Okay, greeting and salutations. We are Unwritten and the Grim Reaper. This is a story that we wanted to do, so yeah, whatever. Hope you enjoy.

Rogue gasped for air. She felt another prick of a needle on her arm. She writhed in pain as something entered her blood stream.
As her eyes fluttered, she saw the face of her tormentor.
He was arguing with someone about how much to give her. Someone tall picked her up, and walked for a long time before setting her into a comfortable cell.
She was so weak...and as she tried to gulp for another breath of air, she knew it was to late for her.

Rogue awoke with a start. There was a burning impression in her mind. She had to save someone! She had to save Rogue! But wait, she was Rogue...
She looked down beside her, and the sight shocked her.
There lay Gambit, in a fetal position, not breathing.
She realized what he had done. He had saved her.
Rogue crawled over to him, hitting his chest. "Yah will no' die..." Her accent had been mixed with his.
Rogue listened for a heartbeat. There was one! It was faint, and uncertain, but there was one!
Rogue dragged Remy to the wall, and then placing her bare hands on it, she focused, blowing a hole in the side.
Ah, fresh air.
A familiar whirring sound was above her. The X-Jet!
There was her blue, fuzzy brother. She smiled, collapsing under the weight of Gambit. Her vision blurred, but now, she was for certain, that she was safe.

Yeah, yeah, we know the drill. (Ha! Remeber that from episode Shadow Dance? Rogue says it). We know it's short, but it is only a prologue. Review if you want to know what happens.