Looking Down

Okay so this is very out of my comfort zone. I usually write for Pixar Cars but I brought The Hunger Games trilogy up in London the other day and I fell in love with the books! I was gutted that Primrose dies in Mockingjay. :'(. Anyways, here is my story/one Shot. P.S. This is after the end of Mockingjay.

I don't own The Hunger Games books; I make no money of this- all credit goes to Suzanne Collins.

P.S. I've read The Hunger Games 3 times, Catching Fire 1 time and Mockingjay 1 time so I apologize for any mistakes. :/

Dear Katniss,

I know they say when people die they look over you. It's true. I saw you when you were mourning my death-You looked so upset and torn up. But remember what happened to Daddy? I'm with him now. We're both okay. We're watching you and Peeta live your lives with your family.

When you never left your house for days, I wanted to come down and give you the biggest hug in the history of hugs. I would hold you and tell you it would be okay for you and Peeta. But I can't. I know you would do anything to hear my voice again. If I were human I would too try and see you. But ghosts can't do that. I'm immortal.

When Mummy moved to District 4, I wouldn't blame her. And Gale too. He moved to District 2 but he is okay as well. But keep strong Katniss.

I saw that you planted primroses for me in memory and I am so lucky to have a sister like you. You weren't just a sister to me; you were best friend. I'm glad you realized that there is always hope in whatever case.

When your first born child was brought into the world I could see my sister was back. Dad was overjoyed that he'd become a grandfather. I know you dread the day you tell your children about the horrors you lived through. But be thankful they don't ever have to live through it in their life. The games have scarred you; very much like when you stood in as tribute-that scarred me. Did you know how petrified I was for you? Did you know how scared I was? I kept thinking, she won't survive she'll die.

When your son was born, I knew your life was officially back together. Your children won't have to have the upbringing we shared but I see your daughter is already a spitting image of you and your son looks a tad like Peeta! I know your kids will grow up to be fantastic people who will do great things like you did.

I know the Hunger Games are over, but you're scared that they will bring them back; but they won't. Remember what you said, there are worse games to play.

Your world today is so much better than the world we both lived in. And me and Dad are looking down on you forever. I promise you. And that's a vow I promise to keep.

Lots of Love, Primrose. xxx

A.N: I hope you liked this. This is my first Hunger Games story/one shot so be honest of what you thought.

Love Chloe xxx