons were made. The move was too dangerous for everyone, even for experts. No one attempted the move until this battle. If anyone got his from this move, it's an instant death. "no no no!" Portal yelled. "Yes yes yes!" Dark Portal replied back. Then Dark Portal pulled back the sword aiming at Portal. The sword was going 100 miles per hour! Portal was hit.

Portal fell to the ground very hard. But he was barely breathing. Portal was opening his eyes slowly. Then he got up. "WHAT? That is not supposed to happen!" Dark Portal yelled. "Well, it just happened." Portal replied. Then Dark Portal surrounded himself with ice. The Blue-eyed Sword was glowing a fire symbol. He put the tip of the sword on the ground, then Dude came out. "It's going to get a little hot here!" Dude said. Dude shot a fire ball at Dark Portal, then the ice melted. Dark Portal surrounded himself with fire. Marcus came out of the sword and distinquished the fire. Dark Portal got very mad and put very heavy metal on him. Cloud 9 came out of the sword and forced Dark Portal 50 feet away! Then Dark Portal flew to the top of the arena. Geno came out of the sword and shocked Dark Portal with lightning with heavy clouds. Portal looked at everyone that helped him and smiled at them. Dark Portal said, "How the hell did you do that! But you still have no match, because you are very weak!" Portal knew he was fibbing, then he scoffed. Dark Portal and Portal were both grunting in severe pain. Portal didn't feel like fighting anymore, but he has to continue on to save the world. Then Dark Portal hit the ground with his bare hands. The gound was craked and is about to break. Portal can partialy see through it and he saw nothing but spikes. "See Portal, you have no match against me anymore. Just fall down, or I will force you to!" Portal got his sword ready and he hit the center of the Shield of Might. The shield was glowing blue. Then the blue beam from the shield hit Dark Portal and knocked him down right on his back. "NOW!" Portal heard in his head the gang ran up to Dark Portal very fast and jumped up. Portal raised his sword up, and there was a silver beam on the sword with Dude's, Marcus's, Cloud9's, and Geno's power. Portal aimed the sword at Dark Portal's heart and Portal yelled, "THIS MADNESS ENDS NOW!." Portal struck the sword on Dark Portal's heart with the blue beam coming out in a circle.


The stadium turned into the maze with a pathway with a gate leading back to Moni Town. "We did it." Portal high fived everyone with excitement. Portal says, "I should leave the sword here. So people could see it in the future. I am Master Portal, and my quest is completed." Everyone went through the gate in peace. After everyone walked out, Dark portal was squinting. "Your quest in not done." He said "Lets have some real fun!" Dark Portal pulled out the sword, saw the black mark and thought of an idea.