How to Survive a Horror Movie

Chapter 4- The Penny Finally Drops

As they pulled up in front of the cabin they were looking for Sam suddenly had an overwhelming feeling of familiarity. He really felt as if he had been here before. On this exact spot, at this exact cabin. But that was ridiculous. He hadn't been here before. Not that he could actually remember, and if they had come this way during their childhood Dean would have mentioned something. He had an almost encyclopaedic memory for what they did and where they went while they were growing up.

Dean meanwhile had seen something just off the track between the trees. Something that didn't belong. He walked over to it curiosity getting the better of him. When he reached it however he hesitated before picking it up. It was a book. 'How to Survive a Horror Movie' No it was THE book. The one Sam had thrown out of the window on their way here. He tried to think about this rationally. At the gas station, the last stop between here and civilisation there had been an entire rack of these books. Other people must have had the same idea he had, the same sense of humour. He picked up the book. It looked new. As if it hadn't been sitting there very long. The pages where not weathered in the slightest and the spine had hardly been cracked. As if it had only been opened a couple of times. He opened it at a random page and looked down at the words in disbelief.

Determine how you came to own this book:

In movies, things rarely happen without a reason. Therefore the simple fact that you're holding a book called 'How to survive a horror movie' means somebody's trying to tell you something. Think hard: How did you end up holding this book?

I'm just browsing in a bookstore.- There's still a chance it's just a coincidence. Be warned, though. If you take this thing to the cash register and buy it, your chances of being in a horror movie go through the roof.

Dean went to close the book when something else on the next page caught his eye.

4- I found it in the woods.

He slammed the book shut. No, it was crazy, really crazy. They were not in a horror movie. He refused to believe it. It was only then that Dean noticed the receipt someone had been using as a bookmark. That wasn't unusual, he had been known to do that himself. In fact he had done that only today when he had been reading his own copy of this book. He had used the gas receipt as a bookmark so that he wouldn't have to look for a random scrap of paper or fold down the corners (Sam always nagged him when he did that). Curiously flicking to the page the marker was at he glanced at the date on the receipt. Maybe he could confirm which of the previous victims had bought the book.

Sam was still looking around trying to place his feelings of déjà vu when he heard Dean make a strangled noise in his throat. He turned to see his brother striding towards him, his face pale and looking more than a little sick. When Dean reached him he forced the book into his hands.

"Look at the bookmark Sammy" he said quietly.

He looked. The receipt was dated with today's date. Not only that but the list of items purchased was eerily familiar. Sam looked at his brother questioningly, maybe it was just a joke. Maybe Dean had put the receipt in the book and pretended to find it amongst the trees. But he had thrown the book out of the window himself, Dean's improvised bookmark and all. He glanced down at the page the receipt had been marking and tried not to panic.

Stay away from Cabins

Cabins are the bug zappers of the Horror movie universe. A place where the more gullible of our species are weeded out in one gruesome instant. If you enter a cabin, any cabin anywhere in the world, you will be dead within 24 hours.

"We are so screwed" Dean said while Sam just nodded.