I came back to myself to find each Kai standing there. I had walked in each one of their lives. I knew that we were all connected. We were all individuals, each of us had lived in different cycles of time but still somehow connected.

First Kai spoke. "We are all the chosen ones of Rakais. Although we all have our own 'mortal' spirit, we are one soul that she brings back again and again when Mankind needs us to stand up to the insects. Each time she brings our soul back she refines it to become a better weapon against the Insects. In the First Cycle of time the only thing I had was hatred. It was her first gift."

Second Kai chimed in "I had Hatred but it was not enough in the second cycle. Her gift to me was Self-Sacrifice. I had to be willing to put the welfare of others before my own.

Third Kai added. "In the third cycle Hatred and Self-Sacrifice served me well during the Insect War but I had to rebel against authority. Without my rebellion Mankind would have been overrun and wiped out which brings us to you.

You are Fourth Kai, You also carry Hatred, Self-Sacrifice and Rebellion along with the gifts given to you, Determination and Patience."

First Kai spoke again "I was named Kai by my father in honor of Rakais. Kai is more than just a name, it is a word from a language that was long dead even when I was born. There is no word or phrase to accurately define it in modern tongues. The closest explanation would be "a backlash of anger" That is who and what you are Kai.

I understood now. In the prophecy that we had each filled over the years, Kai referred to the anger of a goddess, and I was her weapon.