Important A/N: Greetings! Sorry it has taken so long to update and only to say this. I have decided I am going to make a different story for each ME arc. So this is not a real chapter, but is a sneak peek at the new story. The new story is already out with the first chapter, because I posted it right before I posted this.

'Bring Me To Life, Wake Me Up' is the next story title.

I apologize, but this is how I decided to write it. Thank you for reading this story and I hope you read the sequel, which consists of regular chapters, not video diaries.

Here is the sneak peek. It is very short and here to just make sure I follow the rules and guidlines of the site that say chapters can not be just an Authors Note:

I Die For You

She recognizes this darkness. It sounds like she is in a tunnel. The booms of explosions in the background bring feelings of fear and panic that she can't explain. These things hadn't fazed her before, and she didn't understand where this odd feeling of doom was coming from.

Her body lurches as a strong impact and a very loud voice wakes her up. 'Wake up? From what? Why am I sleeping?' Shepard asks herself confused and opens her eyes.

She sits up at the demand of "Get up Shepard!" and grabs her side in pain. There is apparently, no time to sort out her confusion, because the female voice calls out again. "Get to the locker. Your armor and gun are in there."

Shepard stumbles over to the locker. 'Is this thing a VI? What happened? This is NOT my armor. Where the hell is my SHOTGUN?!'