Note: I've wanted to write this fic for a long time now. It's a combination of my love of Supernatural, Horror, and a little book I picked up randomly one day called 'How to survive a horror movie' by Seth Grahame-Smith. I figured that if anyone had a chance to survive a horror movie through to the end it would be the Winchesters.

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How to Survive a Horror Movie

Chapter 1- The harbingers of doom

They had been driving a long time before they finally pulled into the deserted looking gas station and they still had a long way to go, even by their standards. Dean laughed humourlessly as he looked around. This place looked straight out of a bad slasher flick. The pumps were old and rusty looking and the main building looked like nothing more than a glorified shed. He half expected to see captain Spaulding in full make-up standing behind the counter, when they opened the door. He grinned for real this time. Sam would freak out something rotten if they did: a creepy guy in clown make up with a museum of freakish taxidermy projects.

Sam was also taken aback at how creepy the place was, and it took a lot to creep them out. They were in the middle of nowhere looking into some mysterious disappearances, and the only building it seemed between them and their destination was this rickety old gas station.

Inside was no less cheery than the outside. Dean however was slightly disappointed when an old man came through from the back of the shop instead of the fictional character he was expecting, but he was still fitting with the horror genre. The old man shuffled slowly from the back room, looking suitably annoyed at being disturbed. "What do you want?" he asked in a gruff voice. Dean had to bite his lip to stop from laughing out loud. This was just getting ridiculous. Sam nudged him harshly in the ribs before moving ahead of him to pay for their petrol and get some snacks for the rest of their time on the road. Dean left him to it and examined the shelves around him.

Just as Sam reached for his wallet he was stopped by his brother, who looked as if he was about to burst with mirth. He had a book in his hands, which he placed swiftly on the counter. "This as well please" Frowning slightly Sam turned the book so that he could read the cover and then groaned. 'How to Survive a Horror Movie' Dean suddenly looked all innocence. "What Sam, its research. Here we are on the way to a mysterious log cabin in the middle of nowhere. I'm only being prepared." Sighing Sam handed the money over. But the man grabbed him by the wrist just as they were turning to leave.

"You don't want to be heading up to those cabins sonny." Dean barked out a laugh, but Sam turned back to the man. "Why?" he asked, but the man just shook his head and walked back through to the back room. "Oh we're so gonna get killed by some axe wielding maniac" Dean laughed as they got back into the car, Sam in the driver's seat instead of Dean this time, but the road looked exactly the same. As Dean opened the new book up and started to read, Sam glanced back at the gas station one last time. "Let's hope not" He thought.