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"No it wasn't meant to end like this!" An 18-year-old Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs. The tears that were falling out of her deep blue eyes were enough to break even the heart of the most emotionally detached yōkai. "I was supposed to live with them and watch their children grow!" the tears now coming even harder as she glared at the small pink tama that started this whole mess. Such a small trinket to cause so much pain and sadness, she thought.

She slowly wiped her eyes before she started to climb out of the old dry well known as the Bone Eaters well. As she was starting to walk up the steps, she sensed a familiar yōkai, one that she knew all too well, one that she shared a sleeping bag with every night.

She barely reached the top of the steps when the door was jerked open to reveal the yōkai had reddish orange hair that was pulled in a ponytail and went down his back, clear green eyes, and elfin ears. His smile showed his pointed fangs, his arms were crossed over his broad chest with sharp claws at the tips of his fingers. He no longer had just one tail that could be called a ball of fluff, but five sleek ones that were the same color as his hair. She could no longer tell if his fox like feet were still there or not because of the shoes that he wore.

"Mama," was all that he could say before he found his arms full of a five foot one female that just launched herself into his open arms. She took in the scent of burning wood, the scent of her kit, as she buried her face into his chest with a watery smile on her face.

"Shippou-chan, have you been waiting for me all this time?" she said as she started to tear up again.

Shippou put his forehead down on the crown of his adoptive mothers head taking in her scent of the blossoms of the Goshinboku, the scent of his youth and safety, "Of course I have, you are my mother after all." He told her making her laugh.

"What happened to everyone after I left?" Kagome asked, she had to know and she had to know now.

"I think we should sit down somewhere mama," was his simple answer as he looked away from her as if he had something to hide.

"Come let us sit under the Goshinboku." Kagome said trying to hide the fact that she was thinking that her friends' lives were taken in a horrible way.

As they sat on the bench right under the branches, they looked up to see the first buds of spring starting to push their way to the surface. "Shippou-chan," said kitsune snapped his head towards his adopted mother. "What happened to the others after I left the Sengoku Jidai?" the young onna tried again.

It was a long and quite minute before he answered her, it was almost like he was trying to keep something hidden. "Inuyasha was killed about a century after you left. It was the time of the dark moon, he was powerless and the cave only had one entrance and it was blocked. Hiei and I were getting firewood, food and water for the night. We didn't notice the demon presence going towards the cave, but by the time we got back it was too late." The kitsune looked upon the blue eyed onna beside him with sadness in his gaze.

"Miroku and Sango wed a year after you left and had three children. Two boys and one girl, I felt bad for the girl because she was the middle child and had not only her dad but an older brother trying to keep the other boys away from her. They did, however, name that little girl after you, mama." That seemed to catch the female off guard; you would have thought that with the way Miroku was they would have had more than just three children was the thought going through the young females head. "They managed to rebuild the Taijiya village and it even lasted until the barrier was built and they were no longer needed. They did what they loved to do until their very last breath, fighting yōkai. It was a tatsu that eventually showed them the way to reikai." The young miko had tears spilling from her eyes and eventually landing in her lap, knowing that they got the death that they would have wanted.

"Lord Fluffy," that had both of them laughing knowing how much Sesshomaru hated that nickname, "did eventually mate his ward, when she came of age of course. He even found a way to make her into an inu yōkai, we are still not sure how he managed that. They are still alive and currently live in the makai with their only pup. Before you ask yes she is spoiled beyond all belief." One look into the kitsunes eyes and she knew that he wasn't joking about anything.

"Mother after you left Kouga mated Ayame, and they have a set of twins, one boy and one girl, cutest pups even when they were first born." He had a faraway look for a few seconds before he came back to reality with a shake of his head. "They are mini versions of their parents, except the little girl has her dad's blue eyes and the little boy has his mom's green eyes. Their attitudes are even the same, it is really funny."

"And what of you my son?" The miko asked her kit.

"After you left, I stayed with Sango and Miroku for a while. Once the last of their three hellions was born I went out on my own for a while, and it wasn't long until I went back to the kitsune school. I graduated fifty years later and I had to hear about Sango and Mirokus deaths through Inuyasha. After a couple of years I found a forbidden child, a yōkai born of two opposing elements," he explained in a hurry when he caught confusion flash across her face. "His name is Hiei, he just so happens to be a fire and ice hybrid, and we became friends. You already know what happened with Inuyasha, and it was the next day that I met the King of Thieves, Yoko Kurama." The young miko just shook her head, she could see the stars that were practically shining in his eyes at the thought of the other yōkai. "That's really all that has been going on in my life until Kurama was killed and Hiei was proven to be too dangerous to be around ningens and was sent to the makai. That is all that I can think of that has happened to me while you were gone.

"I have been living in ningenkai, waiting for you to return mama," he said looking back down at his hands. "A lot has changed in the five centuries or so after the well was sealed shut and we didn't see you come back, the biggest of which being the fact that there are now three worlds; makai, ningenkai and reikai. The makai is where most yōkai live and are under the rule of Lord Stick-up-his-ass. The yōkai that are no longer hostile can live in peace in the ningenkai, ningen world, as long as they don't kill and hide their yōkai features.

"The reikai is where the spirits go when it is their time. It is under the rule of King Enma, but he has pushed a lot of work on his son Prince Koenma, who has in turn created the Spirit Detectives that make sure the more dangerous yōkai that cross the barrier are dealt with immediately. The reikai has created soul carriers, they are the ones that go and gather the soul of the deceased and make sure that they are given judgment in the reikai." Shippou looked at his mom to see how she was handling the new information that was just thrown at her. "Mother I fear you are going to be in trouble."

The look on the young adults face was one of total shock, what would want to come after her? "Shippou-chan, what are you talking about?" she asked trying to see if she heard him right.

"You have the Shikon no Tama still right?" she pulled the tama out of her shirt and nodded. "You are going to have yōkai coming after you as well as the reikai, they will want to take it from you mama, you are after all not only the Shikon no Miko but also the Lady guardian as well." He said before he stiffened up just enough for the miko to know that something was wrong.

"What is it?" She demanded of her kit. "Shippou tell me."

"A small group is here; one is ningen but yōkai at the same time but not hanyou, then there is a yōkai that I know, there is a pure ningen as well as a hanyou" He said as creases started show on his smooth forehead. "It is so confusing; the yōkai that I know shouldn't even be here in ningenkai." He finished as the yell of "Urameshi!" was heard all through the shrine grounds.

The miko looked at her son as he took on more ningen features, but kept his red hair and green eyes. They started to walk over to the steps to great their guests. "Hello there" The miko said as she bowed at the guests careful not to let the Shikon fall out of her shirt. "Welcome to Higurashi Shrine, how may I help you today?" She asked with a smile on her face as she got her first real look at the four that were standing before her.

The first she could have sworn was related to her Shippou; he had red hair, bright green eyes that held a little gold in them here and there, and if she didn't know better she could have sworn that he had the good looks, and delicate features of a kitsune yōkai. She looked over at her Shippou and pointed to him with her eyes and he just shrugged saying that he had no idea who the other red head was. He was wearing a high school uniform from around the area, and it was the most hideous pinkish purple that she has ever seen. The fan club he must have, she thought as her eyes moved over him.

The next boy was the yōkai that her Shippou had told her about, he was fire but at the same time he was ice. He was the shortest of the group, and about 2 inches taller than her. His jet black hair was standing on end with the little white star shape over his forehead gave him more height but not enough to look as tall as his companions. He wore all black except a white headband that was tied so that it stayed on his forehead, but she could tell that there was something under it that gave off a dark aura. He also had another dark aura over his arm that was not his, but burned like the pits of hell itself. As if his aura wasn't enough to say that he was an yōkai; his little fangs that were sticking out, elf like ears, blood red eyes, and sharp claws proved what he was to any normal ningen. Confident in yourself are you? The miko asked herself. To live so long with opposing natures you must be powerful, she thought as she took in his yōki level he could easily be classed as a daiyōkai.

The next one was an orange haired boy that was done in an Elvis style, and gray eyes. This boy had to be at least six feet tall. He was in a light blue jump suit that was for a different high school in the area. His jaw was what you would expect a young man to have, his cheek bones were high and his nose was slender and pointed. There was something about this man that just screamed spiritually aware, and is that a tie of some sort around his pinky figure? His string of fate has marked another, she thought with a smile on her face.

The last one in the line had to be the hanyou. What his yōkai blood was, she had no idea but it was obvious that he was of daiyōkai strength. His black hair was slicked back and he had the deepest brown eyes that she has ever seen. He wore the same uniform as the orange haired male but instead of light blue it was green, did they go to the same school? His body was muscular but lean at the same time. He looked like he has had a lot of training to get that body, or that he was a street fighter, most likely the latter. Looking in his eyes she could see a lot of sadness there. He's kind of cute the young priestess thought to herself.

"Sorry for coming here unannounced priestess." The red haired male said as he and the others bowed before the miko, who by this time has forgotten that she was still in her miko garbs. Upon seeing that his friends were not going to talk yet he continued. "We are here because these two had to pick a legend that is from the area, and they came to me seeing as they are my friends to see if I knew any. I know of a few but there is one that I would like to know more about, so I came with them."

"Ah, I see" Kagome started "My name is Higurashi Kagome, and this is my adopted son Higurashi Shippou," he just nodded his head at the four boys in front of us, his eyes stopped on the yōkai and winked. "What legend do you need help with?" She asked even though she knew that they would be asking about the Shinko.

"It is nice to you Higurashi-san. My name is Minamino Shuichi. This is Hiei," the yōkai nodded his head while he continued to look at Shippou, yep that is the one that stayed with my kit went through the young mikos mind with knowing his name. "That is Kuwabara Kazuma," the only full human said hello, proving to be the one that was yelling on the stairs. "And the one on the end is Urameshi Yusuke," he just lifted his left hand and gave a quick yo. Minamino-san was nice enough to introduce everyone, he seemed like such a nice young man and because of that he much have one hell of a fan club.

To everyone's surprise it as Hiei that spoke up and not Minamino-san. "We would like to hear about the Shikon no Tama," was his simple answer. Damn thought Kagome called that, why is it always about that accursed tama?

"Not a problem," Kagome said with a smile on her face. "If you will be so kind as to follow me we can sit under the Goshinboku and have the peace of mind that it is known to bring, for this tale is not one for the faint of heart." She finished as she started to walk over to the bench. She turned so fast that she didn't notice the looks that the four strangers gave each other before they followed.

"I shall start with the beginning so you can understand it better. The Shikon is a powerful tama that grants whoever possesses it with immense power. The Tama is named because it is said to have four souls; Aramitama, Nigimitama, Kushimitama, and Sakimitama. When a person contains these four spirits at their maximum, they unite to form a really strong and powerful balance within the soul that can be used for either good or evil." It looked like Yusuke and Kazuma could careless, whereas Shuichi and Hiei looked like they already knew the legend.

"The tama was created by the battle of the great miko Midoriko and a strong and powerful yōkai. She was able to seize the souls of yōkai and purify them, this power coming from having a positive balance of the four souls within her heart, and in a time of many yōkai ravaging the earth those who possessed spiritual powers such as hers were considered to be as powerful as one hundred samurai. Her spiritual power alone over shadowed that of any other person alive, and it was said she could purify and destroy ten yōkai at once. Her final adversary and the one that claimed her life was created by many yōkai joined and anchored within the evil heart of a human who secretly lusted for her.

"After seven days and seven nights of fighting, Midoriko realized that she would be unable to fight off the yōkai. It was as she was being drawn into the creature's massive jaws that she seized the spirit of the yōkai and bound it within her own with the last of her power, killing both of them. This event created the Shikon no tama, which burst from her chest. Within the tama, her soul and the souls of the yōkai she bound within it still battle on. The state of this battle is influenced by the person who possesses the tama." She finished noticing the looks of all four of the boys that were listing to her story. "Since then the Shikon has been tainted in blood and violence. Yōkai, hanyou and ningen alike have been trying to find it and use it for their own purposes that eventually lead to mental insanity and death.

"Eventually the tama fell into the hands of a miko named Kikyō, for the taijiya trusted her to keep it from the wrong hands. She was able to keep it pure and the battle in Midoriko's favor. Word got around to the hanyou Inuyasha, son of the daiyōkai Inu no Tasho, that there was a tama that could grant his highest wish of becoming a full yōkai, the only problem was the miko would do what she could to keep any evil away from it. When he found the tama and its' protector, he learned that he had to come up with a plan in order to claim the Shikon as his. Eventually, after many attempts, the hanyou and miko feel in love and he even gave up trying to become yōkai, he even told his lover that he would become ningen just so that they could be together. The miko thought that it was the perfect wish to make the tama forever pure, forever untainted.

"Unfortunately this tale ends in misery. The miko found a bandit by the name of Onigumo, his body was mostly burned only five percent left untouched by the flames. She tended to his injuries and within time he became obsessed with her to the point of allowing yōkai to feed on his flesh and he became the vile hanyou named Naraku. When he found out about the tama he decided that it would be his, and with it so would Kikyō, it was then that he found out about Inuyasha. He found a way to get to the tama and he didn't care about anything else.

"He placed the seeds of doubt, and ultimately the hatred in their hearts, into the minds of the miko and her hanyou lover. Thus, he began to plan, and the purpose of his plan was to steal the tama and corrupt it with their hatred and bitterness. Inuyasha was sealed to the Goshinboku for fifty years by one of Kikyō's arrows. She shot the arrow for she believed that it was him that stole the tama from her as well as delivering the killing cuts upon her shoulder, where in reality it was Naraku under an illusion to make him look like Inuyasha. Her final wish was for the tama to be burned with her body, and it was fulfilled by her younger sister." Kagome took a deep breath and prepared to tell the final part of the horrid legend, the part that was her history.

"However, no one expected it to returned fifty years later through a reincarnation of Kikyō's soul, it was cut from her body by Mukade Jōrō. With the bloodthirsty yōkai chasing her, she eventually unsealed Inuyasha to save herself. It wasn't even a week later that the tama was lost to a carrion crow, while attempting to retrieve it by shooting the crow with an arrow, the miko accidentally shattered the tama into hundreds if not thousands of Shikon no Kakera which were scattered themselves across Japan.

"Throughout the next three years, Inuyasha's pack which included the monk Miroku, the young miko whose name has been long since lost, her adopted kitsune unfortunately his name is also lost, as well as the taijiya Sango and her mount kirara attempted to collect the kakera and stop Naraku from getting the tama for himself. Eventually they did succeed in gathering all of the kakera, however in the end the miko was drawn into the tama and it is said that she took Midoriko's place in fighting the yōkai within it. Though, there is another part of the legend that states that the she destroyed the tama by making the perfect wish." Kagome finished the legend, and the fact that she said names that were lost to time got a raised eyebrow from the full yōkai. The boys that were around her were starting at her as if they thought that she shouldn't know that much of the legend.

"Why would know you know so much about this little relic?" Yusuke asked.

"The last two miko from the legend, were from Endo a village in the Sengoku Jidai, and that village had the Goshinboku and the Honekui no Ido. Both of which sit on this very shrine, the well is in the well house over on the other side of the shrine if you would like to see it. It is also rumored that both miko were from the Higurashi family, though I don't think one of them was." The miko said as she looked at the hanyou. "Could you possibly answer a question for me?" She asked just dying to know what type of yōkai blood was in his system. With a nod from the black haired young man, "What type of yōkai are you? Hiei I know what you are, but not you two" she said pointing to Yusuke and Shuichi.

"Mama I think you scared them" Shippou said laughing at the shocked faces, "Although I do want to know what you are doing in ningenkai Hiei?" He said as he let his yōkai features show again.

"Don't think that I want to be here kitsune." Hiei said glaring at said yōkai, "Long story short, I got caught stealing the Conjuring Blade from reikai, and got my ass handed to me by the baka over there." He shot a pointed glare at Yusuke, "Since then I have been forced to work with these bakas by Koenma." He rolled his eyes like he didn't want to be here.

"Well sparky it's nice to see that my son was in good company when I was not with him," The young onna said. "I still want to know what you two are."

"I don't see how that is any of your Kami damn business lady," Yusuke said showing his fangs.

"What are you trying to do, scare me? That won't work on me hanyou," Kagome growled back putting all that fighting with Inu Yasha to use.

"Yusuke's a Mazuko and I have two souls milady." Shuichi started, "One is the human known as Minamino Shuichi, and the other is the yōkai known as Yoko Kurama."

"Never thought that I would see you again," The red kitsune said looking at the other red head.

"Not nice kit." Kagome said giving him a small smack to the back of his head and at his wine of 'Mother' she gave him a glare that would make Sesshomaru proud. "I'm surprised that you told me that information that easily. Most would try to hid it and keep it under wraps."

"Yeah what the hell Kurama, you are never like this!?" The young Mazuko said throwing his hands up in the air.

Before anyone had the chance to answer Higurashi Kun-Loon came out of the house looking for the young miko. "Ah, there you are Kagome. Do you think that you can do me a favor and go pick up Souta from school?" She asked with the sweetest smile on her face, the one that you just can't say no to.

"Of course mama," Kagome said to her before turning to the men in front of her. "I'm sorry but I must be leaving, if you would like to know more you can ask my Mother about the legend. Come Shippou," She walked off with a smile on her face. She may not have all of her friends with her but she learned that yōkai were still around, she had her son with her and her friends that did die were at peace.

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