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Rogue thought that this would never end. She hunched over her desk, studying her homework.
Out of the things she was thankful for, Remy insisting that she study at the Mansion was probably the best. Rogue couldn't imagine balancing the jostling of school, her own hormones, and mutant-haters in her state. It would have been to much.
Logan was tough on her though. He (apparently) was an expert on math. Who knew, right? Hank was (of course) her chem teacher. Ororo did pretty much everything else with her, though the Professor did help with some things.
More pluses would be like that Mansion was quiet, she could go at her own pace, and she often finished early.
Which meant more time for Remy.

"Done wit' school cherie?"
"Oui mah crazy haihred swahmp raht."
"Good. We don' wan' da baby to be illiterate."
"The baby won't be ahffected by mah."
"Oh, oui, he will."
"No, he won't."
"Yes, he will."
Remy kissed her. "Oui."
Rogue rolled her eyes. "I cahnnot ahrgue wit' yah."
"It's a gift."
"Whahtevah." Rogue patted her stomach. "Mmmm...oh!" She grabbed Remy's hand.
"Da..da...baby..." Remy was speechless.
Rogue had tears in her eyes. She didn't know why. This was just...so much.
Remy lifted Rogue's shirt somewhat, kissing her belly. "Yo' listen up Lil' Olly. Yo' momma's a smar' woman. Yo' listen to her and her studies, oui?"
Olly kicked.
Rogue gasped. Remy smiled, standing up, and kissing her again.
Someone coughed.
Rogue jumped. "Mr. Logan!"
"You done with school?"
He looked at her critically. "Alright." He stepped out of the room.
Rogue burst into a fit of laughter and giggles.
Remy started laughing to. "What is so funny?"
Rogue just shook her head. She straightened, grabbing her back. "Ohhhhhhh..."
"Rogue? Cherie? Anna?" Remy rushed forward as Rogue fell to the floor.

"Immediate bedrest. Any stress at all, and it could throw her into pre-term labor. And if that happened...I do not know if the baby would survive. She is only seven months so..." Hank explained to Remy.
Remy paced. 'Why? How did dis happen?"
"We must keep in mind Mr. LeBeau-" The way Hank said his name, it was like he was an old man. "-Rogue is only sixteen. She wasn't quite ready for this, and it threw her body completely out of whack."
"Will...it get any worse?"
"I hope not. But...she does have...symptoms.'
"Relax Gambit, she'll be fine. She's strong and young."
"Oui, I know. But...as yo' said she is young. Won' dat make da birth difficult?"
"Possibly. With this, I recommend a Cesarean."
"A what?"
"A C-Section. Unfortunately, she wishes to go...old school. I hope she changes her mind."
Remy nodded. "I'm gonna go talk to her, non?"
"That is fine Mr. LeBeau."

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