"Hurry fast!" my mom shouted as she handed me a ticket for my plane. My parents are going through a "hard time" so they decided to make me go spend the summer with my grandma. Don't get me wrong, I love her, but she is so boring and does nothing but sit and watch soap operas all day. But, she has a beach house and I'm thinking I will get to see a lot of guys there.

"Patty, do you have everything?" My mom is always worried about me, but I could care less, I hate her and my dad so much for sending me away for the whole summer.

"Yes mom, I do, bye now," I mummbled as I quickly walked away. I didn't even look back. All I knew was that she was throwing my summer away, and I don't want anything to do with her.

It took about an hour to get to my gate. I glanced up to the tv and saw this news story on Cody Simpson.

"Cody was spotted with another girl, could he possibly be dating someone even after his recent break up?" the lady on the tv said like she accually cared. I rolled my eyes, why can't people just leave those celeberties alone. I don't like most of them anyway. They use girls like us to get popularity and I don't get into that kind of about five minutes, my group called on the loud speaker, that snapped me back to reality. I got up and did the same stuff and got onto the plane.

It was a five hour flight, but I slept the whole way. When I got to the airport, some young looking lady came up to me and asked, "Are you Patricia? Shirley's grandaughter?" Was I supposed to know this lady? "Yeah, but you can call me Patty," I tried my best to not looked confused, but she noticed it. "Oh, pardon me, I'm Taylor, I am your grandma's housekeeper," Wow my grandma has a house keeper, cool.

We drove through the city and I was gazing up at all the buldings and the stores and the malls. I bet grandma will let me walk around and look. We finally got to grandma's beautiful beach house. I walked in and my grandma walked, accually more like hobbled, over and gave me a hug and kiss and showed me to my room. "This is where your going to sleep, feel free to decorate it anyway you'd like, I don't use this room so I don't really care." Awesome, I get my own room and I can decorate it. The room was compleatly empty except for a huge bed, desk, and a lamp table. I started to unpack my many suitcases and I found a few of my Skillet posters and put them up.

After I finally put them all up, I walked out into the living room and asked my grandma if I could go down the beach. She said yes, so I ran back into my room and put on my swim suit, my favorite shorts, and a swimsuit cover shirt and ran down the beach.

I found a empty chair and sat down. I put in my music and watched the guys surf. After about an hour I got bored and got up and walked down the beach. It was surprisingly empty, only a few people were surfing and I didn't see any kids. I started to daydream, like I usually do when I am walking, when something came flying and hit my in the face so hard that I fell to the ground. A blonde boy, not much older then me, runs up to me, "Are you ok?" He had an austrailian accent. I couldn't see his eyes because of his sunglasses and the fact that everything was spining. "Yeah, I think so," I tried to stand up but I must've fell because the boy caught me. "Bring her over here, Cody!" a lady called with the same accent. The boy, who's name I guess is Cody, put his arm around me and brought me over and sat me down. "She looks a little pale," he said, but thats all I heard and then I passed out.

I awoke in the same place with just that boy sitting by me. "Where am I? Who are you? What happened?" my head hurt really bad and it was throbing. "You hit your head and you passed out, you've been out for more then a half hour." he said with a small smile. I gave him a little glare, "Ok who are you?" I asked really annoyed, I wanted answers and it seemed like he was playing games. He laughed, "You don't recognize me, I'm Cody Simpson." My heart stopped, but not because I am "in love" with him, but because I couldn't believed what was happening.