E/O Challenge WoW: Label
Word Count : 100
Warning! Please be aware that the content may be upsetting
and/or offensive to vegetarians and vegans.

Disclaimer : Hang on a mo! If the staff writers have had a play with my ideas,
then it's only fair that I get to play with
their belongings! Isn't it?

A.N. Was planning to take a break for this one, so my apologies for what follows.
I blatted it off early this a.m. (Had to then extend it from it's original 77 words).
Will try harder next time, honest.


A night out for the boys and Dean is casting his eyes over their fellow drinkers…

"Dean! You can't label people like that!"
"Really? Why not?"
"Because. Hot, Not Hot. You're being totally superficial. It's like you're reducing
people down to lumps of meat."
"Oh...I like that. So, see that honey by the bar? She is definitely Tasty Topside.
The creaky old barmaid? Sorry but, 'Orrible Offal."
"Dean! Stop it. Enough!"
"Now me? Well, obviously I'm your prime piece of rump steak."
"Oh, you think so? 'Cos I'd say you were more like a slab of belly pork!"
"Watch it little brother. Carry on an' I may have to make mincemeat out of you."
"Yeah, whatever...Jerky."