My first Fan fic about Avatar the Last Air bender. It is set maybe between the time Zuko is trying to find Ange after he leaves his Uncle or between the time he decided he's good and is trying to catch up to them and be the Avatar's fire bending teacher. I haven't decided. But enjoy.

I Tesswithwings do not own any Avatar the Last Air Bender character mentioned in this story but I do won my Oc's Nami and Hiro.

Pre Log

Fire and rock rained down a crossed the Earth Kingdom. My father, a high general of the Fire Kingdom, was living in and "helping" run the kingdom. I thought the Land of Fire was a bit barbaric. The Fire Lord had moved me and my family here and now we were to die in a horrific rebellion. Not to say I blame the people of the Earth Kingdome. I was an only child but I found great company in my servant girl and best friend Nami.

"Nami?" I yelled up the stairs in a panic.

"Coming Hiro!" she yelled back and nearly fell down the stairs.

"We must find mother and father" I said to her and grabbed her hand. We ran through the house yelling for my parents but found no voice yelling back.

"I don't think they are here!" Nami said out of breath. A rock at that moment came bursting through the window.

"DUCK!" I yelled and pushed her out of the way.

"Thanks Hiro" she mumbled as I helped her up.

"We have to get out." I told her. I grabbed her hand again and we ran. We got to the door and the door knob was blazing hot red. But I didn't see that till it was too late. I grabbed it and fire shot up my arms.

"HIRO!" Nami yelled.

It must have been adrenalin because the pain barely fazed me. Pushed open the door to the outside world. Everyone was fighting. We ran until we got to the forest.

"We have to stop" Nami said and pulled me by the arm to a river.

"I'm fine" I mumbled

"Look at your hands!" she mumbled then forced me to put them in the river. She used her water bending to try to heal my burns. But it was too late. My arms had scars up to my elbows the shape of flams themselves.

"Ironic isn't it…" I mumbled.

"What's ironic?" Nami asked and tried again.

"A fire bender got burnt…"

I was 13 when we ran away from home, that was three years ago. Now I'm 16 and Nami is 15. That day I lost my fire bending and my home. I've haven't seen my parents scents that night. Nami and I have been traveling the world in search of belonging.

present Day

"Who's that?" my best friend, Nami, from our home village asked. I looked over to her. The wind blew her dark brown hair over her green sparkly eyes.

"Who's who?" I asked.

"Don't you see that boy Hiro?" Nami asked and pointed ahead of us. Indeed there was a boy crouched down by the river bank. He had a large scare on his left eye (right eye if you're looking at him).

"Hello!" Nami yelled and waved to him. This startled the boy making him fall on his back side.

"Nami must you friend every stranger we meet?"

"Yes I must!" she laughed.

We approached the boy.

"Hello traveler, what is your name?" Nami asked.

The boy looked up at us and I recognized him instantly.

"Prince Zuko!" I gasped.

"You know him?" Nami asked.

"You know me?" the boy asked.

"Well… everyone knows of the fallen prince." I made up an excuse truth was I did know him. When I used to live in the Fire Kingdom we would stay at the palace and I would play with him and his sister. But I have a forgettable face.

"The fallen prince," Zuko snorted.

"Huh?" Nami turned to me.

"I'll explain later" I mumbled.

"So Zuko" Nami turned back to him. "What-cha hunched over for?"

"I have a cut…" Zuko said.

"Oh I'm an owff-"Nami started to say something but I stopped her. No one but I knew about her water bending.

"Let me see." I said and kneeled down by him.

He just looked at me.

"I won't hurt you" I said and grabbed his hand that was placed over his cut.

"You may have to take off your shirt!" Nami told him over my shoulder.

"She's right" I said.

"Umm" he was hesitant.

"We are healers." I informed him.

"Okay..." he said. He must have been in some paint to trust us so much. He took off his shirt to reveal a larger cut then I thought it would be.

"Who shanked you?" I asked.

"None of your business"

"Okay then." I rolled my eyes.

"I'm Nami! By the way and this is Hiro" Nami introduced us as I tended to his wounds. It took about a half hour to clean and stich him up. During this time Nami asked him lots of questions to which he barely answered.

"I don't mean to be forward but it would be smart of you if we all traveled together so I can keep an eye on your wound."

"That's okay thank you" Zuko said and got up he took a few steps away and collapse to his knees.

"As I just said it would be smart if we stuck together."

"Very well, just for a few days" the banished prince agreed.

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