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By the time they reached their thirtieth day together in the small cave secluded in the forest, the days and nights had started to blur together. They feel into a rhythm that suited the two of them just fine, though around their sixth day they started to let their guards down. Therefore, it came to be around midafternoon, on their fourteenth day, that the two teens found themselves pushed up against the rock wall by a group of yōkai. All were from a different breed of yōkai and under normal circumstances they would never think about forming an alliance with one another. Honestly who would ever think that an ookami and neko would ever come together willingly?

"Give us the Shikon and we may let you live miko!" One yelled from the far left side of the group, causing others to join in on the taunting.

"Hanyou, are you not yōkai enough to know that you should never associate with a killer of her magnitude? Even a young pup knows that you must stay away from one with holy ki! They are just cold and heartless monsters!" Another one started the yelling towards the hanyou and others soon started to follow her example. "They will only end up stabbing you in the back and killing you when you let your guard down, that is why she lured you out so far from help."

"Enough!" a kaze yōkai said from the center of the group, obviously the leader of this rag-tag group. When the others quieted down he continued "Step away from the miko, hanyou and you will live. Miko give us the Shikon no Tama and we will think about letting you live past nightfall." He said with a twisted grin on his face.

"Bite me!" Yusuke yelled pulling Kagome behind him and showing off his small fangs to those that would wish harm on one as sweet as the woman cowering behind his back. "I would like to see you try to get me away from her long enough to touch her with your slimly hands!" He was now starting to get pissed and his eyes were starting to bleed red, a sure sign that his yōkai blood was starting to show itself. "If you leave now and never come back, I will not kill you. Be warned if you stay and fight you will be killed and may Enma have mercy on your souls!"

"Oh isn't this is just wonderful, Byakko." A flamboyant voice said from the side that started to taunt the young mazuko first. "Let's kill them first and take the Tama, like we should have the first time we saw her, only she cannot be saved by Lord Hoshiyomi this time!" He was now stomping his foot in annoyance at the situation at hand. "Please I want to taste her blood, you know that I have wanted that since the first time we saw her with that inu hanyou."

"Be calm, and take your time to be a true yōkai shinobi, Suzako," Byakko said not bothering to look at his fellow fighter. "Step away from the female and give us the Shikon or both your lives are forfeit, I will not say it again!" He kept looking at the two cornered persons.

"Kagome, find a way to get the hell out of here, they would have my head if you got hurt somehow." Yusuke said trying to push her away from the danger so that he could fight with as close to full strength as he was allowed to in the ningenkai.

"I can fight with you," she said trying to reason with the hotheaded hanyou that she had fallen in love with. "There are too many for you take on by yourself! Let me help you!"

"Please just take cover, let me handle this." He told the miko pushing her further towards the entrance of the cave that they were staying in for the time being. "You fuckers are going to have to go through me to get to her, and it will be a cold day in hell before I let that happen." The hanyou growled to the yōkai that were threating the onna that he saw as his, the woman that means more than the three worlds to him.

"That works better for us, actually." Byakko said with a sick smile on his face. "We will kill you both and once we have the Shikon no Tama in our possession, we will no longer have to worry about the reikai lap dogs being on our asses." The rest of his group laughed with him this time. "Kill them both, and give me the Tama. I wish to see it tainted black once again like it was over five hundred years ago." After he said that it was clear that it was the signal that the others were waiting for. As one unit they attacked the hanyou and the young onna that were cornered.

"Get out of here Kagome." Yusuke pushed the miko away from the danger that could be the end of her. "Keep the Tama safe, get your arrows out of the cave and only shot if they are going after you directly. Stay in the cave, stay safe." He told her before he took the first shot at the group of yōkai that were there to kill them, and he killed one of the slower yōkai, a hebi by the look of the scales. "Run Kagome." He tried to get her away from the fighting one last time before all hell broke loose around them. "If I'm going to hell today, I am taking as many of you with me as possible. So who else wants to die for the greed of another?" he growled out as he kicked another opponent in the head while jumping out of the way of another going for his legs.

"Yusuke," Kagome started to say but was stopped when he was attacked again. "Please don't die on me." She ran away from the fight and hoped that they would survive to see nightfall.

"I don't think so you asshole." Yusuke said as he saw one of the yōkai going after the miko. He jumped between them without second thought and shoved his hand through the chest of the unknown yōkai. "Anyone else what to go after her before I am dead?" he said as he killed another of the rouge yōkai.

He heard a hiss from behind him and he soon found himself flying head first into the little creek that was running just a few feet away from the fight. Picking himself up from the ground, Yusuke let off his "Shot Gun" hoping to get more than just one with one move.

"You can't get me that easy boy!" Suzako said as he came up behind the hanyou and licked his cheek. "You might not have the cute hanyou ears, but you are cute. Leave the miko bitch and come with me, it would be a lot of fun." He told the mazuko before giving him a wink.

Yusuke growled and pulled the yōkai into a headlock, "Not going to happen, bastard." He growled out before snapping the others neck and let the body fall before going back to the others that were looking at their fallen comrade that was laying on some rocks with eyes looking up at the sky but never again able to see.

As the crowd was hissing at the hanyou and trying to think of ways to get back at him for those three that he has killed, no one noticed the four that were starting to follow the miko. "If we can get her out of the way, he would be easier to take care of," the one in the lead said to the others. "He would be easy," he never got to finish his sentence when a streak of pink came through and turned him and the one that was directly behind him into ash. The first streak was soon followed by a second and a third aiming at the other two that were trying to get away from the trained miko, they didn't get far before they too were just piles of purified ash on the ground.

"Yusuke you better be alive," Kagome said to herself as she went towards the sound of battle only to find the young punk still fighting but it was no longer the twenty or so yōkai that started the fight, but now there was only two. By the looks of the fight he forgot that the leader of the group was behind him. She raised her bow up to get an aim at the two yōkai that were trying to kill her love, Please don't let me hit Yusuke, She prayed as she let the arrow fly. Luck was on her side, the arrow didn't hit Yusuke but it did narrowly miss Byakko before embedding itself into the chest of the yōkai that was fighting her hanyou.

"It is time you die little miko." Byakko said turning to the onna that fired the arrow at him. With a white blast the yōkai shinobi fell to the ground without a head at the miko's feet. With the body on the ground it was revealed that Yusuke's yōkai had taken over his ningen side to the point that his hair was now to the back of his knees and his yōkai markings could now be seen by all, no matter the race.

"Kagome, what were you thinking?" The hanyou yelled. "I can't go on without you, don't you know that? Can't you see that?" He asked taking the shaking miko into his arms and trying to hide her from the cruelty of the world. "Please don't make me try to have to face the rest of my life without your kindness. I would not survive; I would become the monster that most of those that I know see me as." He said as he was now on the verge of tears himself.

"I'm so sorry Yusuke; I didn't think that it would turn out like that. I saw him going for you with your back turned towards him and I lost it." She said as she curled herself further into his embrace, "I would be lost with you; you have become my everything these past couple of weeks. First with calming me when I would have a night terror after you saved me from Hakudoshi, you did something that no one else could have done with me. Now you are in the wild with me, protecting me from those that want something that I have. You have become my life; you are the only one that can say they own my soul." She said as she was slowly soaking his white tee-shirt with tears. "Please do not ever ask me to leave you in a fight alone again, especially if the odds are that far out of your favor."

He put his hand under her chin making her look up at him and he slowly leaned down to kiss her. When he pulled away he put his forehead against hers making it so that all they saw was each other. "Kagome, I have wanted to say this for a while now." He said causing her to pull away in shock. Thinking that he would be like Inu Yasha by choosing his first love over her. Will I always be second best in the eyes of the hanyou that I love? She thought but before the tears could even start to fall again he pulled her into another kiss making her forget any and all thoughts, even if it was just for a few short moments.

When he pulled away this time he looked right into her eyes and said "I love you with all of my mind, body and soul. You own everything that I am, everything that I stand for." With a new view on life she didn't even hesitate in saying it back to him. He let out a shout of joy, before asking "Will you be my mate?" With a nod from his miko he started to twirl her around in a circle and started to kiss her all over her face.

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