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Signing In

A woman with dark red shoulder length hair, bright green eyes, and red lips appears on screen, fiddling with the settings of the console. Finally she sets it to her preferences, and frowns, crinkling her nose, and reading a notification.

"To set up profile… you mean I…" The woman sighs and looks directly into the camera. "Oh, and it's already recording. I look intelligent already. My name is Jane Shepard, Commander in the Alliance fleet, assigned to ship Normandy, under Captain Anderson." A few sounds pop up, giving notice to the notifications, and Jane paused to look at the corner of her screen. "Good, everything is set up," she said apparently satisfied.

Shepard looks directly into the camera again. She looks tired, yet freshly showered. "The Normandy crew went on their first mission today. Eden Prime… was not anything that we expected. Our objective was to find a Prothean Beacon and bring it aboard the Normandy to take to Citadel space for research. I was also supposed to be under surveillance for Spectre candidacy with Nihlus being my judge. He didn't make it. He was betrayed by a fellow Spectre, his friend Saren. I really liked Nihlus, we could have worked well together. Jenkins fell today too. Maybe if Nihlus hadn't insisted on working alone, they would both be alive and we would have the word of a Spectre, and our soldier would be alive today. Geth were on the ground as well, hitting the colony. The Geth have this new technology that turns people into electric zombies. We only found a few survivors from the dig site. We found the Prothean Beacon after disarming a few bombs that would have made the colony one giant crater. Kaidan got too close and I guess it was still active so it pulled him in. I managed to get him away from it, but it grabbed me instead."

Shepard looks disturbed and seems to zone out. "I had visions. Visions of annihilation, destruction, death... I think. It was really orange with lots of screaming as if the Protheans were in a lot of pain and afraid. I have no idea what wiped them out. I woke up in the infirmary, Alenko and Dr. Chakwas were waiting for me. Captain Anderson debriefed me on our next course of action. We are going to appeal to the Citadel Council for Saren to come to justice. I don't think my 'bad dreams' are going to be enough evidence, but we have to try." She gave a rueful smile. She picked up and downed her coffee in one big gulp.

"Ugh, I hate coffee, but I need to stay awake. One good things came of this- Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams. She is a good soldier, though she is taking the loss of her squad hard. I can understand that feeling though." Shepard touches the scar that crosses from her left cheek, across her nose to her right cheek. "Alenko is a good biotic, with some dabbling in tech. Though, he didn't use his biotics much. I will have to talk to him about that. We are going to need everything at our disposal, no holding back." Shepard frowned, as if trying to figure out the story behind his reluctance. She suddenly jerks with a start and takes another drink of coffee.

"Ok, I am getting sidetracked. I am actually excited about seeing the Citadel for the first time. Williams seems to be just as excited as I am." Shepard gets this giant grin on her face. "I have wanted to see the Citadel since I was a child! To see so many species in one place! I mean, yeah I saw aliens on Earth, but this is completely different! This is the center of the Galactic Community! To have an audience with the Council, supposed to be the wisest of their races… though they are politicians… so scratch that, not the wisest. I wonder how they are going to take our message about the visions, betrayal, and Geth. Especially since we're human." Shepard contemplates this for a little bit. "I am not racist, xenophobic, nothing like that, I have just heard things from others that humans... you know what? I never base my opinion on other peoples judgment, I am not going to start now. I look forward to seeing how this all plays out. I wonder how this is going to affect my submission to be a Spectre." She seems to come back out of her thoughts and looks around the room a little bit longer, trying to come up with something to say. She looks at the ceiling when Joker's voice comes over the intercom.

"We are coming upon the Citadel-" The rest of the message was lost as Shepard smiled, jumped out of her seat and hit 'end recording.'